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[SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

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description[SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]


[SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]


  • Real Dark Slim
  • Raccourcis sur l'écran de verrouillage
  • SlimPIE
  • Barre de navigation customisable
  • Pramètres rapides
  • SlimCenter
  • etc...

Instructions d'installation

Avant de commancer, assurez-vous :

  • d'avoir sauvegarder votre dossier EFS
  • d'avoir installer un recovery custom
  • d'avoir fait un nandroid backup depuis votre recovery
  • d'avoir un kernel SAFE !

A disposition pour toute question, posez vos questions. smile

Installation de la ROM :

  1. Téléchargez la ROM et placez le fichier à la racine de votre dossier /sdcard
  2. Redémarrez dans le recovery
  3. Faites un Wipe data + dalvik cache + system
  4. Flashez la ROM puis les GApps
  5. Redémarrez
  6. Enjoy cheers 

Note mise à jour de la ROM : Wipe data et system INUTILES. Faire un wipe cache et dalvik cache uniquement.


=> La ROM : La derniere slimkat
=> Les Slim GApps : se reporter à cet Topic [GAPPS] Guide des applications Google | Slim / Banks / Minimal / Black Out / Delta


Derniers changements


Beta 2.6RC2
New devices: p5100 and p5110
Frameworks base: Fix Derp in Chamber of secrets
Frameworks base: Appears black screen fix for a while
Frameworks base: AssetManager cookies should be int32_t and not void*.
Frameworks base: Fix dest == src bugs in Matrix.cpp.
Frameworks base: Fixed race condition in Spinner.DialogPopup on null reference.
Frameworks base: [ActivityManager]: Fix the activity visibility state not sync between ...
Frameworks base: GpsLocationProvider: look for config file in /etc/gps.<ro.hardware.gps>.conf
Frameworks base: Framework: Super advanced Custom Toggle
Frameworks base: implement noise suppression for phone calls
Frameworks base: fb: handle for our navigation bar recentspreload in the button
Frameworks base: SystemUI: Fix missing top task in recent panel.
Frameworks base: fb: handle globalmenu in SlimActions not over Powerbutton anymore
Frameworks base: Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connections
Frameworks base: fb: unbreak recents animations on thumbnail click or dismiss recents screen
Frameworks base: fb: Handle navbar heights correct on dpi changes + more
Frameworks base: fix search textfield
Frameworks base: fix number picker blue line and highlight
Frameworks base: Fixed cancel() not working correctly
Frameworks base: Fix the issue that the top of fullscreen dialog is clipped away
Frameworks av upstreams
InCallUI: do not use reflection
Bluetooth: roll back phonebook sync changes
Bluetooth: Fix BT failed to enable issue.
Telephony: White emergency dialer
MediaProvider: Allow holders of WRITE_MEDIA_STORAGE to write to secondary external storage
Mms: Fix Null pointer expection when Phone is in low memory
Mms: The draft still exists after forwarding mms to the same sender
Mms: Display message type properly for MMS and SMS
Mms: Resize the image in background
ContactsProvider: make lookupAndCacheId() synchronized
Torch: add 2nd sysfs luminosity
Settings: 'When to daydream' dialog does not follow the JB dialog design guide
Settings: Bleed keyguard widget picker list into translucent bars
Settings: Fix memory leak in ManageApplication
Exchange: Fix mismatched function arguments in Contact query
Camera2: add option to prevend autofocus cancel if preview stopped
Camera2: Add an option to maintain the focus mode when using touch-to-focus
DashClock: fix dialog blue divider
Email: trds: fix white bg on email compose for sw600dp
Browser: Implement client-side incognito mode
Browser: Show a startup page in incognito mode
Browser: blue to grey browser's progress bar
Gallery2: gallery: change typo '&&' to '||'
SlimCenter: improve navigation
Bionic: Fix problems with certain games and apps
Bionic: fix toro and toroplus problems
Several translation updates
A lot small fixes
For device specific changes check the changelog which is published on the download section.
And as usual a lot device tree upstreams, fixes and ehancements

Beta 2.3
Vendor slim: relabel dalvik-cache and wpa_supplicant correctly
Vendor slim: get rid of compcache and zram
Vendor slim: push up xxhdpi dpi to 370
Vendor slim: Reorder FarEast APN
Vendor slim: Fix internet APN for Life:) provider.
Vendor slim: Fix Dialog Mobile Broadband MMS APN
Vendor slim: Fixed mmsproxy for Mobinil MMS
Vendor slim: Added APN entry for Etisalat Egypt
Vendor slim: Fix TIM Brasil APN
Vendor slim: Fix Giffgaff APN
Vendor slim: Add OVIVO APNs
Vendor slim: Fix Telenor DK MMS APN
Vendor slim: Add b-mobile APN
Dialer: Consistent white dialer
Dialer: trds: dialer update
In-Call: UI from blue to white
Mms: improved mms bubbles
Native: Update HWUI config for xxhdpi/2GB devices
Settings: recover last location state during on/off switch
Settings: Apn settings fixes / code maintainence (1/2)
Settings: Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
Settings: Always show band 0
Settings: fix exception in BatterySipper.getQuickNameIconForUid
Settings: Dont show "Erase SD Card" when there is none
Settings: Address adb backup/restore denials.
Settings: Fix elapsed time formatting.
Settings: reorder app security to top
Settings: Bluetooth: Set alias name only through Rename option
Settings: Bluetooth: Don't set a null alias before unpairing
Settings: Fix null pointer exceptions in NetworkPolicyEditor
Nfc: Fix NPE in RegisteredAidCache
Camera2: notify the gallery that camera storage path was changed
Camera2: add ability to call needAutoFocusCall when using continuous picture
Camera2: fix power key shutter default behaviour
Camera2: move back out as privileged app
Gallery2: Storage configuration options gallery side (2/2)
Gallery2: Fix invalid private access.
Gallery2: jni: fix C99 inline linking
Art: Fix NewLocalRef, NewGlobalRef to handle cleared weak globals.
DownloadProvider: DownloadProvider: don't allow backups.
DashClock: Fix plurals on gmail and calendar selection
Browser: Remove Incognito mode from quick controls since it no longer exists in the ...
Bluetooth: Fix bluetooth phonebook sync problems on some car kits
DeskClock: Provide compatibility to existing AlarmClock shortcuts.
DeskClock: trds: fixed bottom bar color
Torch: move back out as privileged app
System core: healtd: Send messages to Android log, not the kernel log
Frameworks: services: don't clear wallpaper when SystemUI disconnects.
Frameworks: fix remaining blue dialog dividers
Frameworks: Sleep Screen Shortcut
Frameworks: QS: let's welcome LocationTile to 4.4
Frameworks: SystemUI: Add LongClick SwitchButton (1/2)
Frameworks: trds: consistent glow for menu dropdown and popup
Frameworks: privacyguard: Share privacy package name between activity stacks
Frameworks: Check for homeAsUp status when collapse actionbar widget
Frameworks: fix possible NPE on power key handling
Frameworks: Revert "Fix a bootloop problem when /data/system/usagestats/usage-history.xml...
Frameworks: Fix broken XML parsing idiom.
Frameworks: XmlUtils#readThisMapXml should handle null keys.
Frameworks: Fix appwidgets not updating
Frameworks: Fix blacklist support
Frameworks: Prevent nullPointerException by updateBondedBluetoothDevices
Frameworks: NPE in SearchManager.triggerSearch
Frameworks: Swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees
Frameworks: Show confirmation for deleted screenshot.
Frameworks: Add same named operator configuration for some operators
Frameworks: Fix a variety of small publicly-reported bugs.
Frameworks: Prevent MediaScanner infinite loop with invalid path
Frameworks: Memory leak: parseObbFile.footer
Frameworks: fix possible buffer overrun and memory leak
Frameworks: CompoundButton: Let text can be changed by config
Frameworks: Re-initialize error after attach
Frameworks: WifiState: Don't aquire transitionwakelock in airplane mode
Frameworks: Revert "Fix for Concurrency issue reported in 525529"
Frameworks: Use highp precision for scaled coordination
Frameworks: NetworkPolicy: Validate policy templates before updating
Frameworks: Clear the scan list when an empty list is received
Frameworks: wlan: Error handling on PNO failure due to active P2P session.
Frameworks: Close sockets on wpa_supplicant termination.
Frameworks: add app launch timeline instrumentation
Frameworks: wlan: Fix for delay in PNO scan trigger after p2p disconnect.
Frameworks: get proper obb mountpoint based on user handle
Frameworks: Framework: Minimum Vibration Duration (1/2)
Frameworks: StatusBarWindow: Fix collapse using Back button
Frameworks: Keyguard: smooth background change derp fixes
Frameworks: Revert "SystemUI: update internal state right after hiding transient bars."
Frameworks: PhoneStatusBar: fix massive surface redraws due to animation race
Frameworks: UsbDebuggingManager: Fix multiple NPEs toggling USB debugging
Frameworks: Don't rely on gcc extensions
Frameworks: Fix memory leak in PatchCache
Frameworks: Add explicit close of Scanner input
Frameworks: fix multiuser bug in vibrator service
Frameworks: add config.xml option to permanently force permanent menu key
Frameworks: SystemUI: add permission.CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE.
Frameworks: Add Long-Click to Preference Tile
Frameworks: Custom Tiles
Frameworks: QS: no need to rebuild the complete QS on orientation change
Frameworks: SystemUI: Always show translucent decor on recents panel
Frameworks: make QS again rtl aware
Frameworks: QS: fix wrong measurement on 4 or 5 tiles per row on settings panelview
Frameworks: Fix fatal exception due to missing looper for current thread.
Frameworks: Cursor leakage due to cancellation signal
Frameworks: Fix visibility of multiple non-fullscreen activities.
Frameworks: Fix a JNI local reference leak in MediaDrm
Frameworks telephony: do only run setCellInfoListRate for RIL version >= 8 old ...
Frameworks telephony: Fix typo
Frameworks datetimepicker: trds: darker time picker
Build: qcom_utils: Update list of QCOM_BOARD_PLATFORMS
Build: Fix cflags for QC targets
Bionic: libc: Unbreak build for scorpion
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer: Remove non intrusive incall ui
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer: Add Incoming Call in Background
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer: Flip to Mute/Reject Call
Telephony/InCallUI/Dialer:add decline and answer incoming call action on notifications
Frameworks AV: tons of upstream in caf branch for caf based devices
And as usual lots of device fixes, upstreams and ehancements on device and kernel level

SlimKat beta 2.1 weekly

Camera2: check always for the highest supported video quality
Camera2: do not set a video quality default in video preferences
Camera2: ZSL and focus fixes
Camera2: White panorama ui
Camera2: Add options to better control video preview size
Camera2: add extended volume key and power key control
Camera2: enable UI for all Camera features
Camera2: enable settings UI for all video features
Camera2: Round camera settings icon margins to 8
Camera2: fix long press shutter behavior
Camera2: Set the width dynamic to parent from fixed 400px
Camera2: Enable module switcher on resume
Camera2: Fix for unsupported resolutions by codec.
Camera2: Set original camera parameters while switching between modules.
Camera2: save on external storage
Camera2: actually fix ArrayAdapter on MoreSettingsPopup
Camera2: Revert "camera2: set focusmode default always to auto"
Camera2: some aapt warnings cleanup
Settings: Fix Activity Names
Settings: Fix Tile Index
Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
DeskClock: Add back flip and shake actions
Frameworks base: QS: Fix dynamic IME tile does not show up
Frameworks base: Allow applications to override power key
Frameworks base: Fix hardware home key behavior on wake-up
Frameworks base: Forward Port: Hide USB Debugging Icon
Frameworks base: trds: improve dialogs and menu popups
Frameworks base: Smoother Upload and Download Animation
Frameworks base: Turn off carrier provisioning by default
Frameworks base: fb: fix reconstruct statusbar illegal argument exception
Frameworks base: WifiController: fix high perf lock sometimes not respected
Dialer: Goodbye blue dialpad
Frameworks av: Increase max screen recording time from 30 minutes to 1 hour
Frameworks telephony: SamsungQualcommRIL: Add more validation of Signal Strength
Frameworks telephony: SamsungQualcommRil: reversed engineered implimentation of dial() from touchwiz
Art: Use /usr/bin/env python for the shebang in tools/generate-operator-out.py
blutetooth bluedroid (default branch): Fix uipc.c to never pass -1 to FD_ISSET.
blutetooth bluedroid (default branch): Fix array shifting logic of updating bg devices list.
blutetooth (default branch): Add null pointer check in A2DPService
blutetooth (default branch): Fix another duplicate response bug in AT+CSCS handling.
blutetooth (default branch): Added support for Filter parameter for PBAP function PullPhoneBook
blutetooth (default branch): Fix signal strength indicator.
netd: IPv6 Tethering Support
netd: enable IPv6 forwarding and handle upstream interface
Frameworks native: Graphics:Add error check when create GraphicBuffer
Frameworks native: surfaceflinger: Apply bugfixes to the correct hwc code paths
Phasebeam wallpaper: new shiny tweaked one
TRDS: Darker Gallery
TRDS: Darker Camera
a lot upstream in Frameworks av, hardware libhardware (legacy), diplay-caf. audio-caf, media-caf
a lot device specific tweaks fixes or upstrem (see specific changelog in weekly download section)

Stable build 2

Switch back to how AOSP handles Dalvik - fixes problems with AIO gapps on exynos4 and i9100g devices
Switch to new display-caf (caf devices only)
Add Geeb to supported devices
Add vibrantemtd to official release
Add deb to official release
Gapps: update YouTube
Gapps: update PlayStore
Gapps: added LatinIME lib for better compatibility with other roms - thanks NeilW
a lot small fixes

SlimBean.4.3.build.1 weekly 1.6

Update Prvacy guard to use app opps
RIL update and changes
Some frameworks_native updates
Qcom_audio-caf upstream from CM
Qcom_media-caf upstream from CM
Smart dialer: show quick contact on long press
Camera: some upstream and fixes
Fix Bugreport (again and hopefully for good)
Deskclock: show 00 and 30 to timers
Some fixes and upstream for frameworks_base
Fix NFC shutdown logic
add back MusicFX to gapps
Screen timeout quicksettings tile and pw toggle has now screen stay always on mode
Gapps: update GmsCore
Gapps: update Google Music
Gapps: update Google Hangouts
Gapps: update Google Search
Gapps: update Google YouTube
hint: due of major issues for some user with the original new Google Mail we hold of the update at the moment

Autres infos


Dernière édition par Primokorn le Mar 4 Fév 2014 - 14:33, édité 8 fois

descriptionmettre à jour Note 1, ROM AOSP N7000, Slim rom Note 1, installer jelly bean 4.3


descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Merci du partage cheers 

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Wink pour ceux qui apprécient le full dark

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Ma batterie aime bien en tout cas Very Happy

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]


descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

v1.2 sortie
Changelog from Build 1 to Build 1.2

Add new Straight Talk APN
Merge in android-4.3_r3
libril: Handle Samsungs unsol responses
frameworks_av: various media/audio fixes
frameworks_native: various media/audio fixes
Settings: add French translations

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Merci pour l'info smile

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

je suis cette rom depuis un moment la weekly 1.2 n'amene rien sur le N7000

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

merci pour l'info, sinon quel est globalement ton retour pour la Build 1 ?

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

bonne autonomie
système PIE (mais je suis pas fan)
je suis en 320 LCD density
j'utilise nova en complément
pas de FC
j'ai utilise GAPPS AROMA sympa pour installé les applications

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Merci, actuellement je suis sur la SweetRom, et j'ai des problèmes de lenteur, notemment (et c'est le plus embêtant) le lancement de "Phone" ou "Contacts" sont très lents, et je ne sais pas quoi faire, si ce n'est que tester celle-ci Wink

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

oui grace a la paranoid je suis venu sur celle la et ouahou

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

fredo tu devrais essayer celle la http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317800
elle a de bons retours
aussi non tu as celle que j'ai uploade qui tourne bien et qui est light

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Merci Rayman, j'ai déjà testé :p et trop de custom tue le custom ^^
Dès que j'ai le temps, je passe sur la SlimBean Build1

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

alors pas trop de custo tu as celle de chasmodo ou de kruger

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

c'était la Krueger

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

alors fredo des retours sur cette slimbean

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

^^ Pas eu le temps pour l'installer.
Je ferai un 'tit retour dès que ce sera fait.

EDIT [22h10] : Installation faite, mais au premier reboot, écran noir, même après vidage cache et Dalvik...
Je tente avec le Kernel v5.11 de Philz

EDIT 2 : Yeah, Bootloop essai avec v5.15 quand le DL sera terminé

EDIT 3 : Suite aux différents essais (v5.15=bad, même après trois DL), rien ne va ...
Retour sur SweetRom

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Je suis sur une philtz-cwm6 et j ai aucun souci a voir

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

J'y reviendrai plus tard ^^ pour le moment, j'ai besoin que mon phone soit fonctionnel Wink
Pour finir, je n'avais pas de root bizarrement, titanium refusait de fonctionner, et RootChecker Pro plantait...
Je désespère pas (jamais^^)

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Titanium ne fonctionne pas sous cette ROM comme sur beaucoup de ROM 4.3

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

eh ben ca donne pas envie de flasher tout ca...............

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

Je ne savais pas pour Titanium et 4.3...
Tant pis

descriptionRe: [SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE][ROM 4.4.4][GT-N7000] Slim Bean - SlimKat [SGN]

@mariok a écrit:
Titanium ne fonctionne pas sous cette ROM comme sur beaucoup de ROM 4.3
Alors c'est spécifique au N7000 (ce qui m'étonnerait) car j'en ai testé plus d'une de 4.3 et TB a toujours marché...
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