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description[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014] Empty[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014]




Le mot du créateur Moose0704 :

"Je vous présente Mahdi-Rom pour le LG G Pad 8.3 V500."

Images et Vidéos

[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014] LG-G-Pad-8.3-Google-Play-edition


Pré-requis :

- Être rooté via ce tuto tuto
- Avoir installé un Recovery custom via ce tuto Recovery TWRP

Comment installer la rom :

1) Démarrez dans le Recovery custom (CWM, TWRP, Philz Touch) et vérifiez que vous avez la dernière version.
3) Faîtes un NANDROID Backup via le Recovery en allant dans "Backup et Restore/Backup" ou "Backup et Restore/Backup to External SD".
4) Faites seulement le "Wipe Data Factory Reset", "Wipe Cache Partition" et dans "Advanced" un "Wipe Dalvik Cache" via le Recovery.
5) Ensuite flashez la ROM et les Gapps.
6) Redémarrez et amusez-vous  Very Happy


27 février 2014 - v2.5 :

Quick settings improvements
Custom tiles
Favorite contact tile
WiFi display tile added back
Quick record tile saves file in internal memory podcast folder
Media tile double click starts a sleep timer
Swipe gesture on individual tiles
-Settings tile right swipe to tile picker activity, left swipe to Customization settings
-Location tile right/left swipe to switch modes
-Music tile right swipe to next track, left swipe to previous track
-Added option for vibrate on touch
-Added option for flip animations on the tiles
Live wallpaper now shows in recents
Wakelock blocker
Left hand navbar fixes it swipe out from the left now
Added OmniSwitch and a navbar shortcut for it
Translucent volume panel
Navbar dimensions are calculated dynamically now so they are not affected by dpi changes also fixed compatibility with xposed mods which means your should have weird behavior like navbar height resetting on boot.
Lockscreen notifications: added show all and clear all buttons

Anciennes versions :

Spoiler :

08 février 2014 - v2.4 :

2f45bb8 SystemUI: ES translations thanks to @SensesXda
7d20fa2 Revert all recent app opps changes
c906ef3 Lockscreen Notifications: revert back to old code.
41d2a3a Network stats: Hide if there's no traffic (1/2)
4573491 Network stats custom colors (1/2)
79cd6df Revert "Swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees"
9367316 Lockscreen Notifications: revert all navbar changes
eb08939 Lockscreen Notifications: Fix pocket mode and more
843145f Circle Battery: reduce the size a little
7d89cf2 ProcessCpuTracker: Fix ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException in tempSpeeds
ae5a366 server: Treat non-default route as host route
3b772bef Hide additional AppOps function
1fe3b29 Fixed race condition in Spinner.DialogPopup on null reference.
ce684a9 Add double tap sleep feature to secure lockscreens.
8a07a7f Frameworks AppOps: Enable MODE_IGNORED for OP_WAKE_LOCK
f7b4b8a Frameworks: Update DocumentsUI for theme chooser combatibility
a53aeeb Appears black screen fix for a while
de07b11 Perform NTP lookup at Mobile data connections
411c451 Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off
a811915 Set Settings.Global.WIFI_SUSPEND_OPTIMIZATIONS_ENABLED default value
136552d lights: Add music light support (2/2)
1e0f329 Webkit: add to support file uploading
7820564 Remove dead code.
0a94dd7 Fix incorrect name in eglSwapBuffers log wrapper
8b38fce Don't confuse stat and stat64.
6cb3738 Allow override of DUN settings
51580a6 Revert "Turn off carrier provisioning by default"
956f05b [2/2] Framework AppOps: Add BOOT_COMPLETED operation.
1a596ec [2/2] Framework AppOps: Add per Op allowed and ignored counters
ac2d69d [2/2] Framework AppOps: Forward port ops from cm-10.2
279f1e7 Fix to NullPointerException when activity is relaunched
8807420 onAccountsUpdated shouldn't be called back after listener unregistered
cc6ff1d Added sahlnaskh arabic font and give it higher precedence than DroidNaskh
bb1f793  Audio: SetForceUse config check in AudioService
112bd6c Wifi: wifi not connecting, once the APN gets disabled state
593428a Fix alarm wakelock not being released.
4af9c5e Bringup NSRM(network socket request manager).
a1d16bd alarm: add JNI interface for clearing alarm
7b3901e Alarm: Add one more RTC alarm type for poweroff alarm.
c0c56cf ProcessList: use different polling interval when screen off
55de02a Initialize pointer members to NULL to avoid illegal reference

09 janvier 2013 - v2.4 :

-qcom-common: msm8974 to build barrier and add updated init files
-qcom-common: Update cpufreq settings
-Something's not right in Narnia
-qcom-common: Add sync freq for 8960
-qcom-common: Add power modes for recovery

-Revert "msm8960-common: Use /cache for dalvik-cache since we have enough space"

-Remove the navigation camera icon in keyguard if disabled by DPM
-BluetoothManagerService: fix enabling/disabling BT from Quictsettings
-Fix charging indication
-Fix indention
-Option to enable Notification Light when screen is on (1/2)
-Separate Android Encryption Password from Lockscreen Password
-Fix Icon size in DocumentsUI
-ActiveDisplay: fix for disappearing notification bar
-Fix ActiveDisplay problem
-Fix for fix ActiveDisplay (Emergency)
-Keyguard: do not show maximized on simpin and several fixes
-Quicksettings: add never sleep option to screen timeout tile (1/2)
-SystemUI: fix a derp that led to auto rotate being disabled when killing an app
-Network speed indicator: dull the white a little to match everything else

-Fix the icon size in app lists
-Revert "Single pane for 10" Settings"
-AppOps/Privacy Guard: Fix up misaligned switches.
-PrivacyGuard: Specify a default value in Settings.getInt method call
-Fix FC when trying to adjust radio band via *#*#4636#*#* dialer code.
-Add double tap to sleep gesture
-Option to enable Notification Light when screen is on (2/2)
-Separate Android Encryption Password from Lockscreen Password
-Quicksettings: add never sleep to screen timeout tile (2/2)

-libstagefright: Add HEVC as a recognized MIME in ExtendedExtractor
-audioflinger: Fix for a deadlock
-DTS Postpro integration (for frameworks/av)
-libmedia: Add support for LCH tones
-stagefright: provide a custom key to prefer adaptive playback
-av: Additional ifdefs for QCOM DirectTrack
-Revert "Camera: Rotate display if app doesn't use setDisplayOrientation

-surfaceflinger: don't handle EVENT_ORIENTATION when !HWC_DEVICE_API_VERSION_1_0
-surfaceflinger: Apply bugfixes to the correct hwc code paths

-SamsungQualcommRIL: Add more validation of Signal Strength
-SamsungQualcommRil: reversed engineered implimentation of dial() from touchwiz

-More thorough compatibility fixes
-fix FC when switching camera in video mode
-Actually fix ZSL smile
-Add an option to maintain the focus mode when using touch-to-focus
-Add translatables
-ES translations


-InCallUI: fix non intrusive incallui layout

-selinuxrelabel: Remove attempts to relabel /system

-Add QCOM target-specific config
-qcom_utils: Update list of QCOM_BOARD_PLATFORMS
-Fix cflags for QC targets

-libc: Enable high-performance memmove and bcopy for cortex-a15
-libc: Unbreak build for scorpion

-Use Bionic's memmove on cortex-a15

-Add support for performance control

-NEON blit optimizations from Samsung

-Modify ifdefs for legacy DirectTrack

-audio: fix for multi-channel HDMI playback
-Fix merge damage which was breaking direct output
-audio: Do not allow Compress offload mode for AV streaming content
-audio: Add support for DOLBY DD+ decoding
-audio: Add support for compressed VoIP
-AudioPolicyManagerBase : MUTE_TIME_MS reduced to 500ms
-libhardware_legacy: Clean up all the audio ifdefs

-hal: Compilation fixes
-hal: Fix compilation with incall music disabled

-HWC: Fix for use int reference in function call
-hwcomposer : Fix rotator fence for FB pre rotation
-hwc: Add deduction operation to Rect utils
-hwc: Crop source rect for the optimized destination


Mahdi-2.5-v500-20140227 + Gapps 4.4.2

Anciennes versions :

Spoiler :

Mahdi-2.4-v500-20140203 + Gapps 4.4.2

Mahdi-2.4-v500-20140103 + Gapps 4.4.2

(MD5 : b2fbfa663fb6a5105a872401cc76355c)

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Dernière édition par Mendicant Bias le Jeu 27 Fév 2014 - 14:42, édité 2 fois

description[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014] EmptyRom Custom, Android 4.4.2, LG G Pad 8.3, V500, Mahdi-Rom


Dernière édition par Mendicant Bias le Jeu 9 Jan 2014 - 17:59, édité 1 fois

description[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014] EmptyRom Custom, Android 4.4.2, LG G Pad 8.3, V500, Mahdi-Rom


description[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014] EmptyRe: [ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014]

Topic mis à jour : Mise à jour du 08 février 2014 - Mahdi-Rom 2.4

description[ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014] EmptyRe: [ROM 4.4.2][V500] Mahdi-Rom 2.5 [27.02.2014]

Topic mis à jour : Mise à jour du 27 février 2014 - Mahdi-Rom 2.5
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