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description[ROM/ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4] [DISCONTINUED] L.E.R_OneX_TW_FAST_STABLE_POWERSAVE [19.04.2012]



"Je vous présente ma rom".

Fonctionnalités :

Based on the latest version of the Taiwan authorities, tested and changed numerous times,as stable as officials , the function is all ready, suitable for long time hold

-Added the Landscape Mode
-All software can dispaly this rom in full-screen
-The modification of the buttons perfect (multitasking key for menu button, long press the HOME which is Multitasking key)
-Added a permanent full ROOT privileges
-Modify the flash script optimization, the officials solution can be also brush into the boot. Img
-added the flash automatically WIPE
-Updated Google full service software for the new version
-With all the odex and APK into a single APK files
-Optimization all APK
-Optimization GPS positioning files, make its positioning faster and more accurate
-BusyBox running script support
-BashShell running script support
-Modified (not countries do extraction) domestic the central weather bureau weather source, more gelivable then the weather update source of countries do extraction,2G card could enter into the system instantly updated
-Extracting the land line input method, more suitable for domestic person input habit
-Added the version for a perfect version key to restart software
-Added advertising immune
-Added the English weida T3 power management patch (more province electricity)
-fix the original calculator digital offside
-fix the 3 M limit BUG from official original camera, and increase the variety of shooting effect
-Official figures power (in fact now is the latest APK tools don't come out, cannot return the compiler, so use it for, and have is the version)
-Added the lock screen calls to the point where
-Added the installation program can choose to (frame) (SD card) options (the official source code modify)
-Added the bule beautification version of RE file manager
-Added to the domestic 163, QQ and Yahoo email support
-Change default show 24 hours, the default open USB debugging
-Modified the MCC + MNC for (China mobile China unicom)
-Automatic identification global APN,brush over not need to set up ,directly to the Internet
-Language: English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese
-HTC keep English keyboard input method, spelling,handwritten, stroke

Images & Vidéos


-Préparer le HTC One X pour le débloquer, pour installer le recovery, le rooter et installer des roms customs [Windows] [10.04.2012]
-Téléchargez la ROM et copiez la sur votre SD card
-Démarrez votre appareil en mode recovery (vol down + power)
-Dans le menu principal, sélectionnez "install zip from sdcard"
-Sélectionnez "choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis la rom. Sélectionnez-la par "Power" et flashez-la.
-A la fin du flash, redémarrez l'appareil. (Reboot system now).

Derniers Changements

19 avril 2012 - v1.0.0

-Première release


L.E.R:Limitless Evolution Revolution

Autres Infos


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descriptionRe: [ROM/ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4] [DISCONTINUED] L.E.R_OneX_TW_FAST_STABLE_POWERSAVE [19.04.2012]


descriptionRe: [ROM/ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4] [DISCONTINUED] L.E.R_OneX_TW_FAST_STABLE_POWERSAVE [19.04.2012]

Bonjour à tous,

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