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description[SOFT][2.2+] SUPER DOWNLOAD : télécharger deux fois plus vite avec le Wifi ET les données mobiles 3G ou 4G [Gratuit/Payant][09.11.2013]


SUPER DOWNLOAD : télécharger deux fois plus vite avec le Wifi ET les données mobiles 3G ou 4G


NOTE : certaines fonctionnalités nécessitent un accès root
Télécharger des fichiers web plus rapidement en utilisant votre connexion WiFI ET data en même temps !
Partagez ou ouvrez un lien depuis n'importe quelle application, comme votre navigateur web, et téléchargez deux fois plus vite ! cheers 
Outil unique dans son genre !


  • Utiliser les 2 connexions en même temps nécessitent un accès root
  • Vu que ce programme utilise la connexion de données mobiles, vous pouvez avoir des frais additionnels facturés par votre opérateur (selon votre forfait)
  • Pour avoir la meilleure vitesse de téléchargement, assurez-vous d'avoir une bonne connexion WiFi et Data
  • Les protocoles FTP et Torrent ne sont pas supportés. Les HTTP et HTTPS fonctionnent.
  • La version LITE a une limite de taille de fichier de 50 megabytes.


Cliquez sur un lien ou un fichier à distance. Si le type de fichier est reconnu par Super Download, le téléchargement commencera.
Si cette méthode ne fonctionne pas, appuyez et maintenez votre doigt sur le lien et sélectionnez "Partager" puis choissiez "Super Download".
Enfin, il est aussi possible de copier/coller une URL dans l'option "add url".

Téléchargements GOOGLE PLAY





F.A.Q. (Anglais)

Q: It doesn't work!
A: Please provide more information and possibly a logcat (main buffer, debug level).

Q: The application doesn't trigger! Is my browser supported?
A: Did you try both methods (read USAGE on post 1)? Some browser do not support the first method (mostrly third party browsers), some do not support the second (only ICS stock browser doesn't, AFAIK). If both methods do not work for you, please post your browser and rom names and versions in this thread, thanks!

Q: It fails and now I can't download the file without unistalling your app! Now what?
A: Just click on the download and select "send to default downloader": the android download app will start to download your file (not available on froyo). Or, some browsers support long-tap on a link and then "download".

Q: When using both networks, mobile data stream gets interrupted often!
A: Unfortunately, when using both network, the system enforces periodic disconnects on the mobile interface. There is no way to avoid them, but the app tries to mitigate its effect as much as possible.

Q: How can I download from RapidShare (HotFile, etc.) with this application?
A: Sites like rapidshare do not support multi threaded clients. They don't want you to have more than one active download at a time. So it would defeat the purpose of this application.
It is possible that, with some tweaks specific to the site, and maybe the need of a premium account, it would work. That would need a lot of time to develop, though :-\

Q: Sometimes I see "Dual networks" changing form "enabled" to "suspended", why?
A: From version 0.4, Super Download tries to avoid using both networks together when one of the two is failing too often; this is to avoid slowing down the transfer when in bad mobile reception, for example. If you feel it is suspended too often or when it shouldn't, please report on this thread.

Q: Does it work for downloading [put your favorite big file here]?
A: It should work as long as it's a valid http or https url (no torrent (yet), for example) and the web server doesn't limit multiple connections.

Q: Does it work on a tethered connection?
A: I didn't try myself, but I got some reports that it works. The tethered connection works as if it were wifi, and you can add your mobile speed to it!

Q: Why doesn't it work for downloading from the market?
Q: Why don't you just replace the default android downloader?
A: The default downloader is not a "normal" application, it's a core part of the android system and libraries. Even if it was possible to take its place, it would be a compatibility nightmare, with all the os versions and different carrier/manufacturer customizations that are available.

Q: Why can't you do the same system wide, for all the applications?
A: That would need to modify android internals and probably every application that needs it. Currently Super Download merges the packages from the two connections at the application level and there is no simple way (that I know of) to do it differently.

Q: On my Samsung with original firmware and touchwiz I can't see the download history, even though I'm on later than froyo!
A: That's because samsung has taken their froyo downloader and put it on gb, ics and later, without updating the downloader api. You know, it's easier to make a customized program work on a new version of android rather than re-applying the changes to a newer version of the downloader...

Q: Can you alter the app and allow it to do tethering also? I want to create a wifi network which combines two 3g networks and doubles the speed for the user.
A: I'm sorry but Super Download can't do this. The problem is not just enabling the interfaces (you can get some clues on how to do this on this thread, without the need for SD altogether), but combining the packets from the two channels. As far as I know, this can easily be done only at the application level; what this means is that you would need to modify the programs you are using on the client in order to make it work. An exception would be the use of proxies: most networked applications already support this, so theoretically it's possible. But currently a bit off topic for this project, unless it can grow to a much bigger application than it is now. It is in my todo list for the future, nonetheless

descriptionRe: [SOFT][2.2+] SUPER DOWNLOAD : télécharger deux fois plus vite avec le Wifi ET les données mobiles 3G ou 4G [Gratuit/Payant][09.11.2013]


descriptionRe: [SOFT][2.2+] SUPER DOWNLOAD : télécharger deux fois plus vite avec le Wifi ET les données mobiles 3G ou 4G [Gratuit/Payant][09.11.2013]

Merci primo,

ça à l'air intéressant!

descriptionRe: [SOFT][2.2+] SUPER DOWNLOAD : télécharger deux fois plus vite avec le Wifi ET les données mobiles 3G ou 4G [Gratuit/Payant][09.11.2013]

oui en effet à tester
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