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description[ROM][18 AUT] Sensai Rom [v3.5.0][Fixed 3D Cam/Camcorder] [Sense 4.1/ Android 4.0.4]


Sensai Rom V3.5.0

♥️ Android ICS 4.0.4 Rom base is from VilleC2 RUU 2.15.720.150 + VilleC2 RUU 1.11 including the latest HTC Sense 4.1
(Thx Memnoc for the permission and files)
♥️ Fixed 3D CAM and CAMCORDER
♥️ Aroma Installer
♥️ Enhanced Audio Beats includes 21 eq settings
♥️ Even more tweaked audio system!
♥️ Systemwide audio effects (Beats, Dolby, SRS, other Eq)
(Thx lyapota for the original mod)
♥️ Added more energy tweaks!!
♥️ 3D appdrawer cube animation (Optional)
OTA - Updates
♥️ Rosie rotation (Optional)
♥️ Faster Wifi hack
♥️ Added 4ext speed tweaks!
♥️ HTC Sense 5 keyboard
♥️ HTC Sense 5 battery
♥️ HTC Sense 5 clock
♥️ HTC Sense 5 backgrounds
♥️ HTC Sense 5 icons
♥️ Latest Google Play Store 4.2.3

♥️ HTC Matte skin set as default in stock themed version
♥️ Sony Bravia Engine - HQ Image and Movie improvement
♥️ Xloud Sound Engine - Sound improvement
♥️ Hide apps in the appdrawer via menu
♥️ Deodexed, zipaligned, tweaked
♥️ Synchronization fully working
♥️ Camera with features from Sense 4.5!
♥️ Improved SD card read ahead
♥️ Advanced Power Menu
♥️ Zram enabled
♥️ Sqlit3 and openvn support
♥️ Tabbed Extra Quick Settings
♥️ Swap Turboboost tweaks
♥️ Advanced Power Menu
♥️ Busybox + runparts
♥️ V6 supercharged services.jar!
♥️ 100% supercharged now!
♥️ A lot of junk removed
♥️ GPS tweaks
♥️ Inverted bootanimation
♥️ Youtube 720p/1080p HD + Screenoff hack!
♥️ tweaked Sound System
♥️ Looking for Rom stability, outstanding battery life and smoothness? Welcome! You are at the right place!
♥️ Trying this Rom once, is adopting it for always
N.B. See the changelog to know about the updates...


Changelog: 1.0.0
-initial Release

Changelog 1.0.1
-fixed sound engine
-fixed hardware buttons
-fixed rosie.apk
-added OTA support

Changelog 1.0.2
-added tweaks app
-added Google Now
-fixed Camera

Changelog 2.0.0
-completely rebased on newest Ville C2 sense 4.1 RUU
-completely new audio engine (much, much better than previous)
-fixed all kernel flash problems
-improved appdrawer opening and scrolling speed
-updated libs and bins, removed Google Now - battery life should be really good now!
-new gallery app
-added powersaver from sense 4.5
-new keyboard from sense 4.5
-overall performance is now noticeable smoother, faster
-supercharged! launcher is now DieHard! thx to zeppelinrox
-improved picture quality
-even more tweaks Very Happy
-added Viper4Android FX (and I can say- this is really, really the best sound I ever had on my phone Very Happy)
-added Tweaks app - I hope some bugs are fixed now
-added landscape support for Rosie.apk
-fixed all speaker problems
-you'll get a flashable version of the 4.1 keyboard and Google Now

Changelog 3.0.0
-fully working 3d cam (waiting for permissions)
-fully working 3d camcorder (waiting for permissions)
-fixed audio bugs (and removed viper4android fx)
-updatet all apps
-updatet playstore
-added camera with sense 4.5 features
-sense 5 themed
-added more speed/init.d tweaks
-now 100% supercharged
-added chrome beta
-added youtube app with 720p/1080p video playback and with offscreen playback
-fully working sony xloud
-rom is now much more power efficient
-overall experience/smoothness is now really good Very Happy

Changelog 3.0.1
-edited build.prop for better audio (thanks to Necktrox)
-added OTA-Support again

Changelog 3.5.0
-fixed FM Radio
-fixed Wifi Thetering
-fixed Settings (now you can start Tweaks from Settings)
-fixed SystemUi (now you can start Tweaks from pulldownmenu)
-fixed Rosie (now you can start Tweaks from homescreen menu)
-added NEW SensaiTweaks!
-now you have unlimited theming support! (icons,batterstyles,...)
-fixed animations
-added AdAway.apk
-updated all PlayStore apps!
-updated Playstore to 4.3.11
-added HiApn for 1-click Apn set
-replaced lockscreen
-removed some init.d tweaks that may have caused reboots!
-added Bootmanager for autostart control
-many more
-if you have any ideas or desires please write it in the thread Very Happy:good:


1.) Faire une sauvegarde de votre ROM/Apps/etc...
2.) Télécharger la ROM + Kernel de votre choix
3.) Redémarrer dans votre recovery
4.) Full wipe data/cache/dalvik cache
5.) Choisir la ROM et flashez (peu prendre +/- 15 min)
6.) Flashez le Kernel de votre choix
7.) Flashez le dernier Fly-On mod (télécharger également le dés-installeur)
8.) Flashez crossbreeder (télécharger également le dés-installeur)
9.) Redémarrer
10.) restaurez vos applications
11.) Enjoy smile

Info: Mes réglages sont: coolexes latest kernel.. max clock: 1,62ghz ;min clock 192mhz ;sweep2wake désactivé(all other settings are standard)


Team AK (yuguo0522) et idogx


Fly- On mod





descriptionRe: [ROM][18 AUT] Sensai Rom [v3.5.0][Fixed 3D Cam/Camcorder] [Sense 4.1/ Android 4.0.4]

Réservé 1

descriptionRe: [ROM][18 AUT] Sensai Rom [v3.5.0][Fixed 3D Cam/Camcorder] [Sense 4.1/ Android 4.0.4]

Réservé 2

descriptionRe: [ROM][18 AUT] Sensai Rom [v3.5.0][Fixed 3D Cam/Camcorder] [Sense 4.1/ Android 4.0.4]

Beaucoup d’écriture en japonais ? sur les onglets de la barre de notification ... ne comprend pas, je l'ai désinstallé, et le lockscreen n'est pas celui de sense 5 pareil pour le launcher Neutral
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