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description[ROM 2.3][12.12.2010] Android 2.3 port from SDK for Dream (2708 kernel)


Android 2.3 Port for HTC Dream

Since people were asking for it, here is a quick port for the G1

Thanks and credits goes to :
-pershoot using his kernel boot-cm_2635.9_ds_32b_radio2708-oc-uv-xtra-ram-fp-120810
-seo using mostly his port for magic as base

I'm currently using the 14MB ram hack with radio & hboot 1.33.0013d with CM6.1
If you are not you need to follow these steps first : 2708+ enabled kernel [14MB ram with radio & hboot 1.33.0013d]


you can always try to flash a non 2708 kernel from pershoot like boot-cm_2635.9_ds_32b-oc-uv-xtra-ram-fp-120810 after flashing this ROM but I have'nt tested it myself.

working : data/radio but like all other ports no mic
not working : mostly everything

seo has wifi working on magic, I'm looking into his wpa_supplicant.exec script but changing wlan.ko and driver did'nt worked.

For wiping I suggest using Ohsaka SuperWipe as the update script does'nt wipe /data partition.

Première release Wink

Download link : here


Aussi disponible dans la Sinon, uploadez la Wink!

descriptionRe: [ROM 2.3][12.12.2010] Android 2.3 port from SDK for Dream (2708 kernel)

Il y a l'android market d'installer sur cette rom ?
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