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description[RECOVERY] TWRP - Recovery tactile - Oppo N1 [10.12.2013] Empty[RECOVERY] TWRP - Recovery tactile - Oppo N1 [10.12.2013]


TWRP - Recovery tactile - Oppo N1


[RECOVERY] TWRP - Recovery tactile - Oppo N1 [10.12.2013] AgsV[RECOVERY] TWRP - Recovery tactile - Oppo N1 [10.12.2013] WujW

Changelog & Informations

Spoiler :
-Proper backup and restore of SELinux contexts (thanks to Tassadar)
-Pull in some ROM information for backup name generation
-Merge all recent patches from AOSP bringing TWRP up to date with Android 4.3
-Add 1200x1920 theme (thanks to Tassadar)
-A few other fixes and tweaks

-Initial SELinux support (only a few devices, need testers so come by IRC if your device doesn't have it and needs it)
-Initial support for f2fs file system formatting (Moto X)
-Update SuperSU install for 4.3 ROMs
-Fixed a permissions bug on files created during backup
-Fixed a bug that caused TWRP to not wait for compressed backups to finish causing 0 byte files and md5sums to not match
-Fixed decryption of encrypted data so that both TouchWiz and AOSP decryption are possible
-Ignore lost+found folder during backup and size calculations
-Various other minor bug fixes and tweaks

Special Note: If you are running a custom theme, you will likely need to remove that theme before updating to as your custom theme will likely not have some of the new changes visible (e.g. you won't be able to encrypt a backup)!
-Can encrypt a backup to prevent theft of private data from your backup files
-Updated graphics / icon courtesy of shift
-Updated exFAT to latest commits
-Fixed a problem with Samsung TouchWiz decryption
-Update SuperSU binary
-Fixed saving of backup partitions list
-Fixed saving of last used zip install folder
-Fixed backup of datadata on devices that use a separate partition for datadata
-Fixed some issues with the advanced wipe list (android_secure, can now wipe internal storage on data/media deivces and wipe data on the advanced list no longer formats the entire data partition)
-Fixed some problems with partitioning a SD card
-Various other bug fixes and tweaks

Notes about encrypted backups:
Why encrypt your backups? -- Most people store their backups on the device. Any app that has permission to access storage could potentially read your backup files and try to harvest your data. Encrypted backups also provide an added layer of security if you move your backups to other storage devices or to the cloud. The encryption that we're using is probably not strong enough for enterprise level security, but should be strong enough to make it significantly difficult to get to your data.

Encryption is using OpenAES  which uses AES 128-bit cbc encryption. If you happen to use a longer password (over 16 characters) then the encryption strength improves to 192 or 256 bits. Do not forget your password. If you forget your password you will be unable to restore your backup. We don't encrypt the entire backup. Encryption is very CPU intensive and can be fairly slow even when we spread the workload over multiple cores even on the latest high-end devices. To ensure that encrypted backups don't take forever, we don't encrypt any other partitions besides /data and in /data we don't encrypt /data/app (or other app related directories where apks are stored) and we don't encrypt dalvik cache.


Sur certains appareils, la date et l'heure sont fausses.


Application GooManager : Google Play  - Lien Direct

Instructions GooManager

1. Rooter l'Oppo N1
2. Installez GooManager
3. Ouvrez l'application et accordez les accès root
4. Ouvrez le menu et appuyez sur "Install OpenRecovery"

Instructions alternatives / manuelles

1. Téléchargez le dernier fichier image ICI  - Mirror
2. Eteignez le téléphone puis maintenez VOLUME HAUT + POWER. Votre téléphone doit aller dans le mode fastboot.
3. Placez le fichier dans votre répertoire fastboot
4. Ouvrez une invite de commandes depuis ce dossier fastboot et tapez cette commande


fastboot flash recovery nom_du_fichier.img

5. Maintenez enfoncé VOLUME BAS lors de cette commande sur votre PC pour démarrer dans le TWRP


fastboot reboot

SDK Android requis ou simplement ADB et Fastboot

description[RECOVERY] TWRP - Recovery tactile - Oppo N1 [10.12.2013] Emptyrecovery custom Oppo N1, Team Win Recovery project

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