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description[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Empty[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011

salut je viens de faire l achat dune tablette glaxy tab en plus de mon htc dhd et j en suis tres content de plus avec la rom custom overcom qui vient justement de se mettre a jour je viens de flasher et ma galaxy tab est tres fluide un regal a voir l autonomi un peu plus tard mais depuis que j ai la tab mon dhd rest en retrait je m en sers que comme un telephone maintenant ihihihih voila le lien pour instaler la rom avec le tuto :


[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Descri10

JMK Base Rom
Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 Included (OC/UV-capable)
No Modem is included - due to a variety of personal preference I decided to leave that a la carte
Fully Deodexed
Fully Zipaligned
Rooted with busybox installed
Reboot/Recovery/Download options added to the power menu
GPS Fix from KA1
Battery icon modified to a colorful circle with percentage
Smoked notification background
Blur removed across system (i.e. behind power option menu) - significantly improves performance
Power Off confirmation disabled
Modified stock browser to allow selection of UAString - default is Desktop
Replaced system fonts with fonts from Armani Captivate
Added AppWidgetPicker
CSC set to XEU
Ads Blocked
Updated Market to 2.3.4
Updated Maps to 5.2.1
Updated Flash Player to 10.2
Updated GMail to 2.3.4
Updated YouTube to 2.1.6
Updated SamsungApps
Updated Thinkfree Office Suite
Fixed Swype keyboard to show full screen
Removed Startup/Shutdown sounds
Cool boot animation
A2DP Bluetooth Connection Fix Integrated
"Fugutweak" integrated (two system bin's from Gingerbread - helps with overall smoothness)

Support RFS/EXT4
OC/UV with these steps: 1.4ghz, 1.2ghz, 1ghz, 800mhz, 600mhz, 400mhz, 200mhz, 100mhz
Replaced kernel jhash2 with jhash3
Adjusted kernel HZ value to improve smoothness
Updated ext4 code in kernel from http://www2.kernel.org/pub/linux/ker.../ext4-patches/
Properly working Tiny RCU patch for better speed and efficiency
Patched lowmemorykiller for compatibility with Tiny RCU
Optimized compiler flags
Voodoo Sound
Voodoo Lagfix
Overcome CwM Recovery v3.0.1.9 (Custom built Clockworkmod v3.0.1.9)
Kernel tweaks to VM and Scheduler for better performance
Built in CIFS/TUN/SlowWork support
Default to Internal SD (NOTE: the External SD is mounted, just not easily accessible. If you MUST install from External SD, go into Mounts and Storage menu and Unmount SD-Card. Redo whatever you were doing and it will now find the external SD.)

***See Attached***

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you flash back to stock with a repartition before installing Overcome ROM. This solves a multitude of random issues that people experience. You can find instructions on doing this below under "if your Tab doesn't boot..."
Also, for Titanium Backup users, ONLY backup user applications and data, NOT system apps and system data. Restoring system apps and system data causes a host of issues.
Follow this excellent guide by Corodius! http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=11713685

If you already have Clockworkmod Recovery, grab the flashable zip from this post and Install through clockwork.
If you do NOT have Clockworkmod Recovery, grab the tar from this post and flash with ODIN.
NEITHER of these installation methods will affect your data, although it is always wise to have a backup in the unlikely event of disaster
If you have the desire to UV your kernel, please use this version of Voltage Control: http://www.mediafire.com/?m2ybg2v4oqdtknn (Credit Koxudaxi)
IF your Tab does not boot after flashing the kernel and hangs at the Samsung Galaxy Tab screen, you must follow the following procedure
Get a stock rom package (any of Rotohammer's firmwares will work)
Get P1_add_hidden.zip attached to this post and extract the P1_add_hidden.pit file
Using Odin 1.7, put stock rom (Roto-JME-Full-v4.tar for example) in PDA slot.
Put P1_add_hidden.pit in Pit slot
Check repartition box
Put Tab in download mode by holding Volume Down and Power, connect to the computer, and press start.
After this, the Tab will reboot normally. Shut it down and return to download mode.
Open Odin 1.7 and reconnect the Tab.
In the PDA slot, choose the Overcome Kernel v2.0 tar file for use with Odin. Press start
It will flash the kernel then reboot. Upon reboot, you should hear the sexy robot voices informing you of the status of the EXT4 conversion.
Once done, the Tab will boot normally. At this point you can load Overcome v1.4.0 rom (or any other Rom of your choosing)
NOTE - Overcome v1.4.0 includes v2.1.0 of the kernel, so no reflashing is required after install.

Throws an error when performing certain operations in clockwork recovery that involve mounting drives. For example, nandroid backup and restore. However, this does not affect the performance or the execution of said activity. Since CwM 3.x generates mount points on the fly from the recovery.fstab file, I need it to consider both RFS and EXT4 file systems. The errors it generates are it failing to mount as either RFS or EXT4 (depending on which FS you actually have). So say you're converted to EXT4 and do a nandroid backup, you will see failed mounts for all the partitions as RFS, because obviously your system isn't RFS. However, the backup and restores both work beautifully regardless of junk errors.
Install from Zip still defaults to looking for the internal sd-card. You can get to the external SD using the workaround above in kernel features section. I am planning a future enhancement on making the SD mounts make a bit more sense.

[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Screen10


[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Change10

Version 1.4.0
JMK Base
Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 included
Updated Thinkfree Office Suite
Updated Hosts file (ad-blocking)
Updated SamsungApps
Updated Adobe Flash Player to v10.2
Spoiler :
Version 1.3.0
Overcome Kernel 2.0.2 included
Updated hosts file (ad blocking)
Disabled blur effect (for example, behind the power menu. Significantly increases performance when disabled)
Disabled power off confirmation (now pressing shutdown/reboot/recovery/download immediately does it instead of making you confirm)
Modified stock browser to have UAString setting available in settings menu.
Modified stock browser to use Desktop UAString as default.
Update Maps to 5.2.1
Update Market to 2.3.4
Update YouTube to 2.1.6
Integrated Fugutweak
Fixed A2DP Bluetooth Connections
Fixed data wipe script on FULL installer (now actually does wipe data)
Replaced Gallery3D with Gallery3D.apk from Gingerbread AOSP
Version 1.2.3
Included Overcome Kernel v2.0.1 (Non-OC version) to prevent extra flashing for users coming from stock.
Version 1.2.2
Included Overcome Kernel v2.0 (Non-OC version) to prevent extra flashing for users coming from stock.
Version 1.2.1
Incorporated GPS fix from KA1
Overcome Kernel 1.0 included (1.1 delayed due to horribly damaged CWM recovery)
Updated init.d scripts to incorporate some tweaks from Daniel.Weck's script and Hardcore (thanks guys!)
Replaced Gallery3D.apk with one that is supposed to fix battery drain
Honeycomb boot animation
Updated SamsungApps
Updated Maps to 5.2.0
Updated Market to 2.3.3
Updated GMail to
Version 1.2.0
First release with Overcome Kernel included!
Updated Market to 2.3.2
Updated GMail to 2.3.4
Version 1.1.3
Updated APN list (same as MoDaCo - user request)
Fixed Phone FC on missed call
Version 1.1.2
DLNA AllShare app returns due to popular demand.
Updated Hosts file (ad blocking)
Made the boot animation full screen
Fixed phantom voice mail notification
Fixed custom ringtone for contacts issue
Version 1.1.1
Keyboard Fix
Version 1.1.0
JMI Base
Updated Build fingerprint to ensure all apps show in Market.
Skifta replaced AllShare DLNA app. Skifta is the first fully compliant and certified DLNA app on Android. If you're going to use DLNA, might as well use it right
Version 1.0.4
"adb install" command now works
WiFi-N on the 5ghz band now works
Updated Maps to 5.1.0
Version 1.0.3
Replaced Gallery with AOSP Gallery (still wicked fast and reduces battery consumption)
Replaced WiFi driver with one from I9000 JPX firmware. This should eliminate WiFi issues (and possibly reduce battery consumption as well).
Stock animations are now the default due to popular demand.
Version 1.0.2
Modified charging symbol for being plugged in to USB.
Fixed Browser FC's on HTTPS websites
Version 1.0.1
Fixed Phone.apk - calls should be good to go!
I forgot to realign framework-res.apk after all my mods in v1.0...its been aligned and should hopefully resolve any random lag.
Version 1.0
Initial Release

Version 2.1.0
Overcome CWM (Custom built ClockworkMod
ALL features now work in Recovery
Version number in "About Phone" tab: #148
Version 2.0.2
Fixed MD5 generation on nandroid backups
Back to one version of the kernel (OC/UV). If you do not install Voltage Control or SetCPU, the OC/UV kernel behaves just like the regular kernel (tops out at 1ghz). Maintaining a second kernel source was unnecessary headache.
Version number in "About Phone" tab: #96
Version 2.0.1
Removed partition table check. Should resolve all outstanding hanging/not converting issues.
Version numbers in "About Phone" tab are as follows:
OC/UV Version: #91
Non-OC Version: #97
Version 2.0
Available in two version - Standard and 1.4ghz OC/UV
Clockworkmod Recovery 2.5.3.x - Voodoo Edition
Baked in kernel VM and scheduler tweaks
Recovery uses internal SD rather than external
Further tweaks to kernel source
More compiler optimizations
Voodoo Lagfix (much cleaner implementation of ext4 than what is currently used)
Rebuilt initramfs
Built-in CIFS/Tun/SlowWork Support
Version 1.0
Initial Release

[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Telech10


[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Autres10

P1_add_hidden.zip (546 Bytes, 574 views)
Overcome_Kernel_v1.0.tar (5.50 MB, 259 views)
Overcome_Kernel_v2.1.0_CWM.zip (7.42 MB, 51 views)
Overcome_Kernel_v2.1.0_ODIN.tar (7.14 MB, 52 views)


Aussi disponible dans la [ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 Yboourv Sinon, uploadez le Wink!

description[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 EmptyRe: [ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011

Existe-t-il un tuto en français ? si oui pouvez-vous le mettre le lien
Merci et bonne journée zeno

description[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 EmptyRe: [ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011

@zeno a écrit:
Existe-t-il un tuto en français ? si oui pouvez-vous le mettre le lien
Merci et bonne journée zeno

tu peux traduire le texte avec la barre d outils sur mozzila ou idem avec google donc tu as toutes les données pour te faire avance perso j ai fait comme ça voila bonne journée

description[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 EmptyRe: [ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011

Pour enlever un peu la poussière, l'Overcome est maintenant en version 1.6.1 avec une base Android 2.2.1 Wink

Et un petit thème sympa en la personne de GingerElegance disponible sur XDA Wink

Pour avoir un petit aperçu en image, je vous laisse aller jeter un oeil avec le lien donné plus haut.

Et pour ceux qui n'ont pas de comptes là-bas, voilà le fichier de ce thème qui s'installe uniquement via Recovery et destiné uniquement à la ROM Overcome 1.6.1 !:


description[ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011 EmptyRe: [ROM/KERNEL][GSM] ♫ Overcome ROM v1.4.0 ♫ Overcome Kernel v2.1.0 ♫ 3/24/2011

Salut a tous,

Voila j'ai installé la derniere ROM dispo pour la TAB (2.3.3) et c'est vrait qu'elle est + rapide, + stable ect ... j'avoue tout de même que je suis tenté par l'overcom 2+ / 3+, cependant une fois qu'ont l'installe sur la tab, peut ont revenir en arriere en réinstallant la 2.3.3 d'origine si elle ne nous convenait pas .?
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