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description[CUSTOM CINK FIVE][JB 4.2.2] Carbon 2.2+




* Based on Acer Liquid E2 4.2.2
* Tweaked to improve performance and stability
* Removed built-in apps that are not often used by the user
* Pre-rooted
* Zip-aligned
* Deodexed
* Init.d Support
* Some kernel modifications
* Bundled with the Xposed Framework Installer
* Bundled with Gravity Box
* Bundled with Swype
* SD Card is the default storage option
* User has the option to Pre-Partition the device to get 2.67Gb of Internal Storage compared to the default 1Gb, but will reduce the size of your Phone Storage
* - This will maximize the number of apps that can be installed to the device
* !!! It is BEST to FORMAT and WIPE DATA after installation. Please backup first before installing !!!


L'installation se fait via Recovery sous Aroma
Lors du process vous serez amenés à choisir la taille de votre stockage interne

Captures d'écran

Changelog :

* Air Shuffle features added for Gallery, Camera, and Music apps. In Gallery, swipe to change the photo. In Camera, swipe to take a photo. In Music, swipe to change the track. In Video Player, swipe to change videos
* New Boot Logos
* New Boot Animation
* New Default Wallpaper
* Gravity Box 2.2.1
* Partition Installation Fixes

Archives :

Changes for 2.1:
* User may now choose whether to use the default device partition, revert back to the original 1GB partition, or apply the Carbon Partition (2.67GB)
* User may now choose whether to use the default 4.2.2 Messaging App or the 4.2.1 Messaging App for theme and speech bubbles
* New Settings.apk and SystemUI.apk by Rymoj Serolf (Banjo) for tabbed settings, improved icons, and modifications
* Integrated the Front Camera Fix
* New Boot Logos
* New Boot Animation
* New Default Font (iOS 7 Font)
* Gravity Box 2.1.1
* Removed Boot Sound



descriptionRe: [CUSTOM CINK FIVE][JB 4.2.2] Carbon 2.2+

Merci pour le partage Wink

J'en ai profité pour faire un petit tour sur la source pour regarder les roms du A888 smile
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