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[ROM 4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox HTC M7 *unofficial*

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[ROM 4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox HTC M7 *unofficial*

Message par bzhmobile le Ven 24 Mai 2013 - 16:07

[ROM JB 4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox HTC M7 *unofficial*


Rom est mitonnée  par Houstonn
Le mot du chef:
"Vanilla RootBox est construite directement à partir de sources d'RootBox et Google
    et toujours une installation très légere sans applications supplémentaires / inutile. ...


1. Télécharger la Rom et les Gapps et les copier sur la mémoire interne du ONE
2. Aller dans le Recovery,
3. Installer la rom depuis le Recovery puis les Gapps
4. Ne pas oublier de faire le DATA WIPE / FACTORY RESET

Ne jamais restorer les datas par Titanium et consorts

Images & Vidéos

Voir plus:

Derniers Changements

21 Juillet 2013
Halo: Avoid showing Halo))) icons in status bar while added to Halo

Port Date Format from Slim ROM

QuietHours: Change Logic
Makes sense to me that turning QuietHours
on should TURN QUIET HOURS ON with
default time constraints applied.
I.E. QuietHours between 12:00am && 12:00am
means QuietHours all day. Having to
adjust end time to 11:59 is redundant
and not exactly the clearest implementation.
Especially when we have a QuickToggle that
directly toggles the setting on/off.
PS2: Vibrations as well.

Kill floating activities running in the same thread when tapping outside
This change makes all activities from the same app to be finished when we tap outside the halo window. Other apps running in different threads
(floating or not) won't be finished.

Proper security labeling of multi-user data directories.
This patch covers 2 cases. When an app is installed
and the resulting data directory is created for all
existing users. And when a new user is created and
all existing app data directories are created for
the new user.

Change DPMS code to accommodate enforce states on boot.
We need to respect if setenforce (selinux enforce), setsebool (booleans),
or setprop (mmac enforce) are set in the any of the init.rc files.
This set of changes will allow the init.rc values to win over any
potential device admin wishes.

Restore support for labeling non-system apps based on their certificate.

Hybrid Toggle: show DPI, layout, colors settings & app name

Completely hide Halo))) icons while tasking
- previous commit by BigBrother1984 stopped the highlighting of Halo))) icons
this should remove them completely. Other status bar icons are still highlighted

Halo: Merge new icons order in expanded Pie notification shade

Gesture Fix v2
- Add a buffer between the bubble and the first up marker,
reduces sensitivity of UP1 gesture preventing accidental notificaion dismissal

HALO first_start tutorial & gesture dead-zone

HALO dismiss/flip fix, clearall/last-notif-empty fix

sync'd up with CM's m7 kernel commits and m7-common device commits (please check their github for changes)

anciennes version:


   Add transparency settings for lockscreen
   This will enable the user to set the transparency level
   for the lockscreen.

   FW: Ribbon v1.0 overhaul
   Thickness Increase max && decrease min
   Configurable long swipe and long press swipe areas
   consolidate and cache views for smoother animations
   User adjustable animantion duration
   Add dismiss options for swipe ribbon
   - Always dismiss on click
   - never dismiss on click
   - Don't dismiss for navbar action
   fix app window crash if user has fast fingers and to much time
   on their hands...
   Swipe ribbon drag handles now get their own location, height,
   width, and opacity.
   Hide apps from app window
   Hooks to dismiss app window if softkeys or navbar buttons pressed
   Fix app window to pull all components also IE camera and messenger.
   Rub some unicorn polish on the on touch glow. The giant boxes were
   a bit ridiculous.
   If ribbon is empty but toogles are not, just show toggles no flipper.
   add adb wireless to toggle map
   Phase 1 of the Animation chooser. Simple helpers to let users
   choose the animation for the swipe ribbon and app window.
   ill be adding some fancier animations for now just some of
   the stock AOSP one.
   Add lots o animation options. Also preload animations instead
   of creating them at run time, should smooth things out a bit.
   Keyboard IME hide, Vertical spacing App window, Cache resources.
   Fix IME hide when navbar hidden.
   Longpress on app window now takes you to app info.

   Per-app PIE color
   Since we're using Per-app color now, let's use it for PIE as well.

   Fix layout of MultiWaveView and GlowPadView.
   If the calculated size of the rings is much smaller than the measured
   size (which is happening e.g. on mdpi 600x1024 tablets), the glow pad
   appeared shifted to the right.
   This happened due to the insets being calculated as difference of
   available and needed size, and later on being added to the available
   size. Example numbers (Nexus 4 with density forced to 160):
   - computed size in onMeasure: 768x505
   - scaled size in onMeasure: 505x505
   - thus, insets are calculated as 131/0
   - in onLayout, placementWidth (364) and max target width (108) are much
   smaller than width (768)
   - thus, center is calculated as 131 + (768 / 2) = 515, thus shifted to
   the right
   Fix that by not using width in the calculation, as the inset size
   already takes it into consideration.

   LockScreen: Fix crash when unlocking twice
   This will keep track if the BroadCastReceiver is registered and
   will unregister it only if so.

   Fix message composing in DarkUI with emojis enabled

   fix xxhdpi inverted launcher icon for Mms (HTC ONE)

   Mms: set notification number attribute for messages
   This will enable also the notification count overlay properly

   sorry didn't get much time to work on kernel

   sync'd with sources
   sync'd with cm's m7 sources
   kernel testing
   added faux sound - thanks faux - to be verified
   more to come as progress picks up.. and i'll have a more detailed changelog..
May.21.2013 - Initial Release


Version du 21 Juillet 2013

anciennes versions:


Official CyanogenMod Wiki

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Dernière édition par bzhmobile le Lun 29 Juil 2013 - 1:00, édité 2 fois


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Message par bzhmobile le Ven 24 Mai 2013 - 16:07

Réserved Wink


Appareil principal : HTC ONE M9
ROMs : Leedroid ;)
Appareil secondaire : HTC One Mini2, Stock
: : HTC One m8s s-off

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Re: [ROM 4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox HTC M7 *unofficial*

Message par Invité le Jeu 25 Juil 2013 - 16:25

Post 1 mis à jour


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Re: [ROM 4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox HTC M7 *unofficial*

Message par iciTeLLuRiaN le Ven 26 Juil 2013 - 12:45

Ya  pas a dire y a de la sortie sur one ! Bientot 4.3 Very Happy


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Re: [ROM 4.2.2][AOKP/CM/PA] Vanilla RootBox HTC M7 *unofficial*

Message par bzhmobile le Sam 27 Juil 2013 - 1:30

Tout à fait Wink

Thanks pour la mise à jour Wink


Appareil principal : HTC ONE M9
ROMs : Leedroid ;)
Appareil secondaire : HTC One Mini2, Stock
: : HTC One m8s s-off

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