MIUI V5 3.7.12...The best ROM you will EVER use.


Basé sur les ROM OFFICIEL MIUI CDMA / GSM de l' Evo 3D.
UNIVERSAL ROM - Cela fonctionne aussi bien avec les appareils CDMA et GSM.
Corrections à base officielle, CDMA, y compris GPS, build.prop, et la langue dans le cadre-res.apk.
Mise à jour hebdomadaire de base et le logiciel supplémentaire, le fichier HOSTS, et kernels.
Choisir entre cinq niveaux différents noyaux. Tweakers, Eat your heart out.
Inclus Kernel Tuner pour des capacités maximales d'overclocking / tuning.
Inclus Goomanager pour les mises à jour OTA.
Skin / thème Aroma personnalisé.
Sauvegarde Aroma pour Flash rapide.
Dirty flash.
Support pour les utilisateurs de Virgin Mobile.
Jellybean 4.2 Caméra avec photosphère.
Système de fichiers ext4 avec des optimisations spécifiques pour les partitions respectives.
Zram facultatif.
Sweep2Wake facultatif.
Dernières GAPPS pour Android 4.1.2
Animation de démarrage personnalisée.
Optimisations init.d pour kernel, mémoire, système de fichiers, carte SD, réseau.
MIUI clavier avec des paramètres de mise en page personnalisées (fonctionne avec MIUI Theme)
Support de Flash Player (nécessite navigateur compatible)
Rapide correctif AGPS de DerekGordon
certification Playstation
Google Now

Images & Vidéos

Derniers Changements

Updated to latest MIUI bases - Phone/MMS issues fixed
Updated maps and HOSTS to latest version
Updated Google Camera to 4.3 Version
Moved Google Camera package to install with Gapps
Added adblock to app selection menu
Removed MIUI Camera (outdated)
Fixed keyboard settings permissions (can change settings now)
Removed entries from init.qcom.post_boot.sh for kernel gov/speed
Removed multiple copies of Gnow - fixed FC's

Updated to latest MIUI Base.
Hopefully fixed installer issues for GSM users.
Updated HOSTS to latest Adfree version.
Updated Chrome Beta, Play store, ears, talk to latest versions.

Updated to latest MIUI Base
Added GSM support and files
Updated to new Aroma installer
Cleaned up a few miscellaneous things

Updated to latest MIUI Base
Updated Coolz and MiRaGe kernel

Updated to latest MIUI Base
Fixed Virgin Modded Mms.apk crashes due to invalid signature
Updated Chrome Beta to latest version
Updated HOSTS to latest adblock version
Updated MiRaGe kernel to latest version

Updated to latest MIUI Base (follow URL for MIUI Changelog)
Fixed issue in aroma where restore install would fail due to missing restore.prop
Fixed issue in aroma where PSN install is uncontrolled due to wrong prop number
Fixed issue in aroma where Virgin files wouldn't install because of wrong file location
Updated Coolz and Mirage kernels to latest version
Updated HOSTS to latest adblock version
New Gmail app
Updated Chrome beta, ears, talk, play store
Updated Virgin modded MMS.apk to latest version
Removed Gallery2.apk (because it's useless and redundant)

Updated to latest CDMA Base (Very cool - New music player)
Fixed issues with official base.
Actually fixed multikernel installer.  No, really.
Restore for refresh install should now work.  Easy to switch kernels without reflash of whole ROM.
Fixed issues with init.post.boot messing with kernel tuner.  
Updated symlinks to match latest CDMA.
Patched a leak in the time flux circuits.

Updated to latest CDMA Base
Fixed issues with official base
Fixed multikernel installer - all installs should now work properly
Updated cleanup routine post-flash
Updated all addon apps to latest versions
Minor changes to aroma installer

Updated to latest MIUI Base (x515u)
Massive overhaul of Aroma system:
-Unified dialogues throughout
-New backup and refresh system (based in part on backup script by Ramjet73)
-New graphics
-Cleaned and optimized filesystem layout
-Added better notation for other devs to follow
-Updated Aroma binaries to latest version
-Removed demo graphics and files
-Removed unused language files

Added Coolz Kernel
Updated MiRaGe Kernel to latest test version
Updated Chrome, Google Ears, Google Search, and Maps to latest versions
Added preferred keyboard layout to MIUI Keyboard
Fixed Video/camera
Fixed music crashing issues

Updated base to latest Official X515 GSM Build
Added selection option between butteredtoast and MiRaGe kernels
Streamlined installer, removed unnecessary prompts
Removed Online Nandroid creator, replaced with Sprint VVM
(note:  Sprint VVM is experimental - I do not guarantee it will work)
Updated Gnow, Google Ears to latest version

Updated base to latest Official x515 GSM Build (tried CDMA, had issues)
Updated Chrome Beta, Offline Nandroid to latest versions
Switch back to ButteredToast Kernel (should fix Bluetooth)
Added entries in media_profiles, codes.
Modified build.prop files, hope for faster ROM.

Updated base to late Official X515u Build
Should fix:
 -ad-hoc/wifi tether in settings, it can be use now.
 -weather video
 -ui pictures
 -network message
 -xiaomi account
 -xiaomi framework FC
Added latest Virgin Fixed files
Updated Google Ears, Quicksearch

Official Changelog
This week's source based on PatchROM version, not official X515.
Switched to MiRaGe kernel this week, give it a test run.
New TrevE wifi app.  Hopefully works for 3V0/JB.
Removed secondary FLV app, causing ad popups.
MMS Send/recieve works.
Wimax tested and working.
Updated to latest version of Chrome.

3.4.20 - Changed to ButteredToast RLS 17.3
Re-added missing Xiaomi camera.apk
Built on official release from Xiaomi for CDMA
Fixed reboot option in Aroma

3.4.5 - Changed Kernel to MAC 3.7
Initial translation of camera.apk
Fixed aroma features
Added wimax
FIxed compass/sensors
Fixed headphone audio
Removed Viper4Android sound panel
New boot animation
Working on video recording/playback
added flash support
updated all optional programs
updated to latest MIUI Base
Special tweak to increase badassery

3.3.29 - Initial Release


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MIUIV5 3.7.12

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3. Flashez.
4. Suivez les instructions.
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6. Redémarrez.
7. profitez

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