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description[SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]


Wanam Xposed



Cette application vous permet de customiser les firmwares stock Samsung à partir de Android 4.2. Elle devrait fonctionner pour les ROMs Custom également mais il est fortement recommandé de l'utiliser sur du Stock.

Voici les fonctionnalités possibles :

  • Enregistrement des appels
  • Menu Power étendu avec Redémarrer, Recovery, Download et Hotboot.
  • Couleur et transparence pour la barre d'état et de notifications
  • Clavier Samsung sécurité
  • Séactiver le son de l'appareil photo
  • Torche depuis le bouton Volume Haut
  • Changer de musique avec les boutons Volume
  • Enregistrer les journaux d'appels
  • Activer les symboles sur le clavier
  • Activer l'appareil photo lors d'appels
  • Appui long sur Retour pour tuer des applications
  • Désactiver les sonneries progressives
  • Optimisations sur les SMS (conversion et limite)
  • Désactiver le cache du défilement
  • Activer la rotation totale
  • Batterie en cercle blanche
  • Panneau de notifications transparent
  • Retirer la permissions de l'appareil photo
  • Customiser l'horloge : format et taille
  • Désactiver le son de démarrage
  • Thème Dark pour le multi-fenêtrage
  • Ajouter le bouton d'Appel sur les journaux et la page des contacts
  • Activer la rotation dans la Galerie via un bouton
  • etc....


Télécharger le module Wanam Xposed sur Google Play


Instructions d'installation

  1. Rooter votre appareil Android si besoin
  2. Téléchargez puis copiez ce fichier sur votre sdcard : Xposed-Disabler-CWM.zip . Il vous permettra de désactiver le Xposed Framework en cas de problème.
  3. Téléchargez et installez le Xposed Installer via ce sujet : Xposed - ROM modding without modifying APKs
  4. Installez le Xposed Framework via l'application Xposed Installer.
  5. Redémarrez
  6. Téléchargez et installez le Wanam Xposed
  7. Ouvrez l'application Xposed Installer, allez dans l'onglet des Modules et cochez le module Wanam.
  8. Redémarrez




- Updated Clock position implementation to make it more generic, 3 options are available (Right, Center, Hide) (inspired from @FemBlack Mod)

- Reviewed and removed some useless hooks (disabling some Knox container receivers produced somehow a battery drain on devices running Android 4.3)

- Update Email exchange security hack to bypass the container check on Android 4.3 FWs
- Minor fixes

- Fixed Android 4.2/4.3 compatibility on the feature "Hide headset apps notification"
- Disable Knox container services and receivers (included on the same Knox notification feature)
- Minor fixes

- Add a helper to detect if Xposed installer is installed
- Fixed "Hide headset apps notification" feature for devices running Android 4.3
- Disable volume control sound
- Disable low battery sound

- Add SystemUI (StatusBar) to Longback Kill whitelist
- Fixed CSC support for people who don't have a default one on Knox devices
- Hooked Knox receiver to avoid any notification
- Updated Spanish translation (Thanks to Seyaru)
- Other minor fixes

- Disable SEAndroid/Knox notifications
- Add Phone/Contacts to Long back press white-list.

- Bypass Knox security for CSC feature activation, this should fix many features, Call button on logs is broken on Android 4.3 Roms, it shows quit small, Blame Samsung for this bug.
- Added Reading mode toggle theming support (for Android 4.3 Roms)
- Keep your extra CSC settings by default
- Access to hidden Lockscreen shortcuts (only some devices are concerned) (Thanks to Tschulieh)
- Added French translation (Thanks fo Alan-B)
- Many other fixes

- Add option to change System Holo Dark/Light background (Inspired from Xperiacle Mod)
- Ability to force the activation of the module (useful for inexperienced users)
- Many other fixes

- Minor update to support 4 way Reboot on Android 4.3 based Roms

- Minor bug fixes
- Source code cleanup

- Performance improvements
- Minor bug fixes
- Added an option to enabled Signal bar adjustment (compatible with some devices only)

- Added German translation
- Fixed Preferences crashes
- Enabled Signal bar adjustment for 6 bars only (incompatible with some devices)

- Fixed translations

- Fixed 5 signal bars display
- Adjusted stock signal levels to get real states for 6 signal bars
- Fixed Copy/paste areas on the Color picker
- Updated translations (Thanks to all translators and reviewers)
- Few other improvements

- Updated to Xposed framework support to 2.2 (API 30)
- Added SMS sent time details
- Enable ScreenON options on Messaging App
- Disable low Battery warning
- Add custom carrier label on notification label
- Set low Camera battery level
- Many other regressions fixes

- Add Fast PIN unlock (to be used with caution)
- Fixed Hidden IME switcher
- Fixed Hidden Alarm clock
- Add Italian translation

- NFC behaviors (UN/Locked on Screen ON/Off)
- Hide Headset icon and notification bar
- Disable TW DVFS
- Enable TW_DVFS Boost Benchmark mode
- Spanish translation (Thanks to viruslaura)
- Other improvements

- Fixed Clock Hide (compatible with I9300 and I9500)
- Fixed Long back key killing only one activity when an App has more activities
- Hide Smart Stay, Alarm, NFC icons on status bar
- Launcher: Enable Scroll wallpaper and Hide Dock labels
- Disable Wake Home button
- Use separate Address field on Contacts

- Add Clock position options (Hide, Left, Center, Right)
- Set all options to default System settings (Stock GS4 FW)
- Add an option to set Recommended settings
- Add an option to restore Stock settings
- Update Arabic and Russian translation (Partial)
- Disable applying hooks on Non Touchwiz Roms (CM/AOSP)
- Fixed some misspelled English messages
- Many other fixes and improvements

- Add an option to Hide Ads banner
- Set back some features values to default Stock settings
- Show/Hide full battery notification
- Fixed some features which were broken on both translations: Arabic and Russian
- Few other improvements

- Fixed IMS Framework FC on some Deodexed Roms (Thanks to Mitky82 for help)
- Hide Wireless charging popup
- Enabled Auto-brightness detail from some devices
- Add an option to keep your additional manual csc features settings
- Added (Partial) Arabic translation (Thanks to Legend for help)
- Added Russian translation (Thanks to Combat44)
- Many other bug fixes and hook improvements

- Removed Seekbar and Overglow customization (It somehow causes OutofMemory error on some Apps)
- Enable Samsung Keyboard Symbols
- Enable Camera while calling
- Enable Hangouts Calls trough Cellular and Wifi
- Enable unlimited Contacts joining
- Enable Gallery Rotation trough button
- Set default Browser view to Desktop
- Create Csc features config when not existing
- Fixed Color Parsing FC while putting a wrong Color code
- Few other performance improvements

- Added Circle battery support for more US variants
- Stability improvements

- Fixed White color settings for Quick settings toggles
- Fixed Setting Clear button Text and Background with the same color
- Fixed Twitter account (renamed to @wanamxda)

- Added a full Color/Transparency customization for Status bar and Notification drawer elements
- Improved Root access check
- Secure Samsung Keyboard
- Added an option to keep "Add Call" button with Call recording menu
- Many other improvements

- Force disable Camera shutter (+Screen Capture)
- Disable Boot sound
- Customize Two line date header format
- White/Black Email App background
- Transparent Quick Settings buttons background
- Default hidden SMS logs
- Add Call button to Logs and Contacts list
- Disable Accounts icons on Contacts list
- Custimize Wifi AP Clients number
- Disable Launcher page rotation
- Add Exit button to browser
- SMS Automatic input mode
- Disable Call number formatting
- Many other fixes

- Add a warning for non Samsung Roms
- Some minor fixes

- 4 Ways Reboot
- Disable Camera shutter sound
- White Circle Battery
- Removed Camera permission
- Transparent Notifications panel
- Customize Clock format and size
- Customize Battery text helper size
- Customize Quick Settings buttons number per row
- White themed Quick Settings buttons
- Collapse Quick Settings after toggle
- 2 line formatted date on the panel header
- Dark themed Multi-Window
- Stability improvements...

-Minor fixes

Initial release:
- Call Recording
- Flashlight trough volume button UP
- Skip Music with Volume buttons
- Save Call Logs View
- Unlimited and Customizable Multi-View support
- Bypass Exchange Lock check
- Notification Panel Customization
- Long Home key behavior
- Long Back key to kill App (+ white list)
- Disable increasing ringtone
- Messaging Tweaks (raise limits and conversion)
- Disable Scrolling cache
- Enable Full rotations

Autres infos

A VOIR AUSSI : Centralisation des Modules Xposed Framework

Dernière édition par Primokorn le Mer 4 Déc 2013 - 10:57, édité 3 fois

descriptionSammy, stock firmware samsung, samsung rom, modifier icônes, Wanam Kit, Android kitkat


Android 4.4 : Wanam Kit pour customiser vos ROMs Stock


Cette application est variante Nexus (AOSP) du module mentionné dans le post 1. Elle fournit beaucoup d'options de customisations pour les firmwares Stock Android 4.4.

Caractéristiques :


Enable Numeric battery
Change Color and Typeface of the Battery text
Bypass Email Exchange PIN lock restriction
Disable Scrolling cache
Skip Music with Volume buttons
Disable screen turn ON while plunging or unplugging AC/USB cable
Disable loud volume sound warning
And much more to come

Téléchargement Google Play

Note : vous devez avoir le Xposed Framework 2.4+ (API 42+) pour avoir le support Android KitKat.


Même principe que tous les modules Xposed.
Voici une vidéo si besoin :



Autres infos

• des bannières publictaires sont incluses mais vous pouvez les masquer en allant dans les préférences avancées.

• pour définir une transparence de 100% sur un élément :


Dernière édition par Primokorn le Mer 4 Déc 2013 - 11:04, édité 1 fois

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Tu sais si cela fonctionne sur les stock rooté pour les tablettes en 4.2 et s'il y faut du Deodexed?

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Wanam parlent de roms stock donc j'en conclus que ça tourne sur des odexées.

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Ok je vais teste cela sur ma note 8 avec rom 4.2.2 rooté leaker car pour le moment je suis en stock non-root 4.1.2

Édit: Fonctionne très bien sur stock rooté pour galaxy note 8, attention la version que j'ai est deodexed.

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Mise à jour 2.3.5 smile

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Wanam en 2.4.0:
Cangelog :
- Add Left Clock position, safe and better Clock position support for all Samsung devices running 4.2+
- Set SEAndroid to Permissive Mode on boot, this should fix many features blocked by SEAndroid Enforceing mode
- Auto activate "Disable Knox notifications" when Knox Apps are installed
- Few other fixes

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Ajout Wanam Kit dans le post 2.

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Pour Android 4.1, il n'existerait pas quelque chose du même genre?

descriptionRe: [SOFT][4.2+] Wanam Xposed : Customiser vos ROMs Stock Samsung et Android 4.4 KitKat [Gratuit][04.12.2013]

Application au top pour mon note 3 Wink
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