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description[SOFT][ROOT][HTC] Ajuster la luminosité des boutons capacitifs [Gratuit/Payant][25.10.2013]


Luminosité des boutons capacitifs


Cette application permet d'ajuster la luminosité des boutons capacitifs (retour, accueil et tâches récentes) sur le HTC One X (dual et quad-core), HTC One X et HTC One. Des utilisateurs ont confirmé son bon fonctionnement sur HTC One V, HTC One S, HTC Desire HD et Evo 3G.

L'application fonctionne sur n'importe quelle ROM dont CleanROM, ViperXL, CyanogenMod, AOKP et MIUI.

Téléchargement - Version PRO

Cette version reçoit des nouvelles fonctionnalités et corrections de bugs 2-4 semaines avant la version gratuite.

Téléchargement - Version GRATUITE

Images et vidéos

Application officiellement supportée sur les appareils suivants

  • HTC One X (evita, North American variant, dual-core, Snapdragon S4)
  • HTC One X (endeavoru, International variant, quad-core, Tegra 3)
  • HTC One X+ (evitareul)
  • HTC One (m7)
  • HTC One S

Application officieusement supportée sur les appareils suivants

  • HTC One V
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • Droid MAXX
  • LG Optimus G

F.A.Q / Problèmes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which brightness setting is "stock"? It depends. On Sense based ROMs (eg. CleanROM, ViperXL) "Bright" seems to be the default. On AOSP-based ROMs (eg. CM10, AOKP) "Dim" seems to be the default. It all depends on how/if the ROM maintainer tweaked the default setting. The "default default" (ie. if you RUU to stock) setting is "bright". In v1.0.4, a "Default" button was added to allow reverting to stock brightness.
  • How do I get back to the default setting? The most reliable way is to click the "Default" button on the main screen of the application then simply reboot. Or, you can just set the brightness setting that is the default.
  • What happens if I uninstall the app? Nothing. Well, it doesn't change the brightness setting if that's what you're wondering. After a reboot, though, the brightness setting will revert back to the ROM's default setting.

Known Issues

  • "Dim" does not work on all ROM/kernel/hboot combinations of the HTC One X+ and International One X (quad-core endeavoru)
  • "Off" does not stick when "GV Integation" app installed



[*]1.0.12 (Oct 24, 2013) Fixed "default" button error: "Changing permissions of file failed"
[*]1.0.11 (Oct 23, 2013) Fixed long-standing issues with UI lags and superuser permissions usage, animation added to home screen widget
[*]1.0.10 (Sept 10, 2013) Home screen widget added, HTC One brightness levels fixed
[*]1.0.9 (Sept 03, 2013) HTC One support added, support for devices without the "currents" file added
[*]1.0.8 (Jan 02, 2013) dim support for all devices, new home screen icon, debug information and credits screen added, fixed about screen scrolling
[*]1.0.7 (Dec 10, 2012) fixes bug where brightness setting does not persist when turning screen off then back on; only affects endeavoru and evitareul
[*]1.0.6 (Dec 06, 2012) added support for HTC One X+ and International HTC One X (endeavoru); added detected device name at bottom of "About" screen
[*]1.0.5 (Nov 25, 2012) fixed pixelated button images in main UI (thanks to gridlock489 for providing higher-resolution images)
[*]1.0.4 (Nov 03, 2012) visual indication when buttons pressed, better error message if not rooted, "Default" button added, some words translated
[*]1.0.3 (Oct 11, 2012) Brightness setting now sticks across reboots
[*]1.0.2 (Oct 03, 2012) Change theme to Holo (dark), replace button text off/dim/bright with pretty icons
[*]1.0.1 (Oct 02, 2012) Added to Google Play, new application icon, added "About" screen
[*]1.0.0 (Sept 29, 2012) Initial release


descriptionRe: [SOFT][ROOT][HTC] Ajuster la luminosité des boutons capacitifs [Gratuit/Payant][25.10.2013]

Merci de l'info partagée ça servira.
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