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description[ROM 4.4] OmniKang [Hammerhead] [03.02.2014] Empty[ROM 4.4] OmniKang [Hammerhead] [03.02.2014]




Une base OmniROM avec beaucoup d'ajouts. smile 
OmniKang est compatible avec les nightlies officielles OmniROM donc vous pouvez flasher la OmniKang par-dessus la OmniROM sans faire de wipe dans le recovery. C'est comme flasher une nightly en clair.

Si vous venez d'une autre ROM que la OmniKang ou OmniROM, suivez la procédure traditionnelle.


Android 4.4 and all the features of OmniROM

From time to time we release builds with OpenPDroid, but our nightlies don't have OpenPDroid support!

Lock screen notifications
Displays notifications on lock screen. You can swipe out notifications to dismiss them.

ParanoidAndroid's HALO Notification Bubble.

CM ribbons
QuickSettings ribbon controls in notification drawer

Dark UI (TRDS)
Change UI to black theme

NavBar Height Mod
You can set the height of the navigation bar from 20 dp up to stock 48 dp.

Center Clock Mod
You can move the clock to the middle of the status bar.

Battery Bar
Shows a bar with the battery status above the status bar or above the navigation bar.

NFC Polling Mode
Enable NFC polling on lock screen or when screen is of.

Advanced network activity indicator
For example, you can enable a two line indicator for up- and downstream (MiUi style).

Advanced low battery indicator options
You can disable the warning dialog for low battery warning and get a notification or only a sound instead.

More features
Status bar: Clock with custom date
Recent RAM bar: Displays a RAM bar on the recent apps view.
Lock screen: See through
Option to disable full screen keyboard in landscape mode
Option to enable notification light when screen is on
Custom battery circle colours and animation speed
Status bar: Change colour
and many more, discover them yourself! (Of course all the OmniROM features too!)

For more detailed information, see the changelog!


• ROM : Page principale  - Mirror


Commencez par déverrouiller le bootloader et installer un recovery custom (TWRP recommandé et à JOUR) : Déverrouiller bootloader / Recovery / Root puis sauvegardez votre partition EFS.

  1. Placez la ROM dans le dossier /sdcard
  2. Redémarrez dans le recovery
  3. Faites un NANDROID BACKUP
  4. Faites un FULL WIPE
  5. Flashez la ROM puis les GApps (+ SuperSU si besoin)
  6. Redémarrez.

Changelog Omni  - Source

description[ROM 4.4] OmniKang [Hammerhead] [03.02.2014] EmptyRe: [ROM 4.4] OmniKang [Hammerhead] [03.02.2014]

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