Smooth Sense
Icons v.1.0 by Jercik

I love original HTC Sense look and feel, but I also love percentage
battery. So I made percentage battery which looks like original one . But after that, I realized
that some other sense icons could be better. E.g.: sync icon - it is not
animated, but I think it should be! So I decided to make theme/icon set
for Sense ROMs, which will look like original, but will be extended by
new smoother animations and new icons .

Here is complete list of changes:

- battery % with 100 power levels
new: old:

- smooth battery charging animation
new: old:

- animated synchronization icon
new: old:

- 2 additional frames on gps acquiring animation
new: old:

- new download animation
new: old:

- new upload animation
new: old:

- new ADB icon (which before looks like warning icon) Only on Android
2.2 ROM's

new: old:

- new error icon (which before looks like warning icon)
new: old:

- new notify sd card icon (which before looks like sd card prepare icon)
new: old:

Download version of for your ROM:

"Official" Froyo HTC Sense ROM 1.0c -
DJDroid1.1-R1 -
MoDaCo Custom ROM v5 and v6 -
Pays Desire Sense v1.1 and Pays Desire Sense v1.2 -
DeVillain 1.0 - -
Be careful! Not tested. If it works - tell me!

LeeDrOiD v1.4 and LeeDrOiD v1.5 -
Pays Desire Sense v2.3 - - Be
careful! Not tested. If it works - tell me!

more in second post...

If you want special version for your ROM - send me framework-res.apk.


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