Ce jeu est un tower defense un peu particulier, en effet, outre le fait que le jeu présente des graphismes vraiment sympa, votre héros combat à vos côtés! Il va charcuter, dechiqueter, broyer toutes les vagues qui arrivent, aidez le en construisant des tours qui freineront l'avancée adverse.

Caractéristiques de jeu :
* A perfect combination of when east meets west, with a polished tower defense execution and a stylized hip-htuop presentation that for sure will blow your mind away!
* Your Hero will pursue down any enemies on sight or you can just order him to whack anyone that you pleased, and if this is not enough for you, each Hero has his own unique perks that require you to just drag and cast onto your foes.
* Groovy and funny characters with unique moves that would make you LOL!
* Two game modes and four classic levels awaiting for your challenge!
* Level design with different geographical elements, including snow, dessert, grassland and jungle.
* Purchase new weapons, armors, rides and gears for your Hero in the game for a better, stronger and exciting battle!
De plus, il est associé à Feint.

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