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description[SOFT] EN CAS D'URGENCE : Informations utiles en cas d'accident [Payant]



Ayez toujours sur vous vos informations médicales et personnelles d'urgence, afin d'aider les médecins à vous soigner au plus vite.

Au programme :
- Consignes particulières pour les Urgences
- Qui appeler
- Identité et assurance (Numéro de Sécu, taille, poids, groupe sanguin, langues parlées etc...)
- Allergies
- Pathologies
- Traitement

Le programme vient avec deux widgets et un screenlock que vous pouvez choisir d'activer ou non.
Personnellement, j'utilise Widget Locker et y ai donc mis le widget 2x1.

Il est possible de sauvegarder les données et de les restaurer en cas de flash d'une nouvelle ROM.

UN MUST HAVE qui peut vous sauver la vie !!!

* NEW:
o The sound slider on the lock screen will now enable vibrate mode if that is what you have selected in HOME/Settings (previously it would always do silent, no vibrate).
o Fixes a problem with the lock screen when using Device Administrators on Android 2.2.
o Improved handling of the soft keyboard when entering data.
o 2x1 widget size.
o ICE is now available in German (sorry, this change is only visible on German-localized phones). We are deeply grateful to Michael Herz of Rheine, Germany for generously volunteering his time and energy to translate this app into German.
o when the ICE widget on the lock screen is pressed, the app will now ask for confirmation before launching ICE to avoid accidental launches while carrying the phone in a pocket.
o Froyo support
o Sound slider added to lock screen -- works just like the system lock screen.
o Improved 'instant on' lock screen for Android 2.x: phone will no longer wake on any key press - it will now only wake up the same way it would with the system lock screen (e.g., just with the POWER button on the Droid or Nexus 1); pressing HOME always returns to system lock screen (i.e., no longer unlocks when the phone is not pattern locked). Note that these changes only apply to the 'no delay' option. If you are using a delay the lock screen behavior is unchanged.
o Email some or all of your data. From Instructions, press MENU/More/Send.
o ICE is now available in French (sorry, this change is only visible on French-localized phones). We are deeply grateful to Nicolas Tuil of Paris, France for generously volunteering his time and energy to translate this app into French.
o Lock screen option to enable volume keys while screen is locked (by default, the volume keys are ignored while the screen is locked).
o Optional prescription number and notes for medications.
o Optionally browse for doctors in Contacts. As in previous versions, you can still start typing your doctor's name and ICE will automatically search contacts for you, showing you a list of matches as you type.
o Multiple insurance policies and doctors. From the ID tab, press MENU/Add insurance or doctor. Long-press an existing entry to edit or delete.
o Insurance is now listed by type (primary, secondary, dental, etc). Tap an insurance entry too see its details.
o Only for non-US locales: if you have national health coverage use MENU/'Edit ID info' from the ID tab to enter your medical identification number (e.g., NHS Number, CPR NR, etc). Leave blank if you do not have national health coverage.
o Display age instead of date of birth on ID tab.
Spoiler :
* Recent updates:
o Reorder the elements of any list (select MENU/Reorder list).
o Editing is disabled if ICE is launched from the widget. This is needed since the ICE widget can be used on other lock screen replacements, such as Executive Assistant (see our web site or click the Appventive Market button below for more info on Executive Assistant).
o for Android 2.0 and later: instant-on lock screen if 'No delay' selected; also, if you pattern-lock your phone, the pattern entry screen after exiting the ICE lock screen will have the usual emergency call button.
o support for Android 2.1 Live Wallpapers.
o When the main ICE app is active, the user will now be prompted to keep the screen awake before the screen times out (e.g., to keep the screen from going to sleep while a EMS provider is copying info from it).
o You can now change the displayed name for a contact - long-press the contact and select 'Change displayed name'.
o Backup the ICE database to your SD card. From the Instructions tab, press MENU/Backup et amp; restore.
o You can now set the relationship of a contact as 'Medical Power of Attorney'. Long press a contact, then 'Set relationship'.
o On the "Who to call" tab: you can now specify which phone number will display in the list. Long-press a contact and select 'change displayed number'. Note that clicking on a contact will still display all of the numbers for that contact.
o You can now edit existing entries. Long-press an item on any list and select "Edit".


descriptionRe: [SOFT] EN CAS D'URGENCE : Informations utiles en cas d'accident [Payant]

Ca pourrait être grave utile, mais si je met ça au conditionnel c'est que je vois mal les urgences farfouiller les applications du téléphone pour choper ce genre de trucs. Je pense à la limite qu'ils iront dans le répertoire chercher n truc style "papa/maman/maison" mais ça j'y crois pas trop.

Enfin ça reste une appli sympa si t'es encore réveillé pour leur dire d'aller dessus Very Happy

descriptionRe: [SOFT] EN CAS D'URGENCE : Informations utiles en cas d'accident [Payant]

C'est pour ça qu'il faut la mettre en screenlock Wink Le widget parle de lui même quand tu le vois.

descriptionRe: [SOFT] EN CAS D'URGENCE : Informations utiles en cas d'accident [Payant]

ça peut etre utile !

merci du partage Wink
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