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description[SGN4] ROM CUSTOM N910F : 6thGearROM v.1.0 (N910FXXU1ANJ4)




Petit mot de l'auteur : "Hello, guys!
Sooooo... We've been dancing around making a rom long enough and even though it started as an s5 project, the little (not so little...) snappy Note 4 came along and kinda changed our plans for release.

We're not new to android, but kinda new in rom development as a team. And even though I am (dax) is the one doing the OP on this one, you should know that it's really a two people work. My amazing partner and dear friend @Wuby986 is as much of an OP to this thread as I am and if it were possible, this thread would be published by the both of us."


Cette ROM est prévue pour le modèle SM-N910F.
Si vous ne possédez pas ce modèle précis, ne poursuivez pas cette procédure !
Le Root/Flash peut vous faire perdre votre garantie. Ni l'auteur du sujet ni le forum ne pourront être tenus pour responsables en cas de problème suite à cette procédure.
Si vous êtes décidé à flasher, pensez à faire une sauvegarde NANDROID BACKUP complète.
N'oubliez pas non plus d'effectuer une sauvegarde de votre partition EFS(IMEI).


Contributors : daxgirl, wuby986
ROM OS Version: 4.4.x KitKat
ROM Kernel: Linux 3.4.x
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: V1.0
Stable Release Date: 2014-10-27
Created 2014-10-27
Last Updated 2014-10-27

1. Rooted, zipaligned, busyboxed, de-knoxed, deodexed, stock kernel (still no sources !!!)
2. 4-way reboot (translated so far to Italian, Russian and Hebrew)
3. Call recording enabled natively and xposed friendly
4. Private mode is working fully (thanks to @Wuby986 for his amazing mod for s5 that now is ported to Note 4!!!)
5. SecMMS mods - anyting that was possible... removed from call logs, backup and restore open, increase recipients limit... and so on! (thanks to @jovy23 here)
6. All kinds of CSC mods, all remained in other.xml to be xposed friendly (such as secondary symbols on keyboard, sms mods, browser exit prompt, call button in logs, automatic input mode... and, seriously, too many more)
7. White themed samsung keyboard with larger buttons (was once requested from me by the GREAT @firasusman, and is and will forever remain the Assassin keyboard!!! ). Now on the note4!
8. Fixed layout for the hebrew keyboard and reverted back to s5 style (Samsung, what were you thinking???)
9. Increased number of available options for Quick Settings to 15
10. Unlocked Personal message on lock screen
11. Unlocked native samsung Lockscreen torch (volume up) - in display and wallpapers menu
12. 3Minit Battery mod (THANK YOU, @gharrington and @pas2001!!! You rock, guys! Please thank this amazing thread here!). About 85 of my own batteries included in the app (lots of colors, all with gradient)
13. Potato gradient for status bar included (THANK YOU, @mariozawa!!! Original thread here!)
14. Somewhat expanded status bar ( we just like it better this way)
15. Fixed InCallUI buttons for RTL (moved the end call button where it belongs - to the right thumb!) and moved the expand and dial container to the left where it belongs in RTL
16. All available locales enabled by editing language.xml


Pas d'image pour le moment.


PREREQUIS : Avoir installé le RECOVERY CWM ou TWRP.
1. Avoir lu les recommandations et prérequis ci dessus.
2. Vérifier sur le Note 4 la case à cocher VERR. DE REACTIVATION qui se trouve dans les paramètres, puis dans SYSTEME/SECURITE.
--> Cette valeur doit être DECOCHEE.
3. Télécharger la ROM 6thGearROM depuis le lien suivant.
4. Démarrer en mode RECOVERY, puis réaliser un wipe cache, wpie dalvik cache, et wipe data/factory reset, et installer enfin la ROM 6thGearROM.
L'installation peut prendre de 3 à 5 minutes.
5. Si vous avez avez à un moment un message du recovery qui indique 'fix root?', REPONDRE NON !

Enjoy !  Very Happy


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descriptionRom N910F 6th Gear Galaxy Note 4

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descriptionRe: [SGN4] ROM CUSTOM N910F : 6thGearROM v.1.0 (N910FXXU1ANJ4)

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