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[ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

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description[ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]


VanirAOSP officielle



stock mode - ability revert to stock AOSP code with the exception of a few custom features we chose to keep active
enhanced performance.. longer uptime with less slowdown
custom written CRON and init.d.
UI and graphics improvements
custom navbar, navring, and hardware key features
improved notification handling (active display & halo are in review also)
usability improvements like power reboot menu and sound
animation control
Improved Vanir keyboard
CM's profiles & quicksettings
additional quicksetting tiles
immersive mode
statusbar mods
clock & battery mods
lockscreen blur and other mods
soon to come -> quick cam and flash notifications
busybox, embedded root, init.d, cron etc
yatta yatta yatta
more to come when i feel like updating the op


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Commencez par déverrouiller le bootloader et installer un recovery custom (à jour) : Déverrouiller bootloader / Recovery / Root puis sauvegardez votre partition EFS.

  1. Placez la ROM dans le dossier /sdcard
  2. Redémarrez dans le recovery
  3. Faites un NANDROID BACKUP
  4. Faites un FULL WIPE
  5. Flashez la ROM puis les GApps
  6. Redémarrez.

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Un changelog est disponible en face de chaque nightly sur leur serveur.

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kernel source

Dernière édition par Primokorn le Jeu 6 Mar 2014 - 14:12, édité 13 fois

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]


descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Mise à jour. ART compatible.

Je suis en train de la tester. Belle ROM AOSP avec pas mal de fonctionnalités.
Seuls points négatifs pour le moment : FC sur le fournisseur de Thèmes et peu de traductions FR.

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Je corrige. Le FC est lié au kernel que j'utilisais (Faux). Le même problème a été remonté sur une autre ROM et avec un autre kernel (ElementalX)...

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Ajout de screenshots

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Mise à jour


**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_dlx ****
f50e3d0 : Enable smooth-streaming video-playback <Arne Coucheron> 6 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_lge_g2-common ****
7efc666 : Revert "g2: update common overlays" <nuclearmistake> 3 hours ago
**** https://github.com/xboxfanj/android_device_lge_gee-common ****
735c938 : Lights changes from ronasimi and paulicat <Jake W> 6 hours ago
a9065e7 : Show LTE, not 4G in status bar @zymphad <Jake W> 8 hours ago
b1f7ff9 : More torch changes <Jake W> 8 hours ago
**** cm   https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_lge_p880
p880-dev   https://github.com/P880-dev/android_device_lge_p880 ****
d646315 : device_perms: use extending method <Adam77Root> 3 weeks ago
d0f6cad : Update overlay <laufersteppenwolf> 3 weeks ago
a40adce : Revert "Revert "Fix the channel id's" after HOX asound.conf this breaks sound" <laufersteppenwolf> 3 weeks ago
e66235c : Revert "Removing SRS as it conflicts with Dolby" <laufersteppenwolf> 3 weeks ago
992215b : Return camera defines for now <demetris> 3 weeks ago
5491d48 : Revert "Fix the channel id's" after HOX asound.conf this breaks sound <demetris> 3 weeks ago
f551b40 : Disable strictmode <laufersteppenwolf> 3 weeks ago
918b849 : Disable NFC by default <laufersteppenwolf> 3 weeks ago
ea03653 : init.x3.rc: fix derps <Adam77Root> 3 weeks ago
ceaf887 : init.x3.rc: interactive governor on boot <Adam77Root> 3 weeks ago
8739204 : Removing no longer needed camera defines because: 1.Grouper blobs dont use either 2.If we end up use TF700T Camera Blobs we must only use: COMMON_GLOBAL_CFLAGS += -DNEEDS_VECTORIMPL_SYMBOLS https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_asus_tf700t/blob/cm-11.0/BoardConfig.mk#L25 <demetris> 3 weeks ago
8c27847 : Removing SRS as it conflicts with Dolby <demetris> 3 weeks ago
4e7b93e : X3-Init.rc:Redesign,merge,update By Adam77Root and Demetris <demetris> 3 weeks ago
0d016d8 : overlay: update torch values <Adam77Root> 3 weeks ago
9182727 : overlay: whitespace fix <Adam77Root> 3 weeks ago
3982b57 : X3RIL: override setCellInfoListRate <Adam77Root> 3 weeks ago
eb4bf45 : Back to Default ril:Now fixed thanks to @Adam77Root <demetris> 4 weeks ago
bd05662 : Init cleanup for 4.4 <demetris> 4 weeks ago
85fc11a : asound.conf from HOX.Thanks Adam77root. <demetris> 4 weeks ago
84fd17a : Merge Battery Health Hal <demetris> 4 weeks ago
c8f4754 : Ramdisk shifting for 4.4 layout:More work needed <demetris> 4 weeks ago
6ee6f4b : Fix/Update smartdimmer. Partially update sepolicies(wip) <demetris> 4 weeks ago
3998e1e : GPU producer to CPU consumer is supported with grouper blobs <Adam77Root> 4 weeks ago
bacf112 : Let the device deep sleep, testing <demetris> 4 weeks ago
4447652 : Fix the channel id's <demetris> 4 weeks ago
db0f8ab : Delete the derp channel <demetris> 4 weeks ago
da57219 : Aux to voice:Fix my derp <demetris> 4 weeks ago
27f39b5 : Fix notifications audio lag <demetris> 4 weeks ago
110d596 :  Bring back the SECONDARY_STORAGE variable <demetris> 4 weeks ago
601d014 : Update vold setup for 4.4 <demetris> 4 weeks ago
2a13a39 : Fix camera perms.Fix ext sdcard mounting <demetris> 4 weeks ago
a7d6803 : Add cache target for NEON optimization.Add flag to disable id match check for camera <demetris> 5 weeks ago
006a15a : Add camera prop permission <laufersteppenwolf> 5 weeks ago
e45aa6d : X3:improve i/o performance <demetris> 5 weeks ago
523c9ff : overlay: remove emulated storage mountpoint <Adam77Root> 5 weeks ago
6d9d8c6 : X3:enable wifi p2p config * enabled config_wifi_p2p_device_type in overlay <demetris> 5 weeks ago
3742066 : Add SRS WOW audio effect <demetris> 5 weeks ago
1ba523c : Clean up my mess <demetris> 5 weeks ago
3b12260 : Use our own audio effect config <demetris> 5 weeks ago
eaeb900 : Fix wifi and corrected the path <demetris> 5 weeks ago
63f8f03 : Copy missing config files from deb to X3. There were no mobile_provisioning_url's for X3 I've copied them from deb to X3 <demetris> 5 weeks ago
f238349 : Cleanup audio libraries and remove firmware binaries no longer needed <demetris> 5 weeks ago
34876c8 : Fix wifi services.Thnx@Adam77Root <demetris> 6 weeks ago
5718b2d : Remove Selinux defconfig <demetris> 6 weeks ago
1e641fc : Corrected wifi firmware paths <demetris> 6 weeks ago
d4441d7 : Removed legacy call sta events as we are using newer wifi firmwares <demetris> 6 weeks ago
9532b2b : temporary RIL fix <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
ee11505 : BoardConfig: update to grouper blobs <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
33117f6 : overlay: fix reboot into bootloader <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
8224d14 : Add Remote submix to input devices <demetris> 6 weeks ago
00dcabf : Edit wifi services <demetris> 6 weeks ago
8b3afb4 : Add misc libraries of bassboost&virtualizer&equalizer&loudness_enhancer&DD&DDS <demetris> 6 weeks ago
e8219ba : Add WPA&P2P Supplicant overlays for bcmdhd family <demetris> 6 weeks ago
e8254ef : Removed p2p depreciated wifi binary.Set gps config to EU, we live in it afterall <demetris> 6 weeks ago
4b9e2b8 : Update fingerpint to KRT16S <demetris> 6 weeks ago
5da022d : Add selinux defconfig <demetris> 6 weeks ago
35dac26 : Remove cm.dependencies <laufersteppenwolf> 6 weeks ago
419e23a : Add HAVE_PRE_KITKAT_AUDIO_BLOB <demetris> 6 weeks ago
1b49efe : X3:add smartdimmer sepolicy <demetris> 6 weeks ago
7914cbc : X3:disable Bluetooth MAP profile <demetris> 6 weeks ago
8a0770d : whitespaces fix + remove config_showNavigationBar (it's same as default) <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
8c555ce : Revert "tabs -> spaces" <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
a2c7788 : X3:Switch to telephony.mk. Since the apn-confs got merged, gsm.mk is a no-op. This patchset switches Optimus X4 HD to telephony.mk <demetris> 6 weeks ago
2935218 : Turn on screen when the device is getting plugged in/out <laufersteppenwolf> 6 weeks ago
7f5c969 : BoardConfig: p2p is exactly the same <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
c4e4557 : tabs -> spaces <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
78e2af7 : X3:Add electron beam animation on screen off <demetris> 6 weeks ago
0c2f82c : Remote submix is not always present <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
57ddfee : proprietary-files: V20b <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
92070c4 : X3:remove deprecated WiFi p2p config <demetris> 6 weeks ago
6c09ce7 : Fix audio r_submix sampling rate <demetris> 6 weeks ago
a24789e : Add audio.r_submix package into device <demetris> 6 weeks ago
25bf883 : X3:enable audio.r_submix <demetris> 6 weeks ago
3dae363 : Bunch of changes <Adam77Root> 6 weeks ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_maserati ****
e5c429f : maserati: enable HD video recording <Michael Gernoth> 10 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_motorola_omap4-common ****
dc4c035 : omap4-common: sync camera with p-jb-mr1-release from omapzoom <Michael Gernoth> 10 hours ago
7f332b9 : omap4-common: update camera for new domx-version <Michael Gernoth> 10 hours ago
480f968 : omap4-common: update domx to omapzoom d-jb-mr2.0-release <Michael Gernoth> 11 hours ago
50d6541 : omap4-common: update local copy of rpmsg_omx.h for an updated rpmsg-driver <Michael Gernoth> 11 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_motorola_qcom-common ****
87ac568 : Fix path for libqc-opt on msm8226 <dhacker29> 28 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_samsung_d2-common ****
3507218 : remove qrngd <Dan Pasanen> 6 days ago
a7e838e : Change tether regexs <Arne Coucheron> 6 days ago
29511b6 : update tcp buffersize <Dan Pasanen> 6 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_jf-common ****
ce92604 : remove qrngd <Dan Pasanen> 6 days ago
8afcf6a : Change tether regexs <Arne Coucheron> 6 days ago
6b2c391 : Enable smooth-streaming video-playback <Arne Coucheron> 6 days ago
d6d4e8a : init: remove redundant tcp buffersize props <Dan Pasanen> 6 days ago
e822b7c : jf-common: remove authentec vpn <Drew Davis> 3 days ago
2d2ded7 : jf-common: init.qcom.rc: remove redundant large_tcp_window_size stuff <Drew Davis> 3 days ago
488194d : jf-common: mount persdata in fstab <Drew Davis> 3 days ago
0c9e148 : jf-common: init.target.rc: remove 'on fs_selinux' <Drew Davis> 3 days ago
5757809 : Sync libnfc-brcm.conf with latest release 4.4 release <Florent Guichard> 7 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_smdk4412-common ****
832bd42 : smdk4412-common: Don't build torch for devices without flash <sbrissen> 4 days ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_external_chromium_org ****
b91cd21 : Update android generator to handle java7. <Narayan Kamath> 7 weeks ago
f7db7b5 : Revert "Some changes added to compile and run with Java 6 and Java 7." <Arne Coucheron> 7 weeks ago
**** othervanir   /media/VANIR/Vanir42/frameworks/base
https://github.com/VanirAOSP/frameworks_base ****
eae3f3c : Revert "Fix PhoneStatusBar taint that could cause a race condition when rotating an expanded window" <nuclearmistake> 2 hours ago
b02646f : [1/3] Base: Flip to Mute/Reject Call <Sasikumar D R> 7 days ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_opt_hardware ****
93068f7 : Hardware: add SerialNumber support <Pawit Pornkitprasan> 6 days ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_htc_msm8960 ****
1fe2bda : msm: HTC: ville: set CLK_CTRL for backlight and AUO panel <Ethan Chen> 27 hours ago
**** https://github.com/xboxfanj/kernel_msm ****
ab02225 : Media tuners are useless, don't require them to build <Jake Weinstein> 3 days ago
64eaac8 : LED changes from ronasimi and Paulicat <ronasimi> 5 weeks ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_motorola_omap4-common ****
0b1c06a : Merge: update rpmsg driver for updated domx/camera HAL from omapzoom p-android-omap-3.0 kernel <Michael Gernoth> 7 hours ago
50636d5 : rpmsg: omx: implement separate register ioctl for sgx buffers <Tyler Luu> 1 year, 8 months ago
8e03251 : rpmsg: omx: initialize completion event in rpmsg_omx_open <Juan Gutierrez> 1 year, 8 months ago
76a9de2 : rpmsg: omx: send disconnect only if omx state is connected <Miguel Vadillo> 1 year, 8 months ago
418eb50 : rpmsg: omx: fix copy_to_user in register/unregister ioctls <Suman Anna> 1 year, 8 months ago
181f945 : rpmsg: omx: return ENXIO in rpmsg_omx_write <Vidhoon Viswanathan> 1 year, 8 months ago
807d2b6 : rpmsg: omx: copy_from_user() errors should return -EFAULT <David Schleef> 2 years ago
99ed7c5 : rpmsg: omx: return actual user-provided bytes written in write <Suman Anna> 1 year, 9 months ago
b163ea2 : rpmsg: resmgr: disable aux_clk_src in case of error <Miguel Vadillo> 2 years ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_d2 ****
d57e313 : d2: regenerate defconfig <Dan Pasanen> 8 days ago
46e6e07 : bcmdhd: update to latest d2 source drop (i535's ML1) <Dan Pasanen> 15 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/kernel_samsung_jf ****
40a0501 : defconfig: disable CONFIG_AUTHENTEC_VPNCLIENT_INTERCEPTOR <Dan Pasanen> 16 hours ago
e1d8eca : Update build all branches script <ktoonsez> 15 hours ago
44a0c2d : Linux 3.4.76 <ktoonsez> 2 days ago
6721648 : cpufreq: ktoonservativeq: Added super_conservative tunable, 1 = enabled, 0 means disabled.  This item will be used to keep the CPU and hotplugging waaaaaay down saving a good amount of battery <ktoonsez> 3 days ago
5491413 : Add dev version of verizon. <ktoonsez> 4 days ago
0437cca : Update build all branches script <ktoonsez> 9 days ago
c0d262e : ktoonservativeq: Fix locking of disable_hotplugging_media_override variable in true state <ktoonsez> 9 days ago
e9efa2f : ktoonservativeq: Remove unnecessary call to set_music_playing_statekt() while setting disable_hotplugging_media parameter <ktoonsez> 9 days ago
d02caa4 : ktoonservativeq: Add disable hotplugging setting while playing media <ktoonsez> 9 days ago
89b6abe : Add min/max Mhz option and disable hotplug for ktoonservativeq while you are charging on Wireless Charger <ktoonsez> 9 days ago
45c68a0 : Remove over-riding config items <ktoonsez> 9 days ago
34d9a6f : msm: Kconfig: Fix the defconfig warnings for 8974 <Subbaraman Narayanamurthy> 1 year, 2 months ago
aab14a6 : Add dynamic fsync to see if it gains anything, so far not much at all <ktoonsez> 11 days ago
2324a30 : msm: msm_bus: More checks to insure pdata and bus driver vars are not in error and NO NULL <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
d90b6ff : subsystem: Add extra checks to make sure subsys_domain and iommu_domain are NOT NULL <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
10f4c80 : scm: Rewrite scm_call funcs and ML4 merges <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
fbe418e : perf_event_msm_krait_l2 sync with ML4 <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
077df1b : dcvs: Set msm_dcvs_enabled = 0 when msm_dcvs_scm_init() fails adn be sure to return early when msm_dcvs_enabled == 0 <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
51d8827 : gfx3d_fs_data: Change reset_rate 27000000 from 1800000.  Remove 1800000 from clk_tbl_gfx3d.  Increase log length for msm_rpm <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
0c9b748 : grp3d_low_vectors: Bump MBPS to 1700 for low vectors <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
45d571d : acpuclock-8960ab; Update from ML4 <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
ed3d423 : cpufreq: Some general re-write to make freq changes smoother and more efficient <ktoonsez> 3 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/platform_manifest ****
1d78153 : manifest: switch gee variant repos to my git <Jake Weinstein> 7 hours ago
9fb3975 : manifest: remove e975 <Jake Weinstein> 7 hours ago
9cce821 : Use a more stable P880 remote <nuclearmistake> 12 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Calculator ****
dd0b610 : Update the overflow touch background color from blue to gray <Veeti Paananen> 7 days ago
6137de1 : Always show the overflow button <Veeti Paananen> 7 days ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_ContactsCommon ****
334d7f2 : ContactsCommon : Address loader reset bug <Danesh M> 6 weeks ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Exchange ****
073e841 : exchange: Prevent policy provision NPE <Jorge Ruesga> 2 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/packages_apps_InCallUI ****
058473d : [3/3] InCallUI: Flip to Mute/Reject Call <Sasikumar D R> 7 days ago
9103a29 : InCall: make non-intrusive dialog for incoming calls themable <Dan Trifan> 4 days ago
72520a2 : InCallUI: RU translation fix <markcs> 3 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/packages_apps_PerformanceControl ****
183402a : PerformanceControl: FR translation <DelphinPETER> 5 weeks ago
**** othervanir   /media/VANIR/Vanir42/packages/apps/Settings
https://github.com/VanirAOSP/packages_apps_Settings ****
055ad9e : Allow modification of the camera widget option on insecure lock screens <Veeti Paananen> 3 days ago
c1c9620 : Dont show "Erase SD Card" when there is none <Johan Redestig> 4 weeks ago
3dddf7c : Settings : Update gesture preference check <Danesh Mondegarian> 3 weeks ago
20deb49 : settings: Add text plain battery style <Jorge Ruesga> 4 weeks ago
e0bde91 : [temp] hide the navbar settings if it's unavailable <PrimeDirective> 5 days ago
af5610d : Settings: use CMHW serial number <Pawit Pornkitprasan> 6 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/packages_services_Telephony ****
d6b756a : [2/3] Telephony: Flip to Mute/Reject Call <Sasikumar D R> 7 days ago
513105a : Revert "Mobile Network Battery Saver Mode" <nuclearmistake> 26 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/vendor_lge ****
807b108 : Retire e975 <DHOMD> 7 hours ago
a37de7e : Update blobs to latest @P880-dev sources <laufersteppenwolf> 12 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/themes-platform-vendor-tmobile-apps-ThemeChooser ****
cf061bd : ThemeChooser: Update ActionBar to match Settings <p4r4n01d> 5 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/vendor_vanir ****
72e6c13 : vendor: Remove e975 (geehrc takes its place). <Jake Weinstein> 8 hours ago
f431d04 : vanir_inverted: theme non-intrusive dialog for incoming calls <Dan Trifan> 4 days ago
c51bb54 : vanir inverted: kitkat style toasts <Dan Trifan> 4 days ago

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Mise à jour avec Active Notifications (notamment)


**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery ****
1404ae2 : correctly mount tmpfs as /tmp in recovery <Doug Zongker> 12 hours ago
809de0b : install: Fix possible overflow condition in the updater "scanner" <Ricardo Cerqueira> 3 hours ago
a0f0fc0 : install: Support downgrade scenarios <Ricardo Cerqueira> 30 hours ago
1153ae5 : Add a copy of the updater binary to the recovery resources <Ricardo Cerqueira> 2 days ago
b633db3 : Fix potential chmod failures <Matt Mower> 6 days ago
d7faa36 : do not error on missing sd-ext when wiping dalvik cache <philz-cwm6> 2 days ago
53b6f08 : do not use static type <philz-cwm6> 2 days ago
e216a26 : Remove "Go Back" option from verify root and recovery options <Nathan Grebowiec> 32 hours ago
824447d : minui: do not use flexible array initialization <synergy dev> 10 weeks ago
186f7bc : Clean up c formatting - 1 <Matt Mower> 5 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_asus_flo ****
4a0f112 : flo: Update storage configuration for usbdisk <blunden> 5 days ago
688ef6c : flo: Use cyanogen_flo_defconfig <Steve Kondik> 4 months ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_generic_goldfish ****
bc23349 : Modify the build targets for goldfish from to include aosp*. <Raghu Gandham> 6 months ago
8562d1b : Delete buffer data when removing it from the SharedGroup namespace <Jesse Hall> 9 weeks ago
46bcb5f : Drop setting of in_qemu boolean and restorecon /sys/qemu_trace. <Stephen Smalley> 2 months ago
b0b6afb : Catch divide by zero case in drawCheckerBoard() function. <Douglas Leung> 3 months ago
8763ae7 : Return EGL_FALSE if eglChooseConfig failed to find any matching configs <Martin Storsjo> 5 months ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_dlx ****
6875e7c : dlx: add libCB <Dan Pasanen> 3 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_htc_m7-common ****
bed1403 : m7-common: add libCB <Dan Pasanen> 3 hours ago
**** cm   https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_htc_vigor
vanir   https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_htc_vigor ****
efd3eba : Update USB Storage <Keith Kozma> 13 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_lge_g2-common ****
11cd9f7 : Revert "Add Knock off and on gesture control" <bart452> 10 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_lge_hammerhead ****
996dda9 : hammerhead: disable cpu-boost <Ethan Chen> 31 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_motorola_omap4-common ****
8c1b016 : init: cleanup for hostapd <Hashcode> 7 hours ago
214cb3a : init: fix rfkill perms for wpa_supp <Hashcode> 11 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_jf-common ****
49bd211 : jf: add libCB <Dan Pasanen> 3 hours ago
6787ccd : jf-common: init.qcom.rc: remove fm_dl service <Drew Davis> 2 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_jfltetmo ****
56b960e : jfltetmo: update build fingerprint <Drew Davis> 2 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_maguro ****
786fe38 : maguro: update fingerprint to JWR66Y <Lorenzo M> 5 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_manta ****
9aa2842 : manta: Adjust scaling params <Steve Kondik> 12 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_msm8960-common ****
3e87d2c : msm8960: kill this samsung service mode with fire <Shareef Ali> 30 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_samsung_toroplus ****
6272e62 : toroplus: update Phone overlay <Michael Limb> 7 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/device_sony_fusion3-common ****
c06a079 : fusion3: bt: fix exit code in case of firmware download errors <Giulio Cervera> 16 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_device_sony_qcom-common ****
300bd75 : qcom-common: fix windy bootloop <Giulio Cervera> 33 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/external_e2fsprogs ****
66ba55e : Revert "e2fsprogs: Add hacks to make it build with clang" <nuclearmistake> 15 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/ion ****
c2cf903 : Update README.md <Filippo Zanella> 5 days ago
8a67584 : fix issue 132 <Nathan Schwermann> 5 days ago
d820844 : Update README.MD <Egor> 9 days ago
6566fea : rename disableDeviceResize to smartSize, and move into the bitmap builder. <Koushik Dutta> 9 days ago
d9152b2 : remove parentKey cruft <Koushik Dutta> 9 days ago
4ad520e : add disableDeviceResize <Kurt Zimmer> 10 days ago
1691689 : watch for null bitmaps <Koushik Dutta> 10 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/frameworks_av ****
43f7396 : Frameworks: AudioFlinger: Fix effects memory leak <Yu Yezhong> 3 months ago
**** othervanir   /media/VANIR/Vanir42/frameworks/base
https://github.com/VanirAOSP/frameworks_base ****
65de458 : ResourceTypes consolidation w/ linaro <nuclearmistake> 2 hours ago
a8388ed : Active Notifications: <PrimeDirective> 5 days ago
1303953 : Show owner info creation if no owner is set for UserTile <Ethan Chen> 9 weeks ago
3f0bae2 : Don't show notification count for a notification with just one item <Veeti Paananen> 2 days ago
7f487d9 : base: added national roaming info for Tuenti Movil in Spain <Fernando Membrive Guillén> 2 days ago
b3c5a61 : TelephonyManager: isSmsCapable: respect telephony properties <Pawit Pornkitprasan> 3 days ago
a6dab51 : systemui: Add text plain battery style <Jorge Ruesga> 4 weeks ago
5db9cec : Fix visibility of camera widget on insecure lock screens with DPM <Veeti Paananen> 7 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/frameworks_opt_telephony ****
f96afa9 : SamsungQualcommRil: bring back operatorCheck. (1/2) <Shareef Ali> 2 days ago
ad87d62 : PhoneFactory: fall back to default RIL if custom RIL Class fails <Jon Haus> 4 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/hardware_qcom_audio-caf ****
06476f4 : audio :Close HotWord audio source if it is already opened <Pavan Chikkala> 4 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/hardware_qcom_display-caf ****
e249700 : hwc: Add binder interface to get the visibleRegion <Arun Kumar K.R> 6 weeks ago
1e38126 : hwc: Calculate viewframe from layers display frame information. <Ramkumar Radhakrishnan> 6 weeks ago
d38617b : qdutils: Add display config to qdutils <Naseer Ahmed> 7 weeks ago
5d0ff23 : display: Clean up binder interface <Naseer Ahmed> 9 weeks ago
ef73796 : libhwcomposer: Log and dump app layers of screen frames <Steve Kondik> 7 days ago
4beb320 : display: Properly handle NO_IOMMU case <Steve Kondik> 8 days ago
cbeefc5 : hwc: Add support to enable CABL for video use case only <Naseer Ahmed> 7 months ago
542bffc : Merge caf/kk_2.7_rb1.21 <Evan McClain> 29 hours ago
6097344 : Revert "hwc: Add support to enable CABL for video use case only" <Evan McClain> 29 hours ago
486a9da : Revert "hwc: Enable rotator during resolution change." <Evan McClain> 29 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/hardware_qcom_media-caf ****
79f361f : mm-video: vdec: display: Change in screenRefresh interface <Justin Philip> 3 weeks ago
39a25b3 : mm-video: venc: Don't align chroma on legacy msm7x30 devices <Cristoforo Cataldo> 3 weeks ago
fe2026d : mm-video: vdec: Use GRALLOC_USAGE_PRIVATE_ADSP_HEAP instead of no more defined GRALLOC_USAGE_PRIVATE_CAMERA_HEAP <Cristoforo Cataldo> 6 weeks ago
98145bc : mm-video: vdec: display: Change in screenRefresh interface <Justin Philip> 3 weeks ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/hardware_qcom_power ****
b4b9303 : power: Option for disabling input boost <Steve Kondik> 13 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_htc_msm8960 ****
cf8f2e5 : cpufreq: Disable cpu-boost by default <Rohit Gupta> 6 weeks ago
6787e8f : Revert "cpufreq: Revert cpu-boost driver" <Ethan Chen> 4 hours ago
**** https://github.com/xboxfanj/kernel_msm ****
de124be : Fix keymap <Jake W> 3 hours ago
**** http://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_kernel_samsung_manta ****
8291c69 : manta: Update defconfig <Steve Kondik> 12 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/packages_apps_Gallery2 ****
49db1d7 : Gallery2: avoid the crash of gallery during trimming video <Li Sun> 5 months ago
75e016e : Gallery2:Show title in movie activity's action bar <Xiaoqin Yang> 5 weeks ago
**** othervanir   /media/VANIR/Vanir42/packages/apps/Settings
https://github.com/VanirAOSP/packages_apps_Settings ****
27ce5d7 : settings listview fixups: <PrimeDirective> 2 days ago
155c547 : Fix WifiManager melory leak, change context to getApplicationContext <annieyu> 9 months ago
720f858 : Settings: Fix the memory leak in Settings <Zhijun Peng> 1 year, 3 months ago
9c9f14e : Fix one NPE in tethering setting <Jianzheng Zhou> 5 months ago
9a7319a : This fixes crash caused by null pointer <Ovidiu Beldie> 1 year, 7 months ago
dbf2c0b : WiFi: Fix Null Pointer Exception in Wifi Settings dialog <Loic Poulain> 6 months ago
5c0f88b : WiFi: "Connect" option disappear after rotating. <Paul Naoumenko> 1 year, 8 months ago
7c4d834 : Bluetooth: HID: Use proper values of connection status <Hemant Gupta> 3 weeks ago
3b3fd28 : Bluetooth: GAP: Avoid adding device to cached device list <Juffin Alex Varghese> 6 weeks ago
a1ebf97 : Active notifications: <PrimeDirective> 5 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/system_vold ****
e1ff87d : vold: prevent strcmp of a NULL pointer. <nuclearmistake> 48 minutes ago
57a8641 : segfault THIS. <nuclearmistake> 15 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/vendor_samsung ****
9c4cbce : jf` fixme <Shareef Ali> 2 hours ago
204f670 : jf: add missing libCB (needed for renderscript) <Dan Pasanen> 3 hours ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/vendor_sony ****
0f6625c : qcom-common: update A330 blob <Giulio Cervera> 3 days ago
**** https://github.com/VanirAOSP/vendor_vanir ****
aa755c7 : More perms <nuclearmistake> 7 hours ago
8b7f230 : cm: add selective based spn (2/2) <Dan Pasanen> 2 days ago

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Pour info, la gestion multi-comptes arrive smile

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Faut il les gapps pour cette rom ?

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Salut, vu la taille de la rom les Gapps ne sont pas intégrées donc tu aura besoin d'en flasher oui :)
Un retour sur la rom Primokorn ? ;b

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

La meilleure des ROMs AOSP pour le moment (selon mes besoins).
Depuis peu y'a les notifications sur le lockscreen et c'est top.
L'ajout de ces fonctionnalités génère quelques lags, faut que je fasse une installation propre pour voir ce que ça donne.

Sinon, le kernel intégré n'est pas top à mon avis donc mieux vaut en mettre un autre.

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Ok, Merci ! Je l'essayerai peut être

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Je retire le problème de lags. J'ai hiberné quelques applications et la fluidité est de retour.
Je ferai une installation propre pour être sûr et ces nouvelles fonctionnalités ont quelques FCs si on ne fait pas d'installation propre donc...

Tu peux y aller, c'est une très bonne ROM. Wink

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Merci Thom'sS pour l'info Wink

Donc apres plusieurs flash de plusieurs rom,entre autre slim,je me suis rabattu sur celle ci
Pas mal de fonction,bon beaucoup de texte en anglais par rapport à la slim qui est traduite presque à 100%

Je retiens déjà,que le power menu ne comporte pas de mode recovery,reboot ou alors je m'y prend mal
J'ai essayer plein de thèmes,et j'ai tester le tien Primo
Je doit dire que de passer au Vert,c'est pas habituel,mes derniers souvenir étaient sur Sense  affraid 

J'avous que tu as fait un super travail,c'est bien travailler tes icones,ton thème est très bien Very Happy

Quel kernel me conseiller vous alors,car je compte la garder ,cela me rappelera mon vieux dhd et mon s3  Very Happy

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Avec Plaisir Wink

Pour le Kernel je t'avoue que je suis avec le franco depuis le début, il me satisfait donc je n'en n'est pas essayer d'autre. Les principaux sont le Franco, le Faux et le Chaos. Avec ceux la tu es trankil après ça dépend ce que tu cherche, Primo pourra peut être te faire un retour du Chaos, ce kernel me semble pas mal aussi.

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Ok merci

Donc celui que j'utilise actuellement c'est celui-ci

C'est bon ??

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Oui nickel smile

Dernière édition par Thom'sS le Lun 20 Jan 2014 - 10:10, édité 1 fois

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Merci encore Wink
Sa marche nickel, j'ai changé le boot, et le kernel !

Par contre j'ai comme un CD à côté du wifi dans la taskbar ?

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Normalement le texte est disponible en français mais des liens sont "cassés" dans la ROM. PrimeDetective, un développeur de la ROM, devait corriger cela.
Pour le menu Power, il suffit d'aller dans les options de développement et de cocher le "advanced reboot".
Concernant le kernel, j'ai le Chaos depuis plusieurs jours et il tourne très bien. Il est un peu moins personnalisable que le Franco mais il y a largement de quoi faire ! L'autonomie est très bonne et surtout je n'ai pas de problèmes de sons avec Viper4Android contrairement avec le Franco ou le Faux.

Merci pour ton commentaire sur mon thème Wink J'étais parti sur le vert car j'en avais marre de voir du bleu partout. Very Happy Une version blanche arrive sous peu...

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Salut primo
Impect j'ai trouver hier soir pour le menu power, comme c'est tout en anglais j'ai du revenir plusieurs fois dans le menu pour comprendre
J'ai remis le franco r32, tout va bien
Sa fait drôle d'être sur de l'aosp, c'est hyper rapide sur nexus !

J'ai un FC de l'appareil photo sur le lock, sinon depuis le tiroir des applications il fonctionne

A plus tard pour d'autres retour

Niveau conso sa va bien, 94% depuis 7h du matin, avec surf, SMS, mail

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Ah mince, pas de problème d'appareil photo de mon côté mais j'ai quelques jours de retard sur les nightlies... smile 
N'hésite pas à poster des logs. A+

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Salut c'était une fois juste"l'appli c'est arrêter"
Maintenant plus rien pour l'appareil photo tout marche
Question où va l'enregistrement via le menu Quicksetting du mod Quick Record ? Je trouve pas sur la sd

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Aucune idée... J'ai demandé sur XDA pour info. Je te dis si j'ai un retour.

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Hola smile
Primokorn tu avais toujours les soucis par rapport a Viper4Android avec la version R32 du franco ? Je n'ai rencontré aucun problème pour l'instant ( pas de bip sonore ou autre ). Je n'écoute pas beaucoup de musique pour l’instant aussi ..  Rolling Eyes 
C'est cool d'avoir des retours sur la rom    :merci:

descriptionRe: [ROM 4.4.2] VanirAOSP officielle - Nightlies - GCC4.8 Linaro + ART optimizations [Hammerhead]

Hola Señor smile 
Et bien j'ai remis le Franco hier aprem et les bips sont revenus. A noter que j'en ai moins qu'avant avec cette r32 et que ces bips apparaissent que sur des podcats audio que je télécharge via l'appli "podcasts addict".
Ce matin, j'ai passé la fréquence CPU minimale à 422 MHz au lieu des 300 MHz par défaut et je n'ai pas eu de bips pour le moment.
J'attends de voir ce que ça donne sur quelques jours et plusieurs podcasts avant de me prononcer.

PS : je vois que tu as été séduit de super mods vu ta signature Very Happy Wink
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