History Great Battles Medieval


History Great Battles Medieval est une jeu de stratégie en temps réel prenant place durant la Guerre De 100 Ans. Le jeu est pour les TEGRA 2.
C'est la Guerre de 100 Ans. Chaque homme doit tenir bon, chaque homme sera testé. Mais parmis ces hommes se trouvent des leaders, etes-vous l'un d'entre eux?
-Free form quest map that allows players to decide when and where to fight within a historical framework.
-More than 20 different units all accurately researched and carefully modeled in amazing detail.
-Almost infinite number of equipment combinations.
-Specialise your squads with over 100 unique skills.
-Play as the English under the Black Prince or the French under Joan of Arc.
-Innovative Battle Card system that gives bonuses and penalties in battle.
-The most detailed and realistic medieval combat model ever created.
-Story movies created from hundreds of hours of the TV channel HISTORY™ library combined with in game engine footage.

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