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[ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

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description[ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]



Le mot du Senior Member dekkyy :

"Je vous présente la RD-MIUI for HTC One X !
La rom est basée sur la base officielle MIUIANDROID.COM avec mes tweaks et add-ons

Fonctionnalités :

- based on 2.17.707.3
- skip track with long press volume buttons
- stock kernel
- lower autobrightness mod
- GPU rendering
- RAM optimizations
- 4way reboot
- init.d scripts
- build.prop tweaks
- squlite3
- busybox
- unsecured boot.img

Multilang version includes the same tweaks and mods as EN version!
Please report only bugs that are not related to translations!

Langues inclus :

-English (MarkHUK & iBotPeaches)
-Chinese (Xiaomi)
-Polish (Acid)
-Dutch (Kees-Jan)
-Italian (Mish)
-Korean (IAmGhost)
-Spanish (LordStenka)
-Danish (1982Strand)
-Russian (KDG & malchik-solnce)
-Arabic (silent_4)
-Ukrainian (KDG & vlaaad)
-German (Gerret84 & Marco)
-Hebrew (roenano)

Images & Vidéos


Ce qui est nécessaire :

-TUTO Préparer le HTC One X pour le débloquer, pour installer le recovery, le rooter et installer des roms customs [Windows] [10.04.2012]

Comment flasher :

1) Téléchargez la ROM, téléchargez Super Wipe .
2) Démarrez votre appareil pour entrer dans le Bootloader (vol down + power).
3) Activez le mode Fastboot et suivez la procédure suivante :

Procédure pour installer le fichier boot.img :

Spoiler :

Après avoir flashé la rom via le Recovery.
Redémarrez votre appareil en maintenant enfoncé le bouton "Power" 10 secondes
1. Rallumez le en maintenant Vol - appuyé
2. Mettez en surbrillance "Fastboot" avec Vol + ou Vol - et appuyez sur "Power"
3. Branchez votre HTC One X au PC et ouvrez une console de commande.
(windows XP - Click Démarrer > Exécuter > tapez CMD puis OK
(Windows 7 - Click Démarrer > tapez CMD puis Entrée)
4. Téléchargez ces fichiers Fastboot Files
5. Créez un nouveau dossier "fastboot" à la racine de votre disque C:.
6. Extrayez le dossier "fastboot" du fichier .zip téléchargé à l'étape 4 dans ce dossier.
7. Placez le fichier boot.img qui se trouve dans le fichier ZIP de la rom dans le dossier "fastboot".
8. cd vers le dossier où nous avons mis les fichiers fastboot


cd c:\fastboot

9. Tapez ceci dans la console de commande


fastboot erase cache
fastboot flash boot boot.img

4) Aller ensuite dans le Recovery via le Bootloader, et copiez les deux fichiers ZIP (rom + Super Wipe) sur votre carte SD via "Mount et Storage/Mount USB".
5) Après faîtes le Wipe Data Factory Reset + le Wipe Cache Partition, et dans "Advanced" le Wipe Dalvik Cache.
6) Ensuite, retournez dans le menu principal, sélectionnez "Install zip from sdcard/Choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis le fichier Super Wipe, Sélectionnez-le via "Power" et flashez-le.
7) Enfin, refaites "Choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis le fichier ZIP contenant la rom, Sélectionnez-le via "Power" et flashez-le.
8) A la fin du flash, redémarrez l'appareil, (Reboot system now).

Il faut attendre quelques minutes avant que la rom ce lance.
Une fois le premier boot et la première phase de setup finie, rebootez votre ONE X.
Enfin, amusez-vous bien.

Derniers Changements

21 octobre 2012 - Sense version - v2.10.19 - MIUI Changelog :

-Base updated to 2.17.707.3

New, HTC ONE X update base ROM to 2.17.707.3
New, Huawei Ascend D1 update base ROM to B128

Fix call answering interface flashing issues
Fix setting a selected number for automatic call recording, if an unknown call is received may result in FC error
Fix automatic redial of numbers including extension prefix. Extension prefix will be lost when attempting to redial

New, contacts list page now supports long press menu operations (View, Edit, Delete, Send to Desktop)
Fix Google Contacts cannot be found in search
Fix number attribution information flashing issues

New, you can now save a single picture when you are reading news from mobile
Optimise the SMS list page opening speed
Fix, MMS loading status icon position is incorrect
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
New, Front camera models support for Face Unlock security
Fix in some cases, Face Unlock setting does not take effect
Fix the security screen, entering password when the page is offset upwards

Optimisation of desktop layout switching
Fix in some cases, using multi-touch gestures may lead to FC errors
Fix when dragging in editing mode misalignment issues

Add new variety photo frame widget, will replace the old photo frame style
Add new "button" element to perform cancel operations
Optimise 720P devices photo frame widget display

New "face recognition" switch option
Optimisation of front camera colours when taking photos
Fix screen will flicker when switching to the front camera
Delete "Touch to focus" and "Focus mode" switches

Fix, viewing album list page, the load order is displayed incorrectly
Fix album thumbnail downloads when incomplete will lead to being unable to delete items
Fix cloud album downloads, some pictures failed to download

[Account Setup]
Fix issue in the accounts list page, turning on/off sync switch will result in non-stop synchronisation
Fix, when Xiaomi account is deleted from accounts will still display causing problems

[File Explorer]
Fix, when decompressing file(s), the prompt is not displayed
Fix, cannot select file(s) from the category page

Fix flickering display problems

Optimisation of the search button within the address bar

Optimise desktop widget style
Fix when sharing a note containing more than 20 pictures will lead to FC errors
Fix in some cases, image cannot be displayed in note(s)

Add a new version of user feedback application
[Alarm Clock]

Optimise "Snooze" alarm in the notification bar, clicking to cancel the alarm and improve pop-up alert
[Video Player]

New online video streaming capabilities
Optimisation of video decoder, now supports MJPEG (Motion JPEG) format

Anciennes versions :

Spoiler :

13 octobre 2012 - Sense version - v2.10.12 - MIUI Changelog :

Optimise current themes in the program selector icon
Optimise global search when using the current theme icons
Fix issues with insensitive touch screen, also optimise click operation accuracy
Fix some devices IMEI numbers can used to erase phone data (USSD Exploit)

Add T9 search can switch between "alphabet" and "phonetic" search modes
When hanging up call, fix in some cases will lead to FC errors
Fix CDMA operator display name does not change with the system language is modified
Fix in some cases, the missed call reminder ringtone will not stop alerting
Fix in some cases, call log list avatars do not refresh
Fix call answering interface and call interface shows overlapping in some cases
Fix in some cases, the caller interface leads to FC errors

Fix when restoring contacts backup, avatars display with problems

New, If you have not opened through the network SMS to open the SMS list prompts (10-09)
Optimise SMS expression types
Optimise searching SMS messages or bulk SMS will be merged into one result list
Fix issue with Phrases content not being hidden when English language is selected. Tab sliding right will lead to FC error
Fix when sending network SMS, send and receive status displays error issues
Fix when MMS is received, before message has been read, the notification will be repeatedly prompted
Fix received time for MMS in notification bar shows incorrect details
Fix HTC phones cannot send MMS message
Fix network SMS messages cannot be sent to foreign numbers
Fix problem with SIM card SMS contact names length
Set the maximum number of prompts for the first time SMS is used

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
Optimisation of phone misuse system default

Fix adding a Widget to new screen, the display of the widget is not centered correctly
Fix in some cases, the dynamic effect of the free desktop widget does not show correctly
Fix Photo frame widget pictures cannot be replaced / edited
Optimise Taiwanese version, alter the camera anti-flicker (banding) frequency from 50Hz to 60Hz
Optimise video camera frequency limits
Optimise focusing quality of videos by tapping on screen area to be focused on
Fix burst mode cannot be muted

Optimise lyrics adjustment state inside the user interface
Optimise smart removal of lyrics at the end of line with extra blank line
Bug fix for 4x1 Desktop Widget album cover display

[FM Radio]
Fix headphones no longer prompt to be inserted on some devices
[Sound Recorder]
Fix recorded radio is not displayed in the list of recordings
Fix when Caller ID is unknown / empty, call recording will lead to FC errors
Fix recording 'title' display shows incorrect information

Contact birthday reminders, fix porting to 4.1 android system

[Anti-disturb / DND]
Fix, turning off anti-disturb function and issues relating to unknown caller
Fix, some types of number prefix are missing after being added to the Blacklist

Fix in certain circumstances, the notes text displays some overlapping problems
Fix in some cases, selecting grid notes layout will lead to FC errors

[Alarm Clock]
Fix timer ringtones select, interface dislocation issues
Fix when setting two or more world clocks, on New Year's Day will lead to FC errors

29 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.28 - MIUI Changelog :

Fix "after", "half an hour", "hour ago" text problems
Fix boot vibration problems
Fix in some cases, when connected to the U (OTG) disk you cannot save / take screenshots
Fix full-screen mode is not able to see drop-down status bar

New view specific contacts (including unknown number) call records, each record shows the call number (if available)
Optimise anti-disturb call interception, the screen will no longer light up
Fix when using Bluetooth headsets, the call interface display shows unusual problems
Fix SIM card contact name using single quote "'" in name leads to FC errors
Fix T9 search, enter "*" leads to display errors
Fix in some cases, unknown number calls cannot be answered / rejected
Fix in some cases the incoming call does not show caller interface so call cannot be answered or rejected
Fix ringtone and vibration problems
Fix problem with call log not being able to store more than 500 records

Fix avatar sync to google causes deformation / distortion of avatar(s)
Fix in some rare cases, individual contacts cannot be displayed

Optimisation of MMS forwarding speed
Optimise viewing of SMS text messages, contact names or numbers which are too long will now scroll to show the full number
Fix long list of recipients in text box, text box text displays as white
Fix mass MMS sending state details
Fix SMS input box, the last line shows some display problems
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
New Variety lock screen picture frame support system to allow use of different picture frames
Fix personalised custom lock screen style does not take effect after being applied

Fix when deleting preset application and operation is canceled. The icon position displays with errors
Fix in some cases, open app folders flash repeatedly

Fix in some cases cannot display thumbnail wallpaper details page or Browse Pictures
Fix issue where U (OTG) disk is mistaken as SD card storage

New HDR mode progress bar details
Optimise panoramic photo height from 640 pixels to 1280 pixels
Fix restoration of default camera settings
Fix panoramic photos when saved cannot generate a thumbnail preview

Add Gallery Home option, if no photos listed will give option to open camera
Added beginners guide to using MiCloud storage functions
Fix in some cases two or more duplicate albums are shown
Fix when using MiCloud albums in the albums library may lead to FC errors
Fix MiCloud picture albums when sending pictures, picture display size is shown incorrectly
Fix when clicking to see an enlarged view the more button has some issues
Fix when returning to gallery home screen from an Album page. The title text is overlapped

[Music Player]
Fix problems not being able to play .flac format files
Fix problem being unable to download music via online music interface

[File Explorer]
Fix, rename or create dialogue problems on the text box partial
Fix uncompressed files in the search results page and Favorites folder will lead to FC errors
Fix downloading from MiDrive, the file status prompt will display the wrong information

New automatic calibration function added

Repair close tab animation and tab management problems

[Sound Recorder]
Optimise the recording list display
Fix recording cannot be recovered from the status bar cue points to open the list of recordings when the play button is pressed
[Anti-disturb / DND]
New clear black / white list confirmation prompt messages

Optimisation of sharing notes compatibility and support for sharing in or to more applications

[Alarm Clock]
Optimisation when adding a world clock, selection of time zone instead you can select a city. Also added support for Chinese characters, Pinyin and English search

[Video Player]
Interface optimisation of network cache status
Fix pausing video playback will cause problems in some cases
Fix bottom of the menu is blank in portrait orientation mode

24 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.21 - MIUI Changelog :

Optimisation, when internal data is no longer mounted, migrate to the the OTG connection U disk
Fix some problems with intermittent phone reboots

New sound settings feature to set dial tone as piano tone (Phone -> Settings -> Other Settings > Dial tone Settings)
Optimisation of emergency call interface interactions
Fix problem when answering calls, the phone still continues to ring
Fix changing network type settings will be lost after phone restart due to settings save failure
Fix Network version of phone when changing the phone SIM card type (CDMA / GSM interchangeable), cell signal display is not shown correctly and other problems answering calls or using the Internet
Fix call interface does not show the contact name
Fix when making call using a Bluetooth headset, the contacts name is not displayed

Fix "Unknown Caller" will not appear in the "Recent" list of contact numbers
Fix switching between Simplified and Traditional Chinese, may cause contact search problems

Fix MMS cannot complete sync to MiCloud
Fix multiple texting may cause FC errors
Fix SMS session editor page content interface dislocation issues
Fix network SMS switch sometimes automatically appears as closed / disabled
Fix in some rare cases, when message is sent will lead to FC errors
Fix sending MMS picture, after editing picture, rotation editing change is lost

[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
Fix when using standard toggles mode, notification bar switch when clicking on "more" leads to FC error
Fix in some cases, misuse prevention does not take effect after being enabled
Fix in some cases when using GPS, collapsing the status bar is problematic

Optimise first time loading free desktop information prompts

Fix themes in some interfaces may display unusual problems
When you delete an application from Theme, ringtone does not copy to the ringtones directory

Optimise album download logic: changed to download thumbnail previews and support for scrolling through items while still downloading
Fix Gallery Home, "photos" narrow thumbnail problems
Fix when selecting full view and clicking the 'share' menu item, modify default system style

New feature, manually adjust the lyric speed by dragging up and down on lyrics, allows you to control the lyric speed to sync better to your music

[File Explorer]
New MiDrive function, if the service is not available a prompt will be displayed
Optimise loading speed of SD card folder contents
Optimisation problems, when pulling out SD card. The folder navigation 'path/directory' drop-down menu does not display
Fix problem when browsing, empty folder when you pull out the SD card, the interface displays unusual problems

[FM Radio] [Supported devices only]
Added support for listening to radio in Airplane mode without mobile data connection being active
New, when you unplug headphones a re-insert them, FM will continue broadcast

New batch editing mode, supports deletion of pinned notes
Optimisation in list or grid mode when deleting items
Optimise sticky notes desktop widget style
Optimise support for sharing a note containing a picture
Fix in some cases, notes folder list does not display correctly
Fix problem where the notes folder cannot be renamed

Fix Flashlight is unable to be opened

[Video Player]
Optimisation of vertical screen display movie progress indicator
Optimisation of video not playing prompt behaviour
Fix Gallery Desktop widgets cannot open avi files

18 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.14_v2 :

-Fixed Browser crash sometimes

14 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.14 - MIUI Changelog :

Optimisation of the G12 device firmware in favour of European version: 14.01.401.2

Fix problem after recording a call then hanging up, when a new call is received it will automatically open call the recording function
Fix, large font mode, caller background image shows normally

Optimisation when selecting a contact number via search box prompt
Optimisation of large font mode, size of the phone number display in the call log

Further optimisation of session entries with large numbers of entries will provide smoother scrolling efficiency
Optimisation of viewing message details, the recipient will not be displayed on the same line
Fix forwarding text messages, and if it is unable to send, SMS message drafts will be lost
Fix in some cases, SMS sync causes FC errors
Optimisation of large font mode for SMS listing page
Fix some issues with SMS (720P) devices
Expanded menu (720P) cannot read the messages, pressing the Menu key
Fix MMS shutdown, timed transmission failure, message is not marked as "failed"
[Lock screen, status bar and notification bar]
New lock screen framework playback support for lit screen animations (requires theme support)

Delete when using editing mode, add a shortcut to open extra options

Optimise theme details page, page indicator style
Fix in some cases, theme package cannot be updated
Fix when using without SD card, you cannot download online resources
Fix download time and upload time displays with incorrect data
Fix theme details page when quickly switching themes leads to FC errors
Fix when returning to the local theme list from the search results page, local themes disappear
Mix feature displays only "fix details of a local theme packages from the search results page and other modules
Fix local (SD/Internal Storage) ringtone search problems and ringtone downloads
When deleting the theme, copy the wallpaper to the corresponding directory of the SD card

Clear thumbnail cache optimisation, Clear SD card cache option
Fix when deleting a large number of Albums will lead to FC errors
Clicking "Browse SD card", Fix when opening USB data storage mode, application becomes unresponsive
Selection of video files, fix Desktop widgets adds still image. When pressed on leads to FC errors

[File Explorer]
Fix replication in the category page, click and then press "cancel" the bottom of the "OK / Cancel" button does not disappear
Login to MiDrive, fix problems when prompted that mobile network could not be found
Fix the category page, compressed (zip/rar) files total displays as 0
Fix the prompt when emptying MiDrive Recycle Bin leads to FC errors
Fix problem where File Explorer will occasionally randomly refresh on its own causing problems

Add new Barometer, Altitude and Pressure sensor support (Not for all devices)

[Sound Recorder]
Fix playback of recording file, if the file is deleted, the playback will continue
Fix when recording at the same time as modifying the system time, will result in the recording duration displaying an error or the recording will terminate unexpectedly

[Alarm Clock]
Optimisation of restart of alarm when prompt to switch alarm off is disabled

New, notes can now be dragged out of the notes folder
New notes background random color optimisation, the "new notes" button will appear as a sticky note color
Optimise the grid view notes loading speed efficiency
Fix when restoring multiple backups or recovery of notes. Duplicated notes may be listed
Fix in some cases, notes cannot be sent to the desktop
Fix floating notes, notes flashing issue
Fix desktop widget support for 2x2 size notes
Fix "new notes" button to displays ghosting problem
Fix cannot use magnifying glass functionality in text editor mode

[Video Player]
New auto-resume video playback feature added
New full-screen and screenshot function for all V4 devices added
Fix adding video from Photo Gallery as a desktop widget. When opening video player you are unable to playback
Fix file browser when clicking on m4v video "video" option
Fix when playing video and returning to the desktop (pressing return key / button), and then open another video file will result in the previous video being played instead

10 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.7_v3 :

-Rebuilt rom with miuiandroid.com hotfix
-Removed Aroma installer
-Skip track with volume intergrated in rom

07 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.7_v2 :

-Fixed LBE Guard

07 septembre 2012 - Sense version - v2.9.7 :

-New MIUI version (read MIUI changelog)
-Enhanced Beats updated to V6.8

MIUI Changelog :

Fix when deleting Xiaomi account from device may lead to FC errors

New settings option to specify contact numbers to automatically record calls when making / receiving calls
Fix vertical answer orientation mode, when an incoming call is received, the call interface displays the information in the wrong locations
Fix when using "*", T9 search returns no contacts
Fix issue with dialed numbers containing "#", are unable to generate call record logs
Fix CDMA phones, when hanging up telephone conference (Group call) may lead to FC errors
Fix in some cases display of English prompt questions layout
Fix ring notification reminder for missed calls may lead to FC errors

Optimise function to add a new contact entry/s
Fix strange numbers added to a contact group

Optimisation for more than 200 text messages in a session, click the "Show all information" option
Fix in some cases problems with receiving SMS carriers
Fix more than 200 sessions, the latest text message cannot be displayed
Fix in some cases, the new SMS prompt window cannot be closed
Fix in some cases, the SMS application after device restart may lead to FC errors

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
New lock screen Proximity Sensor misuse mode
Fix in some cases, the Variety lock screen frame text elements are missing
Fix Variety lock screen frame-rate, in some cases with masked Pictures Animation result in errors
Fix for when eliminating the status bar notifications will leave large gaps in the UI

New support for application sent to the desktop as widget, such as sticky notes.
Optimisation to increase the logical order of desktop icons

Optimise download speeds to improve online resource list display of thumbnail previews
Fix normal size (480P) theme when used on 720P devices (the theme resource will use adaptive size)

Fix where you have more than 256 Albums, entering "Album" page leads to FC errors
Fix after picture is taken, the photo does not show in list of photos (intermittent problem)
Fix cropping of a picture leads to sporadic FC errors

Optimise loading efficiency of online music song listings
Fix while recording telephone conversation, music app is unable to play music

[File Explorer]
Add Favorites folder files can be batch "deleted"
Optimisation "favorites" are no longer displayed in the SD card catalog listing
No network connection optimisation, opening MiDrive will prompt; "no available network" (before optimisation would spend a long time attempting to detect network)
Extracting files via MiDrive leads to FC error
Fix "Archive" folder does not display RAR files

Optimise preset bookmarks, split bookmarks shortcuts into groups

[Sound Recorder]
Fix playback of telephone recording file, the audio file will not stop playback even after stop button is pressed

Fix in some cases Lunar calendar date display displays incorrect details
Optimisation of new note sliding animation efficiency
Optimise grid mode notes fluency
Optimised Desktop sticky notes widget support to allow for adjustment of the widget size
Fix in some cases, long content within notes may lead FC errors
Fix notes backup recovery will lead to the notes folder name appearing as missing (no name)
Fix issue "Find device" can't be turned off when there's no SIM card
Fix when using a combination of shortcut keys, screenshot may trigger another system based one-touch operation
[Alarm Clock]
New manual shutdown prompt and automatic boot based on alarm schedule (Sleep-mode / Shutdown alarm clock)
[Video Player][MI-ONE Plus / C1 / S+ Optimisations]
Add a new version of the video decoding system, increased support for different types of video format and also smoother video playback
New video function to allow playback of video content in full screen mode
Added screenshot capture function
Optimisation of video playback control interface, and also increase size of return button
Optimise selection of video orientation mode (Rotate or Lock orientation)


Rom v2.10.19 - Anglais :


Rom v2.9.14 - Multilangue :


Anciennes versions :

Spoiler :


Rom v2.9.28 - Anglais :


Rom v2.9.14 - Multilangue :


Rom v2.9.21 - Anglais :


Rom v2.9.14 - Multilangue :


Rom v2.9.14 - Anglais :


Rom v2.9.7 - Multilangue :


Rom v2.9.7_v3 - Anglais :


Rom v2.9.7 - Multilangue :


Sense Version :

Rom v2.9.7_v2 - Anglais :


Autres Infos


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descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]



-bot.img Flasher

Center Clock :

Vous devez monter la partition /system dans le Recovery avant de flasher.
Activer Center Clock dans le panneau de contrôle ICS sous la bar d’état.


Lower Autobrightness Values Mod :

-Lien (A flashez via le Recovery)

Dernière édition par colonel59 le Ven 27 Juil 2012 - 23:28, édité 2 fois

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonsoir tout le monde,

Topic mis à jour : Mise à jour du 01 juin 2012 - RD-MIUI 2.6.1 OneX

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonsoir tout le monde,

Topic mis à jour : Mise à jour du 05 juin 2012 - RD-MIUI 2.6.1_v2 OneX

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonsoir tout le monde,

Topic mis à jour : Mise à jour du 08 juin 2012 - RD-MIUI 2.6.8 OneX

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]


y a t'il un bon retour sur cette rom

que je trouve sobre et classe aux niveau optimisation ça donne quoi?

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonjour Dynastic,

Je l'ai essayé très rapidement mais c'est une bonne rom.
Par contre, elle est pas en français pour le moment.

Test-la pour faire ton propre avis.

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

bon tans pis j'ai pas trouver comment faire un nouveau sujet


je voulais savoir si c'est recurent

mais j'ai un beug sur la taille de polices des SMS

souvent il sont minuscule et d'autres fois normale (pour le reglage petit)

et le mail sont regle en petit mais je trouve ça gros

dsl de post ici

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Pas de soucis, tu as installé cette rom ou une autre ?

Si tu es sur cette rom, c'est bon vu que tu es sur le bon topic.
Par contre, pense à mettre à jour ton profil. Merci par avance.

As-tu regardé dans les paramètres des sms + mails ?

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

ouais j'ai regardé j'ai tous mis en petit

mais je pense que le beug vient de la rotation là à l'instant T tous va bien

et non pas encore je pensse attendre un peut parceque si je dois flashé toute les semaines pas cool (j'imagine que c'est en constante evolution les roms)?

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Cette rom là est mise à jour tous les Vendredi.
Car la base de la MIUI v4 est mise à jour tous les Vendredi.

Tu tournes sur quelle rom en ce moment ?
Si tu as un problème avec ta rom actuelle, il faut que tu postes dans le topic de la rom que tu utilises.

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

petite question niaky n'est pas passer sous le HOX, dommage.

Moi qui voulai tant le voir sur le one x

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]


dit colonel pourquoi y a t'il 2 sujet sur MIUI


je vois pas

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonjour Dynastic,

Parce qu'il y a plusieurs roms MIUI.
Le topic que tu as mis en lien, et la MIUI V4 en français, traduite par des français.

Alors que celle-la est une rom MIUI v4 en Anglais développé par une personne sur XDA.

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

et donc si je puis dire qu'elle est l'originale fais par je chez pas qui, qui fait MIUI depuis le debut

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Regarde ici pour savoir qui est à l'origine de MIUI et qui travaille dessus :

MIUI France

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

bon ok

j'ai vu il y a en une en dev je pensse la RD (en 1.29) MAJ hebdomadaire et une stable (en 1.28) MAJ mensuel

je prends La RD

il faudrait precise dans les presentations de post que c'est une forte inspiration iOS Wink


descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

MIUI = Inspiration IOS.

Fais nous un petit retour quand tu auras finis l'installation, configuration, ....

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]


sur l'instal de xda il marque ça

1 - Extract the boot.img of the rom
2 - Restart bootloader
3 - From the directory where you have the fastboot started the following commands:
4 - Fastboot flash boot boot.img
5 - Fastboot erase cache
6 - Restart in recovery
7 - Make full wipe - (optional)
8 - Install rom
9 - Enjoy

je comprend qu'il install le boot .img - là il fait les 3 wipe (dalvick, cache, ...) - et install rom

vaut t'il pas mieux faire dans l'autre sens comme toi tu decrit

et est ce utile de faire les wipe venant d'une rom officiel sfr en 1.28

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Il vaudrait mieux que tu suives la procédure décrite en première page de ce topic Wink

Hé oui, tu dois impérativement faire les 3 wipes (Data, Cache et Dalvik) pour partir sur une base seine et clean.
A chaque fois que tu installes une nouvelle rom, il faut faire les 3 wipes.

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okai une derniere mis au point

dans le tuto il manque ( je pensse)

extraire le fichier boot.img du zip de la rom et placé ce fichier dans fastboot


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Si effectivement même si on s'en doute.
Mais je vais le rajouter Wink


descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

elle à dut mal a ce faire connaitre pourtant bonne idee

nouvelle version bientot dispo rom en uploads

version 2.6.18

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonjour Dynastic,

Merci pour l'information, oui on es Vendredi c'est la mise à jour de la semaine lol!

Je mettrai à jour dès que le topic sur XDA sera mis à jour.

descriptionRe: [ROM ICS 4.0.4/MIUI v4] RD-MIUI 2.10.19 OneX [EN + MULTILANG] [SENSE] [21.10.2012]

Bonsoir tout le monde,

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