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description[ROM 4.4.2] PLSX - Pure Light Speed X (Hammerhead) [AOSP][18.02.2014] Empty[ROM 4.4.2] PLSX - Pure Light Speed X (Hammerhead) [AOSP][18.02.2014]


PLSX - Pure Light Speed X



Features for PLSX:
Customizeable Auto Brightness (credits to Cyanogenmod)

Native Battery Percent

Customizeable Navigationbar Height

Customizeable Powermenu

Mute annoying Notification Sounds

Quiet Hours

Customizeable Charging LED

Customizeable Notification LED

Buildin Kernel Settings for Fastcharge (if supported by Kernel), Governor , Min and Max CPU Frequency

0,25x and 0,75x Animation speeds

Newest drivers for GPU from Qualcom

A big bunch of optimzations

Kill all recent apps button

Configureable Notification pulldown for QS

Option to disable Safe headset volume warning

Increasing Ringtone

Rotation tile

CM's Launcher 3 Edition

*NEW* Expandable Volume Panel

*NEW* Unlinkable Notification Sound Volume

Features of PSK:

Kernelbase = 3.4.79 (google factory Image = 3.4.0)

Compiled with sabermod gcc 4.8

Fastcharge support

InteractiveX governor

CPU Voltage Control

96MHz min Frequency

*NEW* Gamma Control

hundreds of additional commits for performance and battery optimizations or bugfixes

Welcome to Pure Speed X
PLSX is a fast, lightweight AOSP (4.4.2) Rom with an emphasis on speed and performance. Our goal is to provide unrivaled performance, stability, and a lightweight Rom with a real small and handpicked set of features. We are not, nor ever will be focused on adding every feature out there. We will always be searching for ways to make it faster, more stable, more secure, but PLSX will never be as feature rich as PSX.


Commencez par déverrouiller le bootloader et installer un recovery custom : Déverrouiller bootloader / Recovery / Root puis sauvegardez votre partition EFS.

  1. Placez les fichiers dans le dossier /sdcard
  2. Redémarrez dans le recovery
  3. Faites un NANDROID BACKUP
  4. Faites un FULL WIPE (data+system+cache+dalvik)
  5. Flashez la ROM puis les GApps puis SUperSU
  6. Redémarrez.

Téléchargement v1.0.8

Rom  (Mirror @AFH: ICI )
BaNkS GApps  (avec GEL-Launcher) ou PSX/PLSX-GApps  (avec Launcher3 CM-Edition)
Si vous utilisez Hangouts et avez des problèmes, essayez les PA GApps pour le moment : PA GApps




Mako Only: Hopefully fixed miracast issues

Fixed homebutton issue with gappsless installation

Changed LatinIME from proprietary google version to CM compiled one


bases now on KVT49L with LatinIME Fix

fixed a textbug (rastakat in Build-Name)

added custom sepolicy-stuff that should help with some warning in log regarding permissions and also help with system apps accessing kernel userspace

hammerhead only:some new kernel commits that should fix some internal bugs (memory leaks, dmesg log spam etc.) also there is some fix for a possible kernel panic...


Nexus 5 only: Hopefully fixed the SOD Problems

Nexus 4 only: Added a Wifi patch that will bring more download/streaming speed for some users

Added Expandable Volume Panel

Added Unlink for Notification Volume


fixed a problem with Whatsapp freezing phone under some circumstances

fixed a problem with games like 8balls

(hopefully) fixed a problem with Copilot GPS

fixed wrong dialer icon, is now really KitKat style

Added camera2

Added gallery2

Added CM's version of Launcher3


Kernel is now 3.4.79

A big bunch of kernel tweaks and fixes

Added kernelside Gamma Control

VM Tweaks

added rotation tile

added increasing ringtone

kitkat dialer icon


Hammerhead only: Even more new kernel commits to still optimize it a little (this time it mainly are fixes for low notification sound in some situations)

Option for Disabling Safe Headset volume warning (psxXtras->User Interface)

Option to full disable or select side for Swipe of Notificatiobar to QuickSettings (psxXtras->Bars->Statusbar)


even more speed, more butter.... you know, everythings even smother

Statusbar right Pulldown for QS

A ton of small bugfixes (internal stuff)

Kernel optimized even more (sleeps like a new born baby, less wifi wakelocks, still smoth as fluid butter)

Kernelside memory leak removed (thanks to franciscofranco and cyanogenmod team)

finally the slow flash bug is history


Added kill all recents button

Added a commit that fixes something regarding wifi disconnect/reconnect, maybe it fixes the issue reported here regarding wifi reconnect

Added some commits to framework/base that should even press more extra juice out of battery

Removed the entry for notificationen LED pulse in Display settings

fixed short "blink" of charging led

Added a big bunch of commits to kernel regardings USB,Audio and some other subsystems


Initial Release


• Dirty flash depuis la PSX peut provoquer des problèmes donc full wipe conseillé
• Idem depuis la PSLX-Beta/RC
• Possibles FCs sur les services Play Store ou de localisation au premier démarrage. Ignorez.


description[ROM 4.4.2] PLSX - Pure Light Speed X (Hammerhead) [AOSP][18.02.2014] EmptyRe: [ROM 4.4.2] PLSX - Pure Light Speed X (Hammerhead) [AOSP][18.02.2014]

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