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description[MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Faites un Nandroid Backup avant d'utiliser ce mod !!! Téléchargez à la fois le Mod CrossBreeder ET le Zip de désinstallation sur votre carte SD, pour pouvoir désinstaller ce mod en cas de problèmes.

Désinstallez votre version CrossBreeder avant de flasher une nouvelle version.
Faites les mises à jour même si vous êtes satisfait de la version utilisée

Liens rapides : CrossBreeder_7.2.13.zip et CrossBreeder_Uninstall_7.2.13.zip - NOTE - Lors de l'installation, le fichier efface le dalvik cache.

En cas de bootloop, essayez le fichier No_Autostart suivant : CrossBreeder_7.2.13_No_AutoStart.zip
Vous devez utiliser la commande suivant via le Terminal Emulator pour activer CrossBreeder (CB) :


su -c "/system/etc/CrossBreeder/zzCrossBreeder FORCE"
(Uniquement requis si vous utilisez la version No_Autostart !

ENVIRON 1 000 "Thanks" sur XDA !!! Carton plein cheers

Derniers changements

*** UPDATE 7.2.13 *** ENTROPY_FEED_FREQUENCY_SECS now at 1 second across the board. Read_wakeup_threshold now at 8. Discernible smoothness. SOD fixes hopefully.

*** UPDATE 6.30.13 *** Major improvements to DNS changer module. Event based instead of poll. Much more battery friendly now. ENTROPY_FEED_FREQUENCY_SECS at 0.5 seconds for ICS/ICS- and 1.0 for JB/JB+ ( if file is not present, default is 1.0 seconds). Namecoin .BIT support. Transparent. You don't have to do anything! I/O Tweaks are disabled by default. Governor tweaks are disabled by default except that sampling rate is increased to 40000 if found below or 100000 if found above for all governors where the metric is found.

*** UPDATE 6.26.13_v2 *** Governor tweaks disabled by default. Except for sampling_rate for all governors( timer_rate for interactive). This value is set to 40000 if found to be below and 100000 if found to be above. If you want to fully tweak your governor, you can use the ENABLE/DISABLE GOVERNOR_TWEAKS commands. Bugfix for governor tweaks to honour /data/STOP_TWEAKING_ME. Installer now clears the entire dalvik cache again.

*** UPDATE 6.26.13 *** Governor Tweaks! Values from Thunderbolt mostly. All governors tweaks installed but only ondemand and interactive tweaks are active. You can use the ENABLE_GOVERNOR_TWEAKS command to enable all. Flag files are honoured. I/O tweaks from Thunderbolt. Network buffer sizes back to V6 values. Various improvements to the DNS monitor loop to make it more battery friendly. Second startup option also removed to help bootloops. Only one startup method - debuggerd. Removed scripts are in the mod directory if one wants to use them.

*** UPDATE 6.23.13_v2 *** IRQ Flush at 60 mins and configurable. Entropy feed at 1 second opposed to 0.25 seconds earlier. Responsiveness helped as a result. Also configurable. DNS Changer improved. Battery life improvements. Bug fixes and fairly large improvements to the deep sleep code. Ondemand governor tweaks. Network buffer memory tweaks remove. Thunderbolt network buffer size tweaks added. Small bug which made governor directory readonly fixed.

*** UPDATE 6.20.13 *** IRQ flush now at 3 hours. DNS change module bugfixes and improvements. init.d script removed. Only two mechanisms for auto startup.

*** UPDATE 6.19.13 *** Nothing much, except for the block file is back to full strength ( all default Adaway lists) for all devices. I had no idea that this was that popular/reducing the file size would be that unpopular NOTE - You don't need to run anything to enable Adblock. It's enabled by default.

*** UPDATE 6.18.13_v2 *** IRQ Flush tuned to very smooth now. Secret may be to disable scheduler sleepers. Smoothness is enhanced now on a long term basis. Battery life is also improved significantly if using the correct governor. Interactive governor only tweaked for battery friendly profile (only if running) . If you're getting high freq usage on Ondemand, do try Interactive and reboot for CrossBreeder to tweak it. Basically the idea is that the best governor for your phone may be different now that CrossBreeder is installed. Network connect code changed to remove kill -HUP dnsmasq. Should solve any issues with connectivity lost after some time.

*** UPDATE 6.18.13 *** IRQ Flush now at 60 minutes. Battery savings. master file is sorted if found to be not so. You don't need a reboot after updating it from an external source. Just toggle any network connection. Adblock again enabled for everyone. Adblock list now smaller for everyone (the Winhelp one), saving around 1 MB RAM. Bugs in DNS script fixed. Earlier they were not working on some devices. ENABLE_BYPASS_ISP command now available.


CB : c'est quoi en fait ?
Ce mod permet d'améliorer votre système Android et de réduire les Lags dans les interfaces utilisateur générales.
Il est léger et ne consomme pas de batterie. Les utilisateurs ont noté des améliorations significatives en termes d'utilisation et d'autonomie.

Attendez-vous à un changement conséquent et dans le bon sens ! Very Happy
Vous avez uniquement besoin d'un recovery custom. Fonctionnel sur tous les appareils Android (pas x86)

CB est une combinaison de 5 méthodologies permettant d'améliorer l'expérience Android.
Voici la présentation officielle de idcrisis :
Spoiler :

idcrisis a écrit:
1. It's a big new feature, DNS caching, parallelising and tether boost . A lot of the lag in a lot of apps, apart from the GUI lag, is due to slow DNS querying, specially on the mobile network.

CrossBreeder now runs a caching, parallelising DNS client on the device. So now most of your DNS queries will be served from the cache and if not found, the query will be sent in in parallel to multiple DNS servers including the two Google DNS servers, the two L3 DNS servers and your two ISP servers and the quickest reply will be served to you, hot and transparently. You can read the rationale for this approach - http://ma.ttwagner.com/make-dns-fly-...q-all-servers/

This speeds up network access and networked apps, like Browsers of course, and Tapatalk, Gmail and thousands of others drastically. And removes a lot of the lag where it was due to DNS querying. This will not increase your network or download speed but pages will load much faster.

This will future proof your devices as more and more apps start using HTML5 and/or reside completely as web pages or the like.

CrossBreeder boosts your tethering connection. Client devices to your device will take advantage of the new DNS. Hence their usage is also improved! In many cases this update might even fix a broken tethering feature on your phone. So if your ROM doesn't have a working tethering support, you an try and install this update. It might magically start working!

CrossBreeder blocks ads and spyware in an efficient manner by blocking access to the host. It does this using a static block list of known ad sites and behaving as an authoritative DNS server for these sites and redirecting them to a dummy address. CrossBreeder runs a simple web server serving empty images and pages, so ads completely disappear instead of showing an ugly Page/Image Not found error.

You can update this block list from an external specialised tool like Adaway if you need.

CrossBreeder now includes the bypass censor functionality. This allows you to circumvent DNS based censors as used by most authoritarian countries. This basically works by bypassing your ISP's DNS servers and querying the 2 Google DNS servers and 2 L3 DNS servers only. These are usually faster anyway, more so due to the caching and parallelizing nature of the query. Thus if your ISP is blocking websites without telling you, you have a way out if this. You can enable it using the following command:

su -c "/system/etc/CrossBreeder/ENABLE_BYPASS_ISP"

and rebooting. You can read this for some more info ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=2748 )

You can also choose your custom DNS servers by updating the /etc/CrossBreeder/REMOTE_DNS file with each custom DNS server in a separate line.

NOTE: CrossBreeder DNS (Boost/Adblock/Censor Bypass) will not work (as in it won't be used ) if your ISP APN contains an entry for a proxy server. Do edit the APN and remove the proxy entry and see if you can browse fine. That will allow CrossBreeder DNS to work.

CrossBreeder also renames any existing /etc/hosts file on your device. Testing has proven that keeping a system wide /etc/hosts file as is used by most other Ad blocking software actually slows down your system. So it is recommended to use this method instead. Check this out for the demonstration of the slowdown and how to test it yourself - http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=41877518

In order to achieve all this DNS related functionality, CrossBreeder relies on the excellent open source utilities - DNRD and Dnsmasq

2. Modulate OS entropy levels for lag reduction ala Seeder. The whole OS reads either /dev/random or /dev/urandom and both need entropy. However this mod uses a completely different, lightweight and efficient random number generator called Havege . This sharply reduces cpu consumption and corresponding battery life loss compared to Seeder. It also does a better job at keeping entropy levels high hence your device is more responsive. It doesn't run in a CPU intensive loop either. The extend queue functionality has also been added to CrossBreeder. See here for another rationale favouring Havege compared to Rngd - ( http://code.google.com/p/csrng/ - Look for the limitations.)

3. Change kernel parameters specially the wakeup threshold ones so read blocks are released instantly and writes never wake up as we have an external entropy generator. And a host of other fail safe and working tweaks from the community for each key subsystem. ( one can look inside /etc/CrossBreeder/zzCrossBreeder ).

4. Remove /dev/random as it's blocking . Link it to non-blocking /dev/urandom. Since /dev/random is blocking and designed to protect us from Quantum alien cryptographers with mathematical certainty and urandom is non blocking pseudo-random device that most apps and OSs are using anyway and with Haveged running, is as secure anyway as it's very difficult to empty the entropy pool faster than Havege can replenish it. Pre ICS devices have a lot to gain with this but ICS+ devices show visible gains too.

5. Frandom support (Optional) - CrossBreeder now supports linking both your random devices to the extremely fast alternative - Frandom ( http://billauer.co.il/frandom.html ). This module is orders of magnitude (10-50 times) faster than the standard character devices ( Check this out - http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...&postcount=134 ). The erandom character device also installed by Frandom doesn't use up system entropy at all on top of being fast. You will need to ask your ROM developer to develop the kernel module for you and then place it in /system/lib/modules. CrossBreeder will then try and load it and if successful, make all the necessary adjustments so that both /dev/random and /dev/urandom are pointing to /dev/frandom and /dev/erandom respectively. The speed benefits are to be seen to be believed. But since each ROM requires a unique kernel module, this option is left optional ( but auto detect ). Advanced users can even try and load the frandom module built for other kernels if they don't have one readily available for their own kernel version using the Punchmod utility. Read this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...5#post41920265

Your thoughts and experiences welcome and actively solicited.


Pour une installation automatique, flashez simplement le fichier .Zip : CrossBreeder_"version".zip

D'autres applications de réduction d'entropie comme le rngd standard, le rngd de Seeder et le grngd ne sont pas compatibles. Si vous avez Seeder, désactivez-le !

Informations utiles

  • Vous pouvez vérifier la fonctionne de boost DNS en exécutant cette commande :


getprop net.dns1
Vous devriez avoir :

  • Pour contrôler AdBlock, vous pouvez sélectionner n'importe quel host depuis le fichier des hosts en exécutant cette commande :


tail /etc/CrossBreeder/dnrd_root/master
Prenez-en un et naviguez vers ce dernier dans votre navigateur. Vous devriez avoir un espace blanc.

  • Si vous avez des problèmes avec votre tethering (partage de connexion), vous pouvez essayer de désactiver le tethering via :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/REMOVE_TETHER_BOOST
Puis redémarrez.

Pour le réactiver :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/INSTALL_TETHER_BOOST
Puis redémarrez.

  • Si vous avez des problèmes avec votre navigateur (non chargement des pages...), vous pouvez désactiver la fonctionnalité de boost DNS via :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/REMOVE_DNS_CLIENT
Puis redémarrez.

Pour la réactivation :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/INSTALL_DNS_CLIENT
Puis redémarrez.

  • CB utilise son propre fichier Adblock stocké dans /etc/CrossBreeder/dnrd_root/master (changé dans une précédente version). Vous n'aurez pas de page du type "404 Page not found".

Pour désactiver ce blocage AdBlock et gagnez 3Mo de RAM, utilisez cette commande :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/DISABLE_ADBLOCK
Pour le réactiver :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/ENABLE_ADBLOCK

Ou utilisez cette méthode sur XDA .
Vous devriez avoir des valeurs allant jusqu'à 4000 avec ce mod.

Il existe aussi une application pour tester les lags : LagTest.apk
C'est pour tester le CPU basé sur la fonctionnalité de rendu GUI. Le but est d'approcher les 60 fps, mais il n'est pas garanti qu'il existe une corrélation avec CrossBreeder et le résultat FPS. C'est principalement lié à votre Gouverneur mais il est certain que CB aide.

  • Si pour certaines raisons, vos valeurs entropy restent sur 4096, c'est que ça fonctionne. CrossBreeder est maintenant dans son répertoire propre et ne dépend plus du support init.d

Vous pouvez le configurer au démarrage en utilisant une application comme SManager disponible sur le Play Store. Pensez bien à cocher "Boot" et "Root".

  • Si vous avez toujours des problèmes, vous pouvez utiliser ce script :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/CHECK_PROCS
Postez ensuite le résultat sur le topic XDA. Le log se trouve ici : /data/cb_CHECK_PROCS.log

Vous pouvez aussi désactiver CrossBreeder en cas de soucis :


su -c /system/etc/CrossBreeder/DISABLE_CROSSBREEDER
Si les problèmes persistent, désinstallez CB via le fichier .Zip "Uninstall".

  • Il est recommandé de désactiver toutes les animations dans les Paramètres Système et ceux de votre Launcher (ou gardez-les sur 0.5). Désactivez le retour haptique et les sons à la pression de touches.


CrossBreeder_5.21.13.zip - QR Code
CrossBreeder_7.2.13.zip - QR Code
CrossBreeder_Uninstall_7.2.13.zip - QR Code
CrossBreeder_7.2.13_No_AutoStart.zip - QR Code

Autres infos


Dernière édition par Primokorn le Jeu 5 Déc 2013 - 14:15, édité 3 fois

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]


descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Salut primokorn après son installation je peux réactiver toutes les animations.Merci pour tout.

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Je n'avais pas touché aux animations sur mon Note 2 avant ou après installation. J'avais bien pris le fichier avec activation Auto (pas le No_Autostart).

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]


Il est mieux que Seeder ? C'est bien beau tout ça mais comment choisir entre tous ces nouveaux trucs... d'autant que tu as publier un nouveau tout en un si j'ai bien compris ?

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

PurePerformance utilise une PARTIE de CB.
Après faut tester mais perso je suis resté sur PurePerformance.

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

donc si je teste PurePerformance je dois virer Seeder ? et quoi d'autre ? j'utilise des modes sons... et AdAway

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Seeder mais pas forcément le reste. J'ai gardé Viper4Android et Mother of All Ad-Blocking.

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

très bien , merci

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Malheureusement, ce mod n'existe plus pour de bien tristes raisons. Voici le message du développeur :

idcrisis a écrit:
Hi guys, 

I have some very sad news. 

As you may have noticed in the last few months, there has been a public attempt to denigrate this mod and XDA by external forces who are obviously against the concept of adblocking and DNS changing ( their entire control/sabotage of the internet is lost if you give users the ability to use external DNS ). 

Today my friend died of a sudden illness the same that struck my mother in law last month. And the same time of her death some fake newbie posted here with a name similar to hers on my 1-Click thread. Sending a message of sorts. 

I am in the meanwhile getting all sorts of thinly veiled threats.

The Adaway website is under attack too. 

I am going to raise this matter with the police. Hope they can find a pattern of these forum users and international corporate espionage rings run by the PR industry.

I regret to inform you that I need to stop development of this mod. If these people can stoop so low just to make money on superficial s**t like ads and take innocent lives, I can't fight this. I'm just a small-time hacker. I need to protect my family in whatever limited capacity I have.

Good luck and god speed!


descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

C'est chaud quand même la vie Sad 

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Tout n'est pas fini finalement cheers 

voir ici

Nouveau sujet créé sous licence "Aware" ICI

descriptionRe: [MOD] CrossBreeder - Lag | Entropy | DNS | Tether | Pubs | Censeurs | .bit support [05.12.2013]

Héy héy héy
c'est de la bonne nouvelle.

Merci ce sera un bon Week end !!! ihihihi oui je crois que j'y suis déjà
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