NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10.2 V3.1


Le mot du chef Tytung:
NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10.2 is a stable and fast JellyBean ROM which is mainly built from theCyanogenMod 10.2 source code for HTC HD2.

Include Android JellyBean 4.3 (JSS15J)
Include CyanogenMod 10.2 (CM-10.2)
Include htcleo-2.6.32 kernel: tytung_jellybean_r2
Include tytung's JellyBean CM10.2 ramdisk (initrd.gz).
Include the required proprietary binary files and the HD2-specific files.
All Android 4.3 features
All CM10.2 features
All Google Apps including「Google Now」
Root, Superuser, su, busybox, etc.
AdFree hosts file
HWA JB kernel (thanks Securecrt and Rick_1995)
NativeSD (thanks Securecrt and Xylograph)
DataOnEXT (thanks ph03n!x)

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V3.1 (Sep. 7, 2013)

Updated CM-10.2 source code.
Fixed H/W video decoding (native 720p video playback) for CM-10.2 (Based on Legacy QCOM OMX Mods) (Credits: tytung and Ganster41)
Fixed H/W video encoding (smooth video recording via GPU with 640x480 15 fps MPEG4) for CM-10.2 (Credit: tytung)
Fixed native USB Tethering for CM-10.2 (frameworks_base) (Credit: tytung)
Added WiFi Ad-Hoc Network support for CM-10.2 (wpa_supplicant v2.0 adhoc and Settings.apk) (Credit: tytung)
Updated to the latest hosts file (August-24-2013) for blocking ads.
Updated to Google Keyboard 1.1.1880.7

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