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description[SOFT] TWEETCOMB: Client twitter spécifique pour Honeycomb [Gratuit]



TweetComb est un client Twitter concu spécialement pour Honeycomb. Il vous offre vos tweets et vos messages directement dans vos mains.
Caractéristiques :
-- Interact with Twitter in a tablet-friendly way with the only Twitter experience designed for Honeycomb.

-- Read your timeline, mentions, and direct messages with three distinct fragments. Each fragment interacts with Twitter for updates independent of the others.

-- Background updates keep your information up to date on your tablet.

-- Configurable notifications alert you when new tweets, mentions, or direct messages are available.

-- You can easily see what's trending on Twitter and select each to do a search on the trending topic.

-- Stay up to date with the Twitter lists you've created with the new List tab.

-- Bit.ly support for link shortening.

-- TwitLonger support for tweets longer than 140 characters.

-- TweetComb provides an in-line preview of images from twitpic, yfrog, and plixi.

-- When clicking on a link from a tweet, you can view the web page from within TweetComb and can launch out to a browser on your tablet if you choose to.

-- View a user's public profile with an easy to use Profile tab.

-- A Search tab is available that gives you the opportunity to search by keyword, screen name, or hash tag.

-- Perform a Profile Search from an easy to access ActionBar item.

-- See a user's basic info, recent tweets, and publicly available favored tweets.

-- From the profile page, you can follow or unfollow other users.

-- When new tweets arrive, TweetComb will alert you with an audio clip.

-- TweetComb gives you an easy way to use and switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

-- From an individual tweet, you can view that user's profile, reply, retweet, retweet with edit, share, favorite, mark as spam, copy to clipboard, and send a direct message.

-- Quickly send status updates with full support for cut/copy/paste.

-- Support for sending and replying to direct messages inside the app.

-- TweetComb can be shared to from other apps such as the browser, Newsr, and others.

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Dernière édition par Bouricko_666 le Ven 20 Mai 2011 - 18:46, édité 1 fois

descriptionRe: [SOFT] TWEETCOMB: Client twitter spécifique pour Honeycomb [Gratuit]

Merci bouricko Wink !!

descriptionRe: [SOFT] TWEETCOMB: Client twitter spécifique pour Honeycomb [Gratuit]

maintenant gratuit smile

descriptionRe: [SOFT] TWEETCOMB: Client twitter spécifique pour Honeycomb [Gratuit]

Pour info;

Plume (gratuit) le fait très bien en version tablette...

François bounce
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