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description[rom] p.a.c.man android [beta][4.3][26-08-2013]


P.A.C.Man  - 4.3 - beta


Pa+AOKP+CM = PACman All in 1 ROM !!!

Vous vous demandez quelle Rom vous allez choisir ....
Vous voulez toutes les fonctionnalités impressionnantes ....
Vous voulez qu'ils combinent leurs caractéristiques ensemble ....
Mais sa n'existe pas!!!

Voici un membre senior d'XDA "szl.kiev" qui a réussi à le faire!
Vous n'avez pas à décider laquelle choisir.
Vous avez tous en une seul Rom
Je ne veux pas avoir le défilement SystemUI basculer?
Ici vous pouvez faire des garrots deux lignes!!
L'utilisation de deux dispositifs de CM & AOKP.
Profitez de la combinaison de slz.kiev!!!



Johnnyslt kernel sources
Audio fixes
Lot's of new settings (you can find more change log info in "Settings->About Phone"

Caméra 3D
Certains redémarrage aléatoire bizarre au premier démarrage mais ne le fait plus par la suite.

peut-être quelques autres trucs divers, laissez-moi savoir ici avec un logcat.

S'il vous plaît ne pas PM, car je ne les lis pas et donc ne réponds à personne.

Venez visiter notre nouveau PAC Forums: http://pac-man-rom.de/forum/

Special Thanks are in order to:
slz.kiev - for the base source to PAC
Bigwillyg - for Buttered Toast Kernel that I use here, also from source
CG - For just his releases and innovations that I been rockin since I first rooted!
Agrabren - I only slightly modified his device tree, and htc vendor, and used most of his patches
Team Evervolv and PreludeDrew - For all of their awesome sources (I started with their android_hardware_libhardware_legacy, and libhardware)
toastcfh - For WimaxHelper.java and his other work to reduce the bulk of the original HTC Wimax
Team Hydra for a great many forum posts and repo that helped make the rom possible.
NineInchNails - for being innovative and for his repo and many forum posts that taught me a great deal, definitely a cool guy!
dastin1015 - for awesome work he been putting out there, teaching me lots of stuff from the Team-Hydra repos.
Mazda - for ideas that i had reading his device tree, his tree helped me understand the aokp parts more and for helping me understand some issues
DigitalHigh - for inspiration and for being my dev partner with MIUI
LensFlare - for inspiration
Ramjet73 - For the initial version of the wimax logs stopper and all the other contributions he makes here and everywhere! Thanks again To Ramjet73 For updated wimax logs fix for my 4.2.2 series!
OF course Cyanogen, Paranoid Android, and the awesome Team Kang and all contributors of CM, AOKP, and PA for brining AOSP development to new levels all the time!
CollegeDev and all the other OpenPDroid devs for OpenPDroid 2.0!
Metall1ca from my team, maintainer of LG devices and others for help with Open PDroid!
dr_jerremy - For being my GSM tester (since I only have access to the CDMA version) and a truely cool guy and friend.

Here is my 4.3 release of PACman ROM. I will update then I can, however I have a full time job, wife life, etc... I simply wanted there to be more out there to try out on our awesome device. Support ALL the devs out there and the sacrifices they make to give flashaholics a fix!

I hold no responsibility whatsoever for anything that happens to your phone either in relation to flashing this or any add-ons etc...





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descriptionRe: [rom] p.a.c.man android [beta][4.3][26-08-2013]

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descriptionRe: [rom] p.a.c.man android [beta][4.3][26-08-2013]

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