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description[SOFT] ELIXIR 2 : Toutes les informations de votre smartphone [Gratuit]



Pour ceux qui connaissais Elixir , voici la suite de ce soft qui permet d'afficher tout un tas d'information sur votre appareil :
- Information sur la batterie
- Usage de la mémoire
- Utilisation du CPU
- ....

Pour info, les widgets correspondant à ce soft : Elixir 2 - widgets

Images & Vidéos

Derniers Changements

Elixir 2.2:
New widget types: usb mass storage toggle, reboot toggle for rooted devices.
Device info screen: you can set custom actions for long clicks on rows.
Applications screen: order by name / last update time / size.
Top screen: text filtering.
Improve cpu freq detection.
Delete widget option for home screen widgets to remove zombie widgets.
New languages: russian, greek, german.
Spoiler :
Elixir 2.1:
Top screen: display in list and text mode, send content via email.
USB tethering: new widget toggle, at Device information/Wi-Fi you can turn it on/off
Refresh SD: at Device information/External storage you can Refresh storage
Customize widgets: you can set custom background image for a widget, downloadable MetroDroid iconpack and 4 new built-in background by Emorry
Change volume: new widget that display volume of the selected stream and opens Change volume dialog by default, shortcut for Change volume dialog
Application labels: displays labels for applications but you can turn it off
Elixir 2.0:
Elixir is separated into Elixir and Elixir Widget: you can install only the widgets or the main app if you want. Elixir now can be moved to SD but Elixir Widget can't because of an Android restriction.

Help icons in every screen that display information about that screen. >>

New GUI with a main screen. >>

In every screen where the list can be filtered you can use the physical search button to enter text.

There are shortcuts to Elixir screens. You can put these shortcuts into your home screen or a widget.

The information screen of Elixir is separated into Device information and Software information screens.

News in Device information screen: more information is displayed, multiple camcorders supported, you can go many system screens, mount / unmount SD, make bluetooth discoverable, start / cancel bluetooth discovery, view your location in map, get more detailed address, update your location, etc. >>

New Software information screen: more information is displayed, displays and you can edit clipboard content. >>

News in Sensors screen: progress bar displays the current value relative to the maximum, displays power usage, graphical display of sensor values. New sensor: michrophone. Displays large differences in different color, this can be used for a metal detector just for fun of course. >>

New Applications screen: display / filter by "on SD status", displays code / data / cache size, displays version, clear all cache, easily launch / uninstall / etc >>

New Application labels screen: you can organize applications by labels and create shortcut to a label >>

News in Report sending: the report contains the list of system and user applications. You can use it to easily save what apps you installed.

New Help screen: displays the online documentation inside the app.

New Developer screen: view or send dmesg / logcat logs >>

News in Running processes screen: displays and sort by cpu / memory usage, displays total cpu usage from boot, view logs for process, etc. >>

New Top screen: output of top command, cpu / memory usage of processes, displays user / system / iowait / irq usage >>

Statusbar icons: can display free memory, can display percent values as text. You can select the color or type type of the icon too.

You can put widgets to the statusbar. >>

You can open widgets via shortcuts. You can put these shortcuts into your home screen or a widget. >>

New widget icons

2x5 widget size for tablets

News in Widget configuration screen: pressing the view icon will display the result if you have empty / hide slots in your widget; context menu for slots where you can modify slot parameters, hide rows / columns or swap slots / rows / columns >>

More customizable widgets: many new background type or you can set background to any color, you can set background transparency; you can change label size; toggle vibration setting

More customizable slots: set onclick action, label, image, refresh rate for slots. You can change app launcher icon / label, contact icon / label, shortcut icon / label for example.

Better widget performance: uses less cpu, there isn't continously running service anymore, etc.

Contact type: direct e-mail on click

Memory type: display free memory in percent or MB

Wifi / Mobile signal strength type: display strength in percent or dBm

Wifi toggle type: display state or network name as label

Wi-Max toggle type: you can open the "Radio info" system screen when you click on this toggle to turn 4G on/off

New types: CPU usages * freq, Uptime, SD mount / unmount toggle, SD refresh (scan for new media), Flash toggle (TeslaLED needed)

Unread Gmail count changed to Unread E-mail count: you can set any IMAP account now

News in Customize icons screen: icon packs can be downloaded from the Web. >>

Screen toggle is in a separate Elixir Admin add-on to make it optional

New Widget performance screen: check which widget / slot drains your battery or whether your widgets are efficient or not >>



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Dernière édition par Jedi.6 le Jeu 22 Sep 2011 - 14:00, édité 3 fois

descriptionRe: [SOFT] ELIXIR 2 : Toutes les informations de votre smartphone [Gratuit]

Merci pour le partage
C est un très bon soft

descriptionRe: [SOFT] ELIXIR 2 : Toutes les informations de votre smartphone [Gratuit]

Déja que le 1° était bien, mais celui ci est bien plus complet. Ca faisait un moment que je voulais le mettre en fiche.
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