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[ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

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description[ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)


Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)


Le mot du Contributor krarvind :

"Je vous présente ma rom Slim Bean pour le HTC One X.
La rom est complètement AOSP avec mes Mods et quelques autres Mods intéressants venant de roms CM/AOKP."

Images & Vidéos


Ce qui est nécessaire :

-TUTO Préparer le HTC One X pour le débloquer, pour installer le recovery, le rooter et installer des roms customs [Windows] [10.04.2012]

Comment flasher :

1) Téléchargez la ROM, les Gapps (disponible dans le deuxième post) et Super Wipe .
2) Démarrez votre appareil pour entrer dans le Bootloader (vol down + power).
3) Activez le mode Fastboot et suivez la procédure suivante :

Procédure pour installer le fichier boot.img :

Spoiler :

Après avoir flashé la rom via le Recovery.
Redémarrez votre appareil en maintenant enfoncé le bouton "Power" 10 secondes
1. Rallumez le en maintenant Vol - appuyé
2. Mettez en surbrillance "Fastboot" avec Vol + ou Vol - et appuyez sur "Power"
3. Branchez votre HTC One X au PC et ouvrez une console de commande.
(windows XP - Click Démarrer > Exécuter > tapez CMD puis OK
(Windows 7 - Click Démarrer > tapez CMD puis Entrée)
4. Téléchargez ces fichiers Fastboot Files
5. Créez un nouveau dossier "fastboot" à la racine de votre disque C:.
6. Extrayez le dossier "fastboot" du fichier .zip téléchargé à l'étape 2 dans ce dossier.
7. cd vers le dossier où nous avons mis les fichiers fastboot


cd c:\fastboot

8. Tapez ceci dans la console de commande


fastboot flash boot boot.img

4) Aller ensuite dans le Recovery via le Bootloader, et copiez les deux fichiers ZIP (rom + Super Wipe) sur votre carte SD via "Mount et Storage/Mount USB".
5) Après faîtes le Wipe Data Factory Reset + le Wipe Cache Partition, et dans "Advanced" le Wipe Dalvik Cache.
6) Ensuite, retournez dans le menu principal, sélectionnez "Install zip from sdcard/Choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis le fichier Super Wipe, Sélectionnez-le via "Power" et flashez-le.
7) Refaites "Choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis le fichier ZIP contenant la rom, Sélectionnez-le via "Power" et flashez-le.
8) Enfin, refaites encore une fois "Choose zip from sdcard" et allez où vous avez mis le fichier ZIP contenant les Gapps, Sélectionnez-le via "Power" et flashez-le.
9) A la fin du flash, redémarrez l'appareil, (Reboot system now).

Il faut attendre quelques minutes avant que la rom ce lance.
Une fois le premier boot et la première phase de setup finie, rebootez votre ONE X.
Enfin, amusez-vous bien.

Derniers Changements

4.2.2 Build 8

Finally we present our last stable 4.2.2 base build.8


:puce: Various improvements under the hood for upcoming 4.3
:puce: Added Bugreport feature to SlimCenter. It creates a zip file containing basic system information and systemlogs (logcat, kmsg, last_kmsg). Please attach this zip to your bugreports from now on.
:puce: rearranged (more logical) Settings
:puce: All backend shortcut functions combined, settings observers vastly reduced and simplified.
:puce: Shortcuts/buttons completely redone for NavBar/Pie/Notification Shortcuts/Lockscreen Shortcuts/NavRing.
:puce: Fix IllegalArgumentException in Privacy Guard
:puce: USB: gadget: mass_storage added sysfs entry for cdrom to LUNs
:puce: Fix bootzip. Install signapk to sign the packages and some cleanup
:puce: Fix room service to allow dependency override
:puce: Exynos: Update Mali drivers
:puce: New devices: Motorola xt926/xt925, p5100, p5110, d2usc as well t0lte, t0lteatt and t0ltetmo
:puce: All "Master Key" exploit patches published by google integrated + additional security fixes
:puce: Gapps update: Google Music, Google Play Services, move google Now to system app
:puce: App update in app download section google+

:puce: Ehance support for secure google voice messaging
:puce: Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
:puce: Backup: Use native google backup system to backup profile feature
:puce: Updated Translations
:puce: Fix possible NPEs at various spots
:puce: Changes to phone blacklist
:puce: Specifiy notifications types for Quicksettings pulldown and Auto Hide statusbar
:puce: SlimCenter cleanup
:puce: Various changes for SMS/MMS and Phone
:puce: Make MMS more compatible for Themes
:puce: Many Upstream changes
:puce: Many small bugfixes

Spoiler :

4.2.2 Build 7 Changelog

Ok guys stable Build 7 is out!. Tons of changes since build 6. Read carefully changelog and install instructions.

Small hint if google now gets a fc on starting due to old data from the previous version. If you run into this problem...uninstall google now, reboot and install it/flash our gapps package again.

Changes and Features

         Improve LPM support
         add sysinit
         Add Fido Canada APN
         Add Samsung Qcom RIL
         Add Samsung Exynos RIL
         Fix MAP SDP record generation
         Update bcm43241 firmware to version
         Fix sms sending and reciever declarations
         Fix wrong log information in DevicePolicyManagerService
         Fix Expanded Mode
         Camera button rebinding and lockscreen action additions
         Slim Center fix delete dialog string behavior
         Fix cursor leak
         DashClock updates

         Seperate multipart sms settings from size
         Add Personal Argentina APN
         Fix 0% battery QS tile
         Fix MMS possible  NPE
         Filter picasa specific options
         Add an AlertDialog before deleting APN
         Fix for several touch key duration bugs

         Update DashClock
         Update MAP code from upstream
         Fix possible loss of custom ring tones
         CM optimizations for skia
         Expand profiles
         Fix Mms FC in low memory devices
         Add Statusbar Quick Peek
         LCD density backup

     Add gps indicator to camera
     Fix profiles BT on or of when in a intermediate state
     Add BT triggers to profiles
     add triggers to change profiles based on AP
     Fix aapt warnings
     Fix quick peek
     Add 2G/3G to profiles
     Add Solvaei APN
     Reduce observer footprint on many Slim features

     Add QS and Notifications to navrings
     Add Privacy Guard
     Add Privacy  Guard Manager (Settings->Security->Privacy Guard
     Add SMS Middleware layer
     Add option for subtle vibration notification during calls
     Make contacts apps aware of blacklisting being disabled
     Removed all init.d scripts
     Many translations updates
     Many other optimizations and fixes
     Add support for m7att and m7tmo

4.2.2 Build 3 released
Dear SlimUser!

We are happy to announce a new release, some really nice features and fixes (most of them cosmetic). This release will be on a new, shiny new server we (hopefully) can afford with your support.

We want to thank everybody for your support, it does not matter if you translated, betatested, reported bugs, developed THANK YOU!!!!

Some highlight I want to point out, that we have Full Russian translation now! Thanks to the famous Sergey aka gwindlord.

IMPORTANT HINT: For build.3 release you have to download new addons/gapps and install them with the rom like in installation instructions mentioned below.
Features and Changes

 Add Smart Control to Gallery
 Add Widget Pager to HW/NavBar/NavRing
 Add Easy Contact Selector to Mms
 Add Hide Avatar to Mms
 Add Expanded Desktop Tile
 Add Volume Tile
 Add Power Tile/PW Button
 Add Lock Volume keys in Silent
 Add Long press 'Clear all' to clear cache [Gimme Moar RAM!]
 Add LED Notification to Calendar events
 Add Email Lockscreen widget
 Add Moar shortcuts on keyboard
 Add New SuperUser
 Add WebSockets to Browser
 Updated DashClock [Latest with Daydream and all!]
 Added Full Russian translations [thanks to gwinlord]
 Add German translations
 More and More fixes and optimizations as always.

 Device specific
     N7100: Updated Mali drivers
     OneX: Add LED Control
     D2: Added vibration strength control to Performance settings

NOTE: The long click 'Clear All' button to force clear cache WILL free RAM. BUT DO THIS ONLY WHEN YOU ARE DYING FOR MORE RAM, Else you are just messing with the Android application manager, which btw, is optimized to speed up app load times... Clearing cache every now and then will mess with this process!


 Fix TRDS issues with Mms/Contacts/Email
 Fix signature not applied to QuickReply
 Fix Call waiting not shown in title
 Fix NavRing activation issues
 Fix NavBar behavior
 Fix Lockscreen shortcuts opening wrong app
 Fix LTE toggle for some devices
 Fix Keymapping on BT Headsets
 Fix ResourceLeaks
 Removed HDR for now
 Kernels built with Linaro are now using Linaro 1303!

 Device specific
     OneX: Improve A2DP
     OneX: Improve Torch
     OneX: Fix freq cap
     I9100G : Statusbar freeze fix attempt.

Known Issues

 Landscape lock before unlock has a small visual glitch
 DSPManager may have issues on some devices
 Navbar height value in landscape is buggy [sometimes]

 Device specific
     d2: Phone may freeze on call disconnect (upstream)
     d2: Bluetooth may crash while disconnecting (upstream)

4.2.2 Build 2.5

Dear All! After there were some rarely FCs cause by a bug here is a brandnew SlimRom version available!!!! Identifying and finding the bug was a bit annoying, and in the background we think about something else to help us provide your better support... more about that coming soon... As always thanks to the community, that helped us to identify the problem and providing input, to our betatester and translators! Thank you and enjoy!
Features and changes

  TRDS all apps changing now on the fly no need to restart the app
  Show reboot message to Quick Setting and Power Widget
  Mms Breath animation
  Updated Gmail
  Updated Youtube
  Camera: Seperate settings for colors and jpeg settings
  Camera Add support for 2.1MP, 9MP and 13MP picture size ( Your device will only show the max MP it supports)
  Camera add support for 2.5MP and 6.4 MP (16:9) picture sizes
  Mako: add LTE QS Tile
  QCOM: Tons of ehancments
  Many other smaller updates
  Email: Lockscreen widget
  Slim goes Sony...new device arrived: Xperia S


  App force close problems
  Fix unsupported tiles regression
  LatinIME TRDS fixes
  Gmail jiberish toast message
  Contacts share FC
  Email widget FC
  Performance and battery drain issues

  Device specific
          Fix TimeLapse and A/V alignment
          Fix battery capacity
          Fix GPS problems

Known issues:

  Device specific
          Audio stutters when using audio Touch Sounds (disable to fix)
          Camera HDR mode crash after second picture (restart camera to fix)

SlimBean 4.2.2 Build 2 :

So it's time for a new build. As some of you probably have noticed we included this time, some truly unique features.

Especially The Real Dark Slim is now directly integrated into the ROM. Read more on it here ->The Real Dark Slim <-.

Please download and reflash the GAPPS or AIO in order to make it work correctly!

System apps that TRDS includes

  System framework/settings
  Contacts (needs restart of the app when you toggle)

Gapps apps that TRDS includes (yes right the toggle works also for gapps)

  Gmail (needs restart of the app)
  Google Now
  Email (needs restart of the app)
  News and Weather
  Google Talk

However we also included many other new things such as SlimSizer which allows you to further slim down your ROM. Please be careful with it because you're deleting system apps which might be important to run the phone. If you don't know what an app does better don't delete it.
Changes & Features

  TheRealDarkSlim Toggle (Initial)
  Shiny new SlimSizer
  Renamed SlimOTA to SlimCenter
  SlimFilemanager: Added root functionality
  Extended QuickSettings style options (tiles per row, press/bg color, etc)
  New Notification/Lockscreen Shortcut icons
  Configurable QS long press
  Update DashClock to latest version
  Configurable Notification behaviour
  NFC Polling Mode (AOKP)
  LockscreenPattern: Toggle dots/error pattern visibility (from CM)
  New Notification/Lockscreen Shortcut icons
  Added Power/Camera to Lockscreen longpress button actions
  Add USB Tether tile
  Add LTE tile
  Advanced low battery indicator options (popup/sound/notification)
  Return to call log after call
  Mark dismissed call as missed
  Automatic keyboard rotation feature
  Fullscreen toggle added to browser menu
  Add Signature to Messaging
  Customize charging battery color
  Added more scenes & focus modes to camera
  Added exposure and jpeg quality to video camera

  Devices specific:
      i9100g: Fast charge support
      N7100: S-pen power saving mode
      OneX: Tons of new features
      Mako: Updated prebuilt kernel
      Manta: Updated binaries
      tuna: Updated binaries


  NavBar back/menu firing after longpress actions
  NavBar “kill app” action killing system apps and crashing system
  A2DP streaming sound quality fixes
  HighEndFX properly hidden on devices with native support
  HTML5 audio playback
  BT tethering label
  Fix hide HighEndFX option for devices with native support

  Device specific:
      d2: Longpress timing issue causing short press to act as long
      d2: Fix routing for BT voicedial feature
      i9100: Low headphones sound issue fixed
      i9100: Fixed pinch to zoom Camera
      Toro plus: Fixed GPS

Known issues

  Landscape lock before unlock has a small visual glitch
  TRDS Gtalk some visual white glitches on inverted mode

SlimBean 4.2.2 Build 1 :
First of all, we want to thank all you guys supporting us in the past months. We got incredible d/l rates last release. In 10 days we recorded over 100,000+ d/ls. We are really happy that you enjoy SlimBean very much. So we have decided to bring a new version on the road with lots of changes and improvements as usual, optimizing each and every aspect of the ROM was a big part of the project this time. Some notices on it:

  As mentioned in the install instructions, we recommend a full wipe because of the 4.2.1 -> 4.2.2 change of base. Means full data wipe and manual format of system partition. A lot has changed in the base.

  We removed the cLock widget and replaced it with the Awesome DashClock from Roman Nurik. Check it out... especially the tons of plugins which are available for it via play store make it simply terrific. If you still want to use cLock widget you can find it as extra flashable package in Download/Mods and Themes/cLock on our website here. Just flash and you will have it back.

  Hold back to kill app was removed from Developer options. Devices with navbar did not need it before because they could rebind any key for the same function. Now with our new hardware key rebind function you can do the same on you hardware keys. So you can kill on any key you want.

  Reboot menu... we introduced a control for the global reboot menu in Developer options. You can set it to 'disable all the time' (which is the default option), 'hide in lockscreen', or 'show it always' (like it was before). So you can protect accidental reboots to recovery from your kids, friends or who ever you do not want doing that.

  We have a new function for software supported camera HDR mode. Just a short notice (for the devices which are supporting Photosphere package)... if you flash Photosphere you will loose HDR mode along with all other Slim developed enhancements. At the present, native HDR is only possible on mako (Nexus 4).

  And last our Gapps... This time we do not have upgrade packages. Reason for it that we rebased all our Gapps to the newest version from Google. They are completely 4.2.2 based including the inverted Gapps packages. Due to the fact that a lot has changed, upgrade packages do not make sense. So download your Gapps package you prefer and flash following the ROM flash.



  Full JDQ39 (4.2.2) base
  Replaced cLock with Shiny new 'DashClock'
  Added slide before unlock
  Bring back long press to toggle PW
  MMS: Add Quick emoji to text input
  Phone: Set my phone number
  Added full hardware key rebinding (home+menu+back)
  Added Kill App/Expand Notification Shade/Toggle Expanded Desktop to hardware binds
  Fully configurable advanced reboot toggle
  Enhance circle battery and clock
  Camera: Add software HDR mode
  Calendar: Add snooze to events
  Enhance T9 and search
  Settings: Add forget all networks to WiFi
  Notification: Limit notification sounds for interval
  Camera: Add animation to mode switch
  Sound: Add configurable volume adjust sounds
  Notification: Add custom carrier text
  Enhance electron beam control
  Tons and tons of more fixes and optimizations
  And a little surprise for the savvy ones smile


  MusicFX FC
  Batterybar UI glitch
  QuickPulldown flips notification shade
  Phantom QuickSettings toggle
  Color picker issues
  Recents apps panel bug
  Camera not animating
  Color picker in landscape
  Recovery touch
  Expanded desktop
  Contacts call grouping
  Alarm FC on update
  Notification shortcuts spacing/tablet transitions
  Choppy lockscreen on Low-mem HDPI
  Lockscreen browser shortcut
  Longpress NavBar Home not loading recent apps
  And finally ASS to 'Advanced Slim Settings'!!!

SlimBean v3.1 :
SlimBean 3.1
this will be our last final 4.1.2 based release. We fixed the last stuff which wasn't fixed to have a good end product for 4.1.2. We already started with our new 4.2.1 base and are happy to present it in near future.....so give us a bit time and enjoy the 3.1 feeling:
Hint: hercules and skyrocket builds will come a bit later.
Notification Sound Toggle in PowerWidget
Custom backgrounds & transparencies added to Notification drawer background & rows
Settings Spanish translations (many thanks for Hamletiano)

Lockscreen background transparency moved to background customization
Lockscreen transparency works on the fly now
Lockscreen background 0-100% alpha can be activated on colorfill and custom background
Lockscreen clock moved in settings to widget behaviour.
Lockscreen clock style could be customized now + hidden feature
Optimus and BB lockscreen can now be colored and you can change transparency as you like
Optimus background settings deleted cause of new stock background customization ability
Ability to choose a custom lockscreen before secure lockscreens
Vibration support for optimus and BB lockscreen
Whole lockscreen settings are working dynamically now and show just what is possible to customize
Notification drawer - transparency of notification row can be set
Notification drawer - add support for custom landscape background
Notification drawer - add support for background color fill
Notification drawer - reset of background image not any longer over menu
Notification drawer - moved whole style options in style category @settings
Volume key cursor now affects all keyboards

System - Turn off screen fails sometimes
System - Transparency standard value of statusbar to 0%
MMS - Settings option black theme function back
Lockscreen - Several music transport control fixes
Lockscreen - BB tablet support
Lockscreen - Peformance improvements for optimus lockscreen on hdpi devices
Lockscreen - Owner info shows on lockscreen
Notification drawer - Dotted circle battery in notification drawer
Notification drawer - Custom background image landscape (scales now)
Notification drawer - Stock background at 0% transparency is now properly opaque

SlimBean v3.0 :
3.0 is based on android 4.1.2.
New Features
group mms ( Mms -> Settings ->MMS Messages->Enable Group MMS)
Toggle to disable fullscreen keyboard (Settigns->ASS->Interface->GeneralUI->DisableFullscreenkeyboard)
Custom notification drawer Wallpaper and alpha (Settigns->ASS->Interface->NotificationDrawer)
Wifi name display (Settigns->ASS->Interface->GeneralUI->ShowWifiNetworkName)
Alternate Default App Picker from AOKP(Settigns->ASS->Interface->GeneralUI->UseAltDefaultAppGrid)
Allow long-press actions from hardware keys from CM (Settings->ASS->Interface->Lockscreen->Button Actions)
LatinIME: Volume key cursor control
Custom status bar date function
Direct call function for mms.apk and dialerpad(MMS->Settings)
Blackberry and Cirlce ( optimus) sytle lockscreen + transparent background (Settings->Ass->Interface->LockScreen->ScreenSecurity)
Navbarring shows now on all devices and works also without googleNOW
Navbar searchand back icon

SlimBean v2.9 :
Moved LCD density from developer options to Interface/General UI
Navigation bar overwork and added Navbar transparency.
Fixed color chooser for NavBar
Fixed custom Icon chooser for Navbar
Rearranged NavBar settings
Other smaller misc fixes and code cleanup for Navbar
Added Transparency to Statusbar
Small fix to power menu
Fixed NavBar Ring landscape and portrait  margin issues
Moved NavBar Ring to NavBar in ASS and code clean up
Changed NavBar Ring behavior to AOSP standard like lockscreen.
Added the ability to use 5 targets and new targets to NavBar Ring
Tablet UI mode for NavBar Ring
Fixed Lockscreen clock color, alignment
Added the ability to change alignment on some lockscreen items
Fixed the headphone volume restore when connecting to earphones
Added multi language latinIME.apk to UpdateMe app.
SGS Variants:
BLN app incompatibility and kernel version display are fixed

Anciennes versions :

SlimBean v2.8 :
All Devices:
Full integration of 4.1.2 with single finger notification gestures etc - swipe down to expand notification info, swipe down and up to collapse.
Full screen mode - Enable via settings, ass, interface, power menu options
High End graphic display - Enabled by default, disable via settings, ass, performance ( used to be disabled on hdpi devices)
Allow devices that do not meet ActivityManager.isHighEndGfx(display) to enable graphic effects such as (in this case) the screen dimming effect behind an expanded notification panel.
Circle Battery options ( %, no %, dotted with %) - Enable via settings, ass, interface, status bar, battery
Click to expand status bar clock and date - expands and pulls up alarm, calendar respectively
Dual Pane Mode from AOKP - works only on system settigns and other framework related.
Force Tablet UI at any dpi, based off barrmulio @ xda. Works really best on lower than slim's stock dpi's. Enable this and dual pane via settings, ass, generalui.
New Default Wallpaper - thanks kufikugel. For those want default jellybean, check kufikugel's thread and/or mods/themes section of downloads in the website.
German translation for Advanced Slim Settings - thanks neb
Misc info for kangers and other interested parties. Inline compile kernel fully integrated and working.

13 octobre 2012 - SlimBean v2.7 :

  Update to 4.1.2 build number JZO54K
  Full system Language support, yes its true.
  Fixed default ringtone so its not silent
  All kind of updates, check github for details
  Backup tool incorporated, Read Carefully -> Huge Thanks to gmillz
  ( only guaranteed to work on our gapps and addons, if you flash another gapps etc you are on your own), similar to CM. for 2.7, MUST RE-DOWNLOAD slim_gapps and all addons you use. When 2.7 is released, do the following
      Flash Device 2.7.0.zip, then flash the NEW slim_gapps and any other addon you use/want. From the next release on, wipe cache/dalvik cache, Just flash device zip, rest should remain intact.
          NOTE: If you for a format /system in recovery, you will lose all backups and have to reflash all addons again.
  Multi DPI play store 3.9.16 , go thank kufikugel for this. That man is crazy
  Nav bar icon fix by kufi kugel
  Fast charge icon fix
  New LockScreen Glowpad Icon, check it out smile

01 octobre 2012 - SlimBean v2.6 :

-Fast Charge Toggle added based on my commit, can be enabled via ass, interface, notification drawer, widget buttons
-Kill all based on aokp commit, can be enabled via ass, interface, generalUI
-Brightness Slider ( similar to aokp), can enabled via ass, interface, notification drawer,it will place a brightness slider on top or bottom of power widgets depending on your selection. Don't confuse this with status bar brightness slider where you slide your finger across.
-Upstream sync with AOSP with updates to 4.1.1_r6
-New device ( GNote, i717 added, my current device).
-Frameworks changes, see here for details, anything from last release date (Sep 21)  is in for 2.6

21 septembre 2012 - SlimBean v2.0.1 :

-Just D/l the fix to 2.0.1 from the download section and flash. Make sure to change your build.prop updateme.version to 2.0.1 via the build.prop editor and reboot, after you apply the fix. It fixes the following
-24 hr clock fix
-Flip to Phone caused a tiny battery drain in ASS

21 septembre 2012 - SlimBean v2.0.0 :

-Theme Engine based on AOKP commit
-Custom Nav Bar based on AOKP commit
-Notification Count based on AOKP commit
-Flip to silent/vibrate calls based on AOKP commit
-LED customization based on AOKP commit ( only applicable for GNex) - thanks aokp
-Upstream google sync - thanks google :p
-Quiet Hours based on CM commit
-Noise Suppression based on CM commit - thanks CM
-Multi Dpi Market - thanks hnernes




Anciennes versions :


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Dernière édition par colonel59 le Sam 13 Oct 2012 - 20:36, édité 3 fois

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)




Dernière édition par colonel59 le Ven 21 Sep 2012 - 17:50, édité 1 fois

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)


descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Ça c'est très intéressant , je test

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Bonsoir Nexus,

avec toi, téléchargement en cours pour ma part.

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

c'est peu être encore un peu tôt,pour les premiers retour mais que signifie "slim", qu'est ce qui lui manque à cette rom ?

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Bonsoir Gmfbruno,

Slim ça veut dire une rom légère (elle ne fait que 89Mo), et les Gapps (20Mo) à peu près donc il a supprimé des choses inutiles ou des applications, widgets pour avoir une rom light.

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Merci pour ta réponse rapide, je vais peut être me lancer pour un petit test

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Houla quelle fluidité !!!!!! Par contre il faut une loupe !!!!! Le format des icônes et de la police est tout petit. Il y a moyen de changer ça ?

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Bonjour Dieu,

Oui il faut changer le LCD Density.
Installe une application comme celle-ci et change le LCD Density pour le mettre entre 200 et 240.

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Tu nous fais un retour, dieu40 ?

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

@colonel => merci mais je n'arrive pas à m'en dépatouiller, ça revient au format d'origine. T'as pas le nom dune autre appli ? Merci

@smoog => je ne suis pas un spécialiste, loin de là !! C’est mix entre AOKP et AOSP. J'ai essayé les 2. La sensation que j'ai, c'est que c'est plus fluide, les applis s'ouvrent et se ferment plus rapidement, internet s'ouvre plus vite je crois. Je ne peux en dire plus. Par contre j'ai ce problème de format que je n'arrive pas à résoudre.

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Bizarre Dieu
As-tu regardé dans les paramètres pour voir si il n'y a pas un tweak ou un paramètre pour changer le LCD Density et le sauvegarder ?

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Oui j'étais en train de le régler, c'est dans les options pour développeurs, j'ai mis à 290 et c'est bon maintenant.

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Mais de rien Dieu et content que ça fonctionne maintenant cheers
Par contre, attention de ne pas mettre une trop grosse valeur pour le LCD Density sinon tu risques d'avoir des problèmes avec le Market (pour installer) et certains problèmes d'affichage avec les applications.

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OK, bien noté merci

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mise à jour http://www.slimroms.net/index.php/downloads/all/viewdownload/35-current/301-slim-2-6-0-endeavoru

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Bonjour Nexus,

Merci pour l'information.

Topic mis à jour : Mise à jour du 01 octobre 2012 - Slim Bean - OneX v0.6

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le top du top j'ai passé la nuit decçu juste un pti souci la police force un peux la vu hihihi sinon

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La résolution est vraiment trop petite :/ Comment je peux changer ça ?
Sinon la roms a l'air vraiment pas mal je vais la testée Very Happy

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Alors : paramètres / options développeur / LCD Density / et tu mets par exemple 310.
Et tu redémarres le tel

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Tiens, après avoir flashé le firmware JB / Sense, et flashé la Maximus, j'ai essayé de flasher la Slim Bean, et là impossible. C'est peut-être normal. Mais si je veux revenir sur la slim (ou aokp ou CM10), faut que je reflashe le RUU ?

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Bonsoir Dieu,

Oui c'est normal, vu que tu as flashé la rom Jelly Bean + Sense 4.5, tu as mis à jour le firmware et donc maintenant tu ne peux plus repasser sur d'autres roms stock pour le moment.
Et tu ne peux pas flasher de RUU vu qu'il n'y en a pas encore d'officielle.
Elle arrivera dans quelques semaines avec la nouvelle base et le Hboot 1.23

C'est indiqué en rouge dans les topics des 4 roms Jelly Bean + Sense 4.5 Wink

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

Ça va me faire des vacances !! Sleep Et comme ça dans quelques semaines il y aura eu des évolutions intéressantes certainement.
Merci o

descriptionRe: [ROM JB 4.2.2/NON-SENSE] Slim Bean v4.2.2.build 8 | Htc One X (Endeavoru)

lol! , oui tu es coincé pour quelques semaines sur les 5 roms Sense + Jelly Bean le temps que la RUU sorte et qu'on puisse réinstaller les roms ICS, AOKP, CM, ...
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