Unofficial AOKP for HD2


This rom is based on Android Open Kang Project by Romanbb with HD2 system files from NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.3-CM9 V1.3 rom by Tytung so all credits and thanks to them in the first place !
As this rom is system based on Tytungs rom please don't expect things will work on this rom if it doesn't work on Tytungs CM9 rom !
Remember this is still Work in Progress...
I have tried to make this rom as small as possible just like my other 2 roms.

Ce qui ne fonctionne pas :

-Native usb-tethering is not working (install the included tether app instead)
- Multitouch is a bit 'Jumpy'
- Latest Camera fix is included (credits rapmv78 & tytung) video recording is still sluggish after 30 seconds though..
- Flashplayer is not working, Gallery is a bit unstable, Chrome is not working and videos are laggy.. these are all known issues..we need proper kernel/hardware support to get these things working..

Key Features :

- android 4.0.4 (IMM76D)
- AOKP build 31
- tytung kernel ics_r1
- MultiLanguage

Images et Vidéos

[NAND/ZIP ICS 4.0.4] Unofficial AOKP for HD2 [Build 34][4.0.4] [25.04.12] [Topic 3] Aokptitleblue-1

Petite vidéo créé par KING222 (pour la personnalisation des interrupteurs) :