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description[ROM 4.4.2][AOSP][KOT49H] SomethingExplosive - Hammerhead [13.01.2014] Empty[ROM 4.4.2][AOSP][KOT49H] SomethingExplosive - Hammerhead [13.01.2014]





Based off Android 4.4.2_r1
VoicePlus - Google Voice integration into any SMS app
Bluetooth LE - Support for lower energy Bluetooth devices
Source-built kernel - module loading support
Torch - Use your phone's LED as a flashlight
Custom wallpapers - Pick them from the wallpapers menu!
NTFS Support - mount NTFS drives with an OTG cable
Koush's Superuser - Control root access with ease!
Busybox - helpful tools for terminal manipulation
Wireless and USB tethering - use your phone as your internet connection
SMS Security - Modify the amount of outgoing SMS messages allowed per 15 min
PrivacyGuard - Prevent applications from accessing personal data
Extended Power Menu - Reboot, Recovery, and Bootloader access from the power menu
Customized QuickSettings Toggles (WiFi, Bluetooth, Data) - click once to toggle!
Clear Recents Button - One button to clear everything in the recent apps display

On les retrouve sur Github




    services/Telephony: make voicemail notifications dismissable
    hammerhead: finally fix the Torch overlay
    QuickSettings: add data toggle


    common: update all the way to 4.4.2_r1
    SoMeXPaper: update wallpaper UI (CM)
    framework: add clear recents button


    common: add VoicePlus (CyanogenMod)


    common: add hammerhead to builds! (Nexus 5)
    SoMeX: add KitKat audio packages
    Mms: fix ClassZeroActivity vulnerability: http://bit.ly/1cR18KR


    common: update to android-4.4_r1.2
    devices: enable translucent lockscreen


    common: update to android-4.3.1_r1
    tilapia/grouper: fix camera not working in apps


    common: add deb to builds! (Nexus 7 2013 LTE)
    common: enable module loading on SoMeX-kernel
    common: add CM Torch app
    Email: fix bug causing occasional crashes on boot (sunwayforever)
    common: add custom SoMeX wallpapers (derived from cm)


    common: update to android-4.3_r2.2
    common: enable NTFS support in kernel
    tuna: improve color display in kernel (cm)
    tuna: correct compass behavior


    build: Remove AOSP Calendar from builds
    common: Enable BLE for tuna/grouper-based devices
    tuna: fix OTG for all tuna-based devices
    grouper: fix OTG for grouper based devices
    grouper/tilapia: fix Storage menu force-closes (fattire)
    LatinIME: latinime: Add "more" keys to ALL the keys (cyanogen)
    LatinIME: Enable more keys for top row on tablets (cyanogen)


    common: update to android-4.3_r2.1


    frameworks_native: fix performance issue with heapgrowthlimit size
    SoMeX-kernel: now building from SoMeX kernel sources!


    common: update to android-4.2.2_r1.2
    SoMeX: add dictionaries and gesture keyboard support (CM)
    common: add PrivacyGuard support (incognito mode) (cyanogen)
    settings: add PrivacyGuard manager (slimroms)
    settings: add SMS Security support (lithid)
    phone/contacts: add T9 dialer and landscape dialer functionality
    phone: Make going to call log after call optional (CM)
    libcore: patch BOTH master-key security exploits! (AOSP)
    phone: add transparency to incall screen (fitsnugly)


    common: added odexed builds as an options
    common: added camera media prebuilts for all devices
    common: added mako to builds
    common: add GooManager to prebuilts
    common: add GooManager update support
    common: add koush's Superuser (Replace SuperSU)
    common: update APNs


    common: add missing 4.2.2 repositories (now fully building from 4.2.2 source)
    common: add maguro to builds
    common: lots of devices fixes and addons (check source)
    common: 4.2.2 prop updates
    tuna: OTG storage fix
    tuna: more bugfixes and optimizations
    toro: AOSP corrections, cleanup
    maguro: enable auto backlight by default


    common: Name change to SoMeX (SomethingExplosive)
    common: Bugfixes and source additions (binary extraction scripts)
    common: Add toro to builds
    SoMeX: Updated SuperSU and su binaries to v1.10
    toroplus: Updated proprietary binaries to match 4.2.1 OTA
    toroplus: lots of bugfixes
    toro: AOSP bugfixes
    grouper: add support for 720p recording
    grouper: properly enable USB tethering
    grouper: add rndis support for USB tethering


    common: Updated to android-4.2.2_r1
    QuickSettings: WiFi and Bluetooth now toggle on-click


    common: Updated to build from android-4.2.1_r1.2
    sjelly: Update SuperSU and su binary to v1.04
    sjelly: update alarm sound to a louder one


    common: Added support for Nexus 10 (manta)
    launcher: fix powerwidget being on wrong screen
    sjelly: Updated SuperSU and su binary to v1.02
    manta: added USB OTG support
    toroplus: device.mk fixes from Sprint OTA (mwielgosz)


    launcher: enable rotation by default
    launcher: clean up default layout
    sjelly: Updated SuperSU and su binary to v1.01
    toroplus: Add missing vold.fstab file
    grouper: Add missing vold.fstab file
    grouper: Added USB OTG storage


    common: Bumped all devices to version 0.7
    common: Added busybox to build
    common: Enabled SIP phone capabilities
    sjelly: Completely revamped how SomethingJelly source is implemented
    settings: Fixed Clock settings FCes in Display/Daydream
    settings: Added SomethingJelly version under About Phone/Tablet menu
    toroplus: Implemented another MMS fix that should work this time
    tilapia: Added USB OTG storage


    toroplus: Properly fixed tethering
    toroplus: Patches for more connectivity fixes
    toroplus: Removed CellBroadcastReceiver
    toroplus: Added MMS capabilities (more than 160 characters in one message)
    tilapia: Added APN configs
    tilapia: Enabled tethering


    frameworks/base: Added CyanogenMod extended power menu
    build: Fixes to build correct Email app


    frameworks/base: Preliminary extended power menu (CM one to be added)


    common: added boot animation
    toroplus: fixed manufacturer name
    toroplus: build.prop edits
    grouper: fixed camera/rotation issues

On le retrouve ICI  aussi.


Commencez par déverrouiller le bootloader et installer un recovery custom : Déverrouiller bootloader / Recovery / Root puis sauvegardez votre partition EFS.

  1. Placez la ROM dans le dossier /sdcard
  2. Redémarrez dans le recovery
  3. Faites un NANDROID BACKUP
  4. Faites un FULL WIPE
  5. Flashez la ROM et les GApps
  6. Redémarrez.

Bugs connus

L'enregistrement vidéo fonctionne mal (ligne verte sur le côté de la vidéo). SCREENSHOT ICI


• ROM 11/01/2014 : http://goo.im/devs/something15525/SoMeX/hammerhead
• GApps : gapps-kk-20131208.zip


description[ROM 4.4.2][AOSP][KOT49H] SomethingExplosive - Hammerhead [13.01.2014] EmptyRe: [ROM 4.4.2][AOSP][KOT49H] SomethingExplosive - Hammerhead [13.01.2014]

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