[MOD][SM-N900] MultiToolMod v3 - Personnalisez votre rom vous-même [03.01.2014]

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[MOD][SM-N900] MultiToolMod v3 - Personnalisez votre rom vous-même [03.01.2014]

Message par Mendicant Bias le Sam 4 Jan 2014 - 1:37

MultiToolMod - Personnalisez votre rom vous-même


Le mot du créateur du mod Dr.ketan :

"Je vous présente le mod MultiToolMod v3 - Personnalisez votre rom vous-même."
Ce Mod est uniquement pour le Note 3 SM-N900

Détails :

Aroma File mamager - Inbuilt Aroma file manager in case anything go wrong while playing device with different mods, you can manage to explore device from recovery
PreMod Backup/Restore (you can backup existing setup before using tool)
EFS Backup/Restore
Root & Busybox
De Knox
Recovery changer
Backup/Restore System App & Framework folder
Bloatware Backup-Remove-Restore
Customized Debloater Wide choice for removing bloatware individually
General Mods

  • 30 battery Mod
  • Internet meter Rt side/ Lt side
  • Ad Free
  • Pull Up Mod - Select your desire app instead of magaziine with Launcher guesture
  • Camera shutter sound menu
  • Low battery camera Hack
  • Call Recording
  • Toggle2G - Toggle 2G/3G with variable predefined conditions credit @TheMasterBaron
  • Floating Window - Make All MW application floating on single tap
  • MultiFunctiona SMS

  1. Group messeging
  2. Schedule msg
  3. Backup/Restore SMS to SD card
  4. Recipient limit 999
  5. Original time stamps
  6. Disable SMS-MMS
  7. Raise SMS/hr limit
  8. Split view toggle in setting menu
  9. Increased MMS max size
  10. Increased size of image
  11. No SMS to MMS with Emoji

  • MultiFunctional SMS with No Log
  • MW and PW manager and Screen Recorder
  • 24 Toggle ( 2 extra network controller toggle read post #3 for detail)
  • Restore SystemUI

Rom Specific Mod

  • 4Way Reboot menu and Ink effect without S Pen, Light effect on LockScreen with finger hovering
  • NFC Off Screen Poll
  • SuperCharge (Android java Patch, Die hard Launcher, multitasking)
  • Long Press Menu kill - If you want to disable S Finder, freeze with Titanium/stop from App manager

CSC features with Backup/Restore option (some features not tested)Enable camera during call

  • Enable Popup Notification
  • Shutter sound Menu
  • Enable Sub Menu Symbol KB
  • Raise name lenth limit
  • Max speed dial 100
  • Enable call button
  • Enable export to SD
  • Message
  • Raise recepient limit 999
  • SMS to MMS threshold 999
  • Enable folder view
  • Enable font features
  • Enable schedule msg
  • Disable phone nu formatting
  • Phonebook digit matching
  • Launcher Rotation
  • Web exit option
  • Wifi client 10 for MobAP
  • MultiWindow addOn App
  • Calender export
  • Email White BG
  • Clock enable Auto on off menu
  • Voice call waitingtone 60
  • National Roaming Icon enable
  • Web default desktop site

Build.prop Tweak ROM according your choice3G data speed improvement

  • Battery saving
  • Wifi connect disconnect speed
  • Deep Sleep
  • Higner image quality
  • Improve Inetrnet speed
  • Increase touch responsiveness
  • Fast Boot
  • Faster scrolling


  • Air Command Menu Pearl
  • Air Command Menu Pearl2
  • Air Command Menu Stock
  • 3D Notification Toggle Grey
  • 3D Notification Toggle Silver
  • 3D Notification Toggle Stock

LockScreen Security bypass
System Push app/framework
GPS Fixer


Pré-requis :

1) Être Root

Installation :

1) Faîtes un NANDROID Backup via le Recovery en allant dans "Backup et Restore/Backup" ou "Backup et Restore/Backup to External SD".
2) Faites un "Wipe Cache Partition" et dans "Advanced" "Wipe Dalvik Cache".
3) Flashez le mod.
4) Redémarrez et amusez-vous  Very Happy


03 janvier 2014 - v3 :

- Additional features
1. Light effect on LockScreen (work with air view with finger) May add some theme later. Select from setting - device - LockScreen - Unlock effect
2. Flash Light with long pressing Vol up in idle screen. Toggle will be under setting-device-display- Torch Light
3. 2 Extra network controlling Toggle (If you can't see / break notification you have to factory reset) A.Toddler Mod - use app without wifi/data connection (I think it allow some application to open without active data connection) B.Smart network - Turn wifi/Data with screen off (It was worked two times when I was testing, later stop working. please let me know if it works) This is experimental
4.Long press Menu to kill active application. I have not removed S Finder, bcoz you can still use it on homescreen (you can disable S Finder with titanium/app manager if you don't need)


Réservé au Note 3 SM-N900 Uniquement

N900 Dr.Ketan MultiToolV3

Anciennes versions :



Un grand merci à Dr.ketan pour ce mod.

Autres Infos


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MOD, Samsung, Galaxy, Note 3, SM-N900, MultiToolMod, Personnalisez votre rom vous-même

Message par Mendicant Bias le Sam 4 Jan 2014 - 1:37

Mendicant Bias


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