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description[ROM ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4] [DISCONTINUED] APR KaosDroid V1.0.0 | 1.26.401.2 | Fast & Smooth| Tweaked [21.04.2012]

APR KaosDroid V1.0.0 | 1.26.401.2 | Fast & Smooth| Tweaked


Hi this is my first Android ROM i have touched on ROM building previously but wasn't going too well and now things have changed anyways i Proudly present KaosDroid

KaosDroid is based on my personal preferences so don't slate if something not on that you want if you pm me it can be added
As this is my first ROM please leave constructive feedback and or pointers in whats wrong / right

I have uploaded "Issues.txt" to my Dropbox folder so feel free to edit and post what is wrong and i will look into it or ask

Remember my first ROM so theres definitely more to come quite fast (dependent on work).

Détails de la rom :

-Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) - Based on HTC Europe RUU 1.26.401.2
-Stock HTC Kernel
-Fast and Clean
-Full HTC Sense 4.0 Interface
-Multi-language (WWE)

Fonctionnalités :

Root (SU binary and SuperSU Thanks to Chainfire)
Unsecure boot.img
Fully de-odexed
Zipaligned (Improved RAM management)
Zipaligned on boot (data partition)
Latest BusyBox
Bash & Nano
sysro/sysrw support
CIFS & nls_utf8 support
OpenVPN support
init.d scripts (BusyBox run-parts) support
tuned & Optimized
Excellent battery life!
Most up-to-date system files permissions
All /system applications updated to latest available
All /data applications updated to latest available
Bloatware applications removed (Amazon MP3, SoundHound, etc.)
Lots of bloat removed
You can replace HTC boot animation with any custom boot animation
And much more....

A quoi s'attendre dans les prochaines versions :

Intergrate with Rom Manager
OTA updates if possible
custom theme
custom bootanimation / downanimation
twitter feed (not sure yet tho)
Update to new base
official website / irc
Sony Bravia engine
3 dot menu removed
backlight lowered
battery % mod
full GPU rendering
ext4 tweaks
improved picture quality
improved video quality
Advanced Power Menu
and much much more...
Might seem a little optimistic but it will all come eventually

Images & Vidéos


-Préparer le HTC One X pour le débloquer, pour installer le recovery, le rooter et installer des roms customs [Windows] [10.04.2012]
-Téléchargez la ROM et copiez la sur votre SD card
-Démarrez votre appareil en mode recovery (vol down + power)
-Dans le menu principal, sélectionnez "install zip from sdcard"
-Sélectionnez "choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis la rom. Sélectionnez-la par "Power" et flashez-la.
-A la fin du flash, redémarrez l'appareil. (Reboot system now).

Procédure pour installer le fichier boot.img :

Spoiler :

Après avoir flashé la rom via le Recovery.
Redémarrez votre appareil en maintenant enfoncé le bouton "Power" 10 secondes
1. Rallumez le en maintenant Vol - appuyé
2. Mettez en surbrillance "Fastboot" avec Vol + ou Vol - et appuyez sur "Power"
3. Branchez votre HTC One X au PC et ouvrez une console de commande.
(windows XP - Click Démarrer > Exécuter > tapez CMD puis OK
(Windows 7 - Click Démarrer > tapez CMD puis Entrée)
4. Téléchargez le fichier "Fastbootkit" dans la partie Add-ons.
5. Créez un nouveau dossier "fastboot" à la racine de votre disque C:.
6. Extrayez le dossier "fastboot" du fichier .zip téléchargé à l'étape 2 dans ce dossier.
7. cd vers le dossier où nous avons mis les fichiers fastboot


cd c:\fastboot

8. Tapez ceci dans la console de commande


fastboot flash boot boot.img


fastboot flash boot boot.img

Derniers Changements

21 avril 2012 - APR KaosDroid V1.0.0 :

-Initial Release

* Based on HTC 1.26.401.2
* Removed Bloatware
* Root (su + SuperSU) Thanks to Chainfire
* sysro + sysrw support
* nano + bash support
* Busybox latest
* de-odexed
* init.d support
* Tegra3 power management fixed thanks to mike1986
* Zipalligned Applications in /system/app to optimize RAM usage
* added hosts file for add-free rom
* added CIFS + NLS_UTF8 support
* OpenVPN support
* Unsecured boot.img

21 avril 2012 - Applications And Widgets :

-Initial Release

# 7digital3.0.apk (Music Store)
# Browser.apk (Stock Android Browser)
# Facebook.apk (Facebook)
# Facebook_Client.apk (Facebook)
# FacebookEngine.apk (Facebook)
# Flickr.apk (Flickr)
# FlickrEngine.apk (Flickr)
# FriendStream.apk (Social Networking Status Updates)
# GenieWidget.apk (News and Weather)
# HtcAutoRotateWidget.apk (Auto Rotate on/off widget)
# HtcBookmarkWidget.apk (HTC's Bookmarks Widget)
# HtcCompressViewer.apk (Archive Viewer)
# HtcDataRoamingWidget.apk (Data Roaming Widget)
# HtcFeedback.apk (HTC Feedback (logger))
# HtcFriendStreamWidget_3D.apk (Social Networking Status Updates Widget)
# HtcRingtoneWidget.apk (Select Ringtone Widget)
# HtcSoundRecorder.apk (HTC Sound Recorder)
# HtcTrendsWidget_3D.apk (Trends Widget)
# Htc_Widget_ShowMe.apk (Hints and Tips Widget)
# HTMLViewer.apk (PDF Viewer of some sort)
# IdleScreen_Stock_Yahoo.apk (Stocks Lock Screen)
# JETCET_PRINT_Resources.apk (Wireless Print)
# JETCET_PRINT_S40.apk (Wireless Print)
# ShowMe.apk (Hints and Tips )
# SoundHound_Freemium.apk (Song Info Finder)
# Stock.apk (Yahoo Stocks)
# StockWidget.apk (Yahoo Stocks Widget)
# Transfer.apk (Transfer Data Wizard)


KaosDroid V1.0.0



Autres Infos


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descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4] [DISCONTINUED] APR KaosDroid V1.0.0 | 1.26.401.2 | Fast & Smooth| Tweaked [21.04.2012]


descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.3/SENSE 4] [DISCONTINUED] APR KaosDroid V1.0.0 | 1.26.401.2 | Fast & Smooth| Tweaked [21.04.2012]

Bonjour à tous,

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