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description[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Empty[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014]



PhilZ Touch & CWM & TWRP
*** Pour BOOTLOADERS verrouillés et déverrouillés ***


Voici le premier et uniquement DUAL RECOVERY pour bootloaders verrouillés pour les téléphones XPERIA.
Si vous avez un bootloader déverrouillé et décidez de garder le kernel STOCK de Sony, vous pouvez aussi utiliser ce MOD.

Modèles XPERIA actuellement supportés :
Xperia Z: SO-02E, C6602, C6603, C6606
Xperia ZL: C6502, C6503, C6506
Xperia Tablet Z: SO-03E, SGP311, SGP312, SGP321, SGP351 

Xperia Z Ultra: C6802, C6803, C6806, C6833, C6843
Xperia Z1: C6902, C6903, C6906, C6943

Note : si vous êtes un utilisateur RomAur, lisez ceci  avant de flasher le XZDualRecovery !

Installation via l'Installer

1. Assurez-vous d'avoir activé le débogage USB
2. Téléchargez le XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION]-BETA.installer.zip depuis http://nut.xperia-files.com
3. Windows :
• Dézippez dans C: par exemple
• Allez dans le dossier extrait et recherchez install.bat. Double-cliquez dessus pour le lancer.
4. Linux :
• Dézippez sur votre dossier d'accueil avec "unzip XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION]-BETA.installer.zip"
• Allez dans l'emplacement obtenu et faites "chmod +x install.sh" puis exécutez-le et suivez les instructions.
5. Votre téléphone VA redémarrer une fois l'installation terminée et ira dans le recovery par défaut pour le premier démarrage.
6. Redémarrez dans le système via le recovery pour permettre à l'installer de faire le ménage
7. Enjoy Very Happy 

Comment installer ou mettre à jour via une précédente version du XZDualRecovery

Créez un backup de /system/bin/chargemon et gardez-le ailleurs en lieu sûr, puis flashez simplement le fichier XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION]-BETA.flashable.zip depuis http://nut.xperia-files.com  en utilisant le CWM ou TWRP.

Comment l'enlever

Supprimez les fichiers suivants :
• /system/bin/recovery.twrp.cpio.lzma (ou .tar)
• /system/bin/recovery.cwm.cpio.lzma (ou .tar)
• /system/bin/recovery.philz.cpio.lzma
• /system/bin/charger
• /system/bin/ric
• /system/bin/chargemon
• /system/bin/dualrecovery.sh

Puis dans */system/bin/ renommez chargemon.stock en chargemon et vérifiez ses permissions, qui doivent être 755 -rwxr-x-r-x).

Comment retourner sur le recovery simple d'origine

Ce mod laisse en place votre recovery.tar d'origine.
Vous pouvez écraser l'exécutable chargemon dans /system/bin/ depuis ce mod avec votre backup fait précédemment et changer ses permissions en 755 -rwxr-x-r-x.
Vous pouvez ensuite enlever /system/bin/dualrecovery.sh (si existant), /system/bin/recovery.twrp.cpio.lzma (ou .tar), /system/bin/recovery.philz.cpio.lzma et /system/bin/recovery.cwm.cpio.lzma (ou .tar) et redémarrez.

Pour installer des ROMs Custom

Assurez-vous de flasher le XZ/ZL/TabZ/Z1/ZU-lockeddualrecovery[VERSION]-BETA.flashable.zip depuis http://nut.xperia-files.com  après avoir installé la ROM et avant de redémarrez, ceci afin de ne pas perdre le recovery !


Au démarrage, quand vous sentez le téléphone vibrer et quand vous voyez la led verte :
• maintenez VOLUME HAUT pour le PhilZ Touch
• maintenez VOLUME BAS pour le TWRP

Pour entrer le CWM Vanilla, vous devrez utilisez l'application NDRUtils  présente sur le Play Store.

Si vous êtes intéressé, lisez le spoiler
Spoiler :

2.x Features:

  • When you have a SDCard1 and the XZDualRecovery is able to use it, you can put a file called 'donotrun' inside the XZDualRecovery log folder to make XZDualRecovery escape following boot attempts.
    If you find yourself in a bootloop situation, take out your SDCard1 and put that file in the directory if it exists using a PC. Reboot your phone with Power+Vol-UP and you will be able to boot your phone as if there was no recovery there!
  • XZDualRecovery will signal the escape or any reason why it would not be able to continue normal operation with a 2 second burn of your LED in the color RED. A reason would be a broken /cache and no SDCard1 or a busybox in /system/xbin which does not support the lzcat command. If you see that, check /tmp/XZDualRecovery for a logfile there, it will tell you why.
  • XZDualRecovery will try to use your SDCard1 for logging and functionality, if it has been formatted with ext2/4, FAT16/32 or exFAT. NTFS is currently unsupported.
  • XZDualRecovery now prevents the RIC service from starting up, this means when running XZDualRecovery the Remount-Reboot fix is no longer needed.


  • The default on first boot with the boot-to-recovery flag set by any recovery is PhilZ Touch Recovery.
  • In your XZDualRecovery folder in either /cache or /storage/sdcard1 you will find a file called XZDR.prop. Set dr.default.recovery=cwm to dr.default.recovery=twrp to change the default recovery to TWRP. The button choice however takes precedence, so you can always overrule the default! [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Wink
  • You can also change back to 'Vanilla CWM' if you wish by changing dr.vanilla.cwm=false to dr.vanilla.cwm=true in the XZDR.prop file.
  • Init.d support is disabled by default, set dr.enable.initd to true to enable it.
  • Insecure ramdisk support is disabled by default, set dr.insecure.ramdisk to true to enable it, set to 'power' to boot it by pressing the power button at boot.

Error reporting:
Please, when reporting errors or problems:

  • Put up a notice in this thread providing the package name you used to install or update;
  • Include ROM name and/or FW version numbers;
  • Include what SU apk you are using (SuperUser or SuperSU)
  • Send me the contents of all the log files from right after a failed boot attempt or a link to an archive containing these logs by PM (that's including the .old rotation logs!). If you have no website or online location to store the logs, PM me for an email address to send them to.
  • Logs can be found inside:

    • /cache/recovery
    • /tmp/XZDualRecovery
    • /storage/sdcard1/XZDualRecovery
    • /cache/XZDualRecovery (if the previous exists, this one will not!)

    NOTE: I need them ALL!

I really need them to troubleshoot what failed and what worked OK. Thank you!


Visitez ce site .

Autres infos

Bugs :
Busybox Updater/Installer: If you have XZDualRecovery installed, un-install any Busybox updating app/tool as most if not all of them will install a version of busybox which does not support the lzma compression applets XZDualRecovery depends on. The version installed together with XZDualRecovery is very stable and I have yet to hear anyone complain about it's stability.
• All known issues in TWRP and CWM on locked boot loaders apply, see their respective threads for more information.

F.A.Q :

Spoiler :

About TWRP 2.6 and the use of INTERNAL STORAGE

Originally Posted by jdjta [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Viewpost
[snip]...but permissions are set like: Srw-Srw-r (644) (It seems like the 'S' is the problem, I'm sure GID and UID are ticked)...[snip]
A workaround for this issue is to use TWRP's advanced options, after creating a backup you wish to move to the PC:

  1. go back to the main menu
  2. go to advanced
  3. go to filemanager
  4. navigate to /data/media/0/TWRP/BACKUPS/*SERIAL*/*BACKUPNAME*
  5. select one of the backup files
  6. press chmod button (the one without 755)
  7. type 0664 and press go
  8. repeat 5->7 for each of the files in the backup, you can skip boot and the md5 files.
  9. reboot to system and you should be able to copy the files without problems.

Alternatively you can install adbd Insecure by @Chainfire (non-free app from Play, or for free from it's XDA thread ) and run ADBd itself as root, which elevates the rights and omits the issue all together.

I think it's a feature and not a bug (as it secures your backups), but I'll try to convince Team Win to make the setuid/setguid a choice rather then a default.

Installation of XZDualRecovery on UNROOTED devices
The installer package uses rootkitXperia by キューブキューブ @ cubeundcube , it will be able to gain root on the following devices with the following ROM versions:

  • Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, FW 10.3.1.A.2.67
  • Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, FW 10.3.1.A.2.74
  • Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, FW 10.3.1.A.0.244
  • Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, FW 10.3.1.E.0.191
  • Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia ZR, FW 10.3.1.B.0.256
  • Xperia Tablet Z, FW 10.3.1.C.0.136
  • Xperia Tablet Z, FW 10.1.E.0.305
  • Xperia Z1, FW 14.1.G.1.534
  • Xperia Z Ultra, FW 14.1.B.1.532
  • Xperia V, FW 9.1.A.1.140
  • Xperia A/MIKU, FW 10.3.1.B.0.224
  • Xperia A/MIKU, FW 10.3.1.B.0.256
  • Xperia AX, FW 9.1.C.1.103
  • Xperia UL, FW 10.2.F.3.81
  • Xperia GX, FW 9.1.C.1.103
  • Xperia UL, FW 10.3.1.D.0.220
  • Xperia SX, FW 9.1.C.1.103
  • Xperia VL, FW 9.1.D.0.401
  • Xperia miro, FW 11.0.A.5.5
  • Xperia J, FW 11.2.A.0.33
  • Xperia L, FW 15.3.A.0.26
  • Xperia E, Xperia E Dual, FW 11.3.A.2.23

For Xperia Z1 Compact users, follow the guide in Root and Dual Recovery for Locked Bootloader 4.3 to root and install XZDualRecovery [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Good


Spoiler :

BETA releases will only appear on http://nut.xperia-files.com and the DevDB thread and as soon as enough people report it to be working fine will it move in to the Q&A thread as a RELEASE version.
Version 2.7.86:

  • A batch scripting error in .85 caused it to not be able to install using option '1' nor by using option '2' in the revised menu [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Redface

Remaining issues to be solved:

  • PhilZ mount USB feature isn't working correctly... it seems I've mixed up the USB product id's on the Z1 and Z Ultra releases;
  • Creating a backup of SD-EXT partitions is still not possible.

Version 2.7.85:

  • A batch 'whoops' in .83 caused it to not be able to install using option '1' in the revised menu [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Redface
  • XZDR 2.7.84 introduced the disableric patch for the Xperia Z1 Compact only.

Version 2.7.83:

  • The installer package can now install even on unrooted phones [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] VictoryIt is using rootkitXperia for this and it will ONLY work on specific ROM versions . If you could root your ROM using @Bin4ry 's latest rooting tool using option 0 or could root it using rootkitXperia from the thread by @RyokoN , it is VERY likely that it will install just fine [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Fingers-crossed
    NOTE: It will only install XZDualRecovery, after installation you will still NOT have a rooted ROM! You can flash the latest SuperSU or SuperUser update packages from recovery or use the built in rooting options in the recoveries.
  • Removed the always checking of the input devices for the volume and power keys. It will now search once and store the input device in the XZDR.prop file. If you ever wish to make it search for them again, remove dr.gpiokeys.node and dr.pwrkey.node from the properties file. This change should speed up the boot even more [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Cowboy
  • Updated the search engine to be able to find the power button input node on the Z1 and it's brothers and sisters. The older version could only find the power button on the Xperia Z and it's brothers and sisters [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Wink
  • As a reminder: 2.7.82 was only released for the ZR and Z1C, because of an incorrectly aligned TWRP. This version should not change that fact [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Wink

Version 2.7.81:

  • Updated dualrecovery.sh to work with a reasonably big change: Before this version it would try to clean up the kernel ramdisk before unpacking the recovery ramdisk. Instead it will now create a folder, unpack everything there and then chroot in to that folder executing the recovery's init. This prevents accidental wiping of partitions or mount locations XZDualRecovery does not know about and does not unmount before it starts recovery.
  • By default, all previous versions would copy all the recovery files from /system/bin to /sbin. It will now only copy the one which it will be using. This speeds up booting a bit, which is always good [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Smile
  • Updated the rickiller script to hopefully fix the remount issue on the Xperia ZR. [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Fingers-crossed
  • PhilZ will now have a correctly sized button bar on the Xperia T, Xperia ZR and Xperia Z1 Compact.
  • Hopefully fixed the TWRP theme on the Xperia ZR. [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Fingers-crossed

Version 2.7.80:

  • Fixed a bug in the chargemon script, somehow something got deleted at some point which explains why people saw XZDR blow itself to bits after updating to 2.7.78 [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Eek
  • Revised the rickiller once more... hopefully this time to stay this way for quite some time to come. It now makes sure you do not need a patched kernel when using XZDR on a Z1 and Z Ultra with an unlocked bootloader. [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Fingers-crossed

Version 2.7.78:

  • Updated PhilZ, patched to allow texfat mount through minivold, this will dramatically increase backup speed (Z1 and ZU).
  • Added trigger to make 'reboot recovery' work, thanks to @shoey63
  • PhilZ Touch Recovery init will now set SELinux to permissive (as do Sony's own roms!)

Version 2.7.77:

  • PhilZ brightness issues on the Z1 solved.
  • Updated PhilZ to the latest build for the Z1 and Z Ultra only.
  • Mounting exfat sdcards in PhilZ fixed. (NOTE: does not work on GPe kernels!)
  • Mounting multi partition sd cards should now work correctly.

Version 2.7.76:

  • FINALLY cracked the time_daemon issues for good [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] VictoryDate and time will be set correctly in the recoveries, the timezone will be offset maybe, TWRP and PhilZ allow for a configuration of that to correct it to the right time.
  • Updated the way EXT formatted sdcards are mounted. It now will attempt to mount it using the correct FS type.

Version 2.7.75:

  • Now including NDRUtils in the installation packages. Whenever the app is updated, Play should do that for you.
  • Updated the mr script, debugged by @Tungstwenty , it is now confirmed working.

Version 2.7.74:

  • Restored the use of apps which allow you to boot to recovery to perform a specific task, based on an idea from @Tungstwenty . [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Good
    NOTE: This feature is largely untested but it should work OK [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Fingers-crossed
  • Restored the Volume-UP key in it's former glory. If you wish to boot to Vanilla CWM, you MUST use NDRUtils .
  • Eventhough it impacts speed on exFAT formatted SD cards, I've reverted PhilZ to use the minivold to mount the SDcard1 and USB disks, to fix the compatibility with the Z1 and Z Ultra.

Version 2.7.73:

  • Fixed a little time daemon thingy which had a major consequence on the Z1/ZU [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Eek
    NOTE: Z1 and Z Ultra Users who have 2.7.72 installed, update ASAP and do not try to install any ROM with .72!

Version 2.7.72:

  • Merged timedaemon.sh and xperiablfix.sh to one script. They had a tendency to bite each other... [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Silly
  • Updated the RIC killer, for any other device then the Z1 it was no longer working!! [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Eek
  • Updated Vanilla CWM to
  • Updated PhilZ Touch to
  • Updated adb binaries in the installer to the latest from Google.

Version 2.7.70:

  • Small issue resolved with the XZDR.prop generation.
  • Updated the RIC killer, it now successfully prevents Z1 and ZU on the 14.2.A.0.290 ROM from setting up the kernel based system and rootfs protection [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Victory

Version 2.7.66:

  • Simplified the XZDR.prop settings. These changes breaks compatibility with the app from @AngelBob , he is working on a new version to support them.
  • Updated the RIC killer, it should now prevent Z1 and ZU JB4.3 ROM's from setting up the kernel based system and rootfs protection [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] VictoryThanks go to @Androxyde for testing something we both (separately) considered a possibility to fix the issue, he confirmed it was on his Z1!

Version 2.7.65:

  • Updated the stock ramdisk feature. To aid in the development of a working 'stock ramdisk' and to have an easy choice at boot whether to boot it or not dr.insecure.ramdisk now takes the option 'power' which will make XZDualRecovery prompt a second time with an yellow/amber LED. Pressing the POWER button once or twice while it is lit will select the insecure ramdisk to boot. If no power button press has been recorded, it will simply continue to boot the kernel ramdisk.
  • All work to get the insecure ramdisk to boot will now have to be done from the insecure ramdisk. Other then unpacking the ramdisk and starting it's init, XZDualRecovery will do nothing to prepare the device to run the insecure ramdisk.
  • Updated the installrecovery.sh script which will run when installing with the installer. Thanks go to @itzankov for pointing me to a solution to his 'Toolbox!' errors by PM.
  • Improved small tidbits here and there, specifically how XZDualRecovery updates or creates the XZDR.prop file.

Version 2.7.63:

  • Revised my Linux install script to support Mac-OS X at last [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Biggrin[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] VictoryUse a terminal and the Linux guide to install.

Version 2.7.62:

  • Revised some bits of code, which where causing bootloops. The code now takes the safest route again, eliminating the chance of a bootloop due to XZDualRecovery's configuration defaults.
  • Simplified the package count, now the installer is for both windows and Linux, the flashable zip is for updating and installing.
  • Updated the linux adb included in the installer. It seems it was working but not for everybody.

Version 2.7.60:

  • Corrected a mistake in the flashable packages, if an insecure ramdisk was not present inside the zip, it would fail the installation [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Eek[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Silly
  • Improved the insecure ramdisk implementation, now dr.ramdisk.location will contain the path/to/filename.ext to make it easier to use any space you like for testing.

Version 2.7.59:

  • Added init.d support, it will create the init.d folder by default but to enable it set dr.enable.inid to true.
  • Fixed mounting external sd cards on the Z1 and ZU JB4.3 ROM's
  • Added custom ramdisk support. It will now be able to run a customized ramdisk to boot a ROM! By default this will be disabled. Set dr.insecure.ramdisk to true and make sure that ramdisk.stock.cpio.lzma has been put inside /system/bin to start using that.
  • When a file called ramdisk.tar or ramdisk.stock.cpio has been put inside /data/local/tmp it will substitute the ramdisk.stock.cpio.lzma and the script will know how to extract their contents. This has been created for those ROM's (Z1/ZU JB4.3) which do not have easy access to the system partition to aid in the development fase.
  • Moved the time_daemon to a script run in the recovery ramdisk to set the time. This prevents the Z1/ZU from rebooting after 40 seconds.
  • Implemented a revised remount-reboot script, which will open up the system and rootfs when running a stock kernel on an unlocked bootloader. It will know what kind of rom you run so it won't do anything it does not have to when running on a different phone or rom which does not have the same issues as the Z1 and Z Ultra on JB4.3.

Version 2.7.43:

  • Applies to the ZL, Z1, ZU and TabZ releases only, but to keep them with the same version number I also updated the (unchanged) XZ package: replaced the default.prop inside the PhilZ Touch ramdisk with the one from CWM, to make sure it identifies itself as the device you are working with.

Version 2.7.42:

  • Improved the anti-filesystem locking system, made it a service instead of a script that gets executed.

Version 2.7.41:

  • EXPERMENTAL SUPPORT: New devices added: Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1.
  • Changed the way XZDualRecovery kills the last remaining processes keeping a lock on /system, /cache and /data. This was originally created for the Z1 and Z Ultra to fix a time_daemon issue causing the phone to reboot after 40 seconds but I've put this in general use for all supported models. If you enter any of the recoveries and you see your LED first flash and then constantly burn RED and the reason to enter recovery was to flash any ROM or to restore a backup: STOP AND REBOOT, gather logs and send them to me/attach them here, DO NOT TRY TO FORMAT/RESTORE: it will render your device USELESS and will require you to reflash your phone using an FTF... You have been warned!
  • Updated Vanilla CWM to
  • Updated PhilZ Touch Recovery to 6.01.2

Version 2.7.34:

  • Changed from flag files to a property file. Inside the XZDualRecovery directory you will find XZDR.prop with currently only 2 settings, replacing the flagfiles. If you have them, XZDualRecovery will take note and save these settings in to the property file for you before deleting them.
  • The first packages have been released for use specifically on the various models I try to support. Tablet Z users can now use TWRP in landscape if they download the TabZ packages. Eventually I will move them all back to one consolidated package.
  • Fixed the system restore issues with the BETA line which popped up since .22 was released.
  • Modifications to the scripting continued... does it ever end?
  • XZDualRecovery now copies the preperation.log to the XZDualRecovery folder, makes it a little easier to collect the logs.
  • TWRP can now backup and restore the TA partition (READ THE WARNING!)
  • TWRP is finally built on the CM10.2 repo

Version 2.7.28:

  • Many, and I really do mean MANY, changes to the scripting, preparing it for use on every model Xperia I might want to support.
    The main changes:

    • New gpio-keys detection system (volume keys event input), this one will never break sensors ever again!
    • Repeating code removed and put in a single function, makes it leaner!
    • Some model Xperia phones have chargemon fire so early that the ROM did not yet load /system/build.prop yet, so I made a getprop replacement to get the info I need.
    • ALL release packages now tell you which version you are installing. To check before install, see dr.prop for the version.

  • Code cleanup round 2
  • Finished removing unneeded files from the installation packages

Version 2.7.22:

  • Getting lazy means mistakes can get caught up in the release versions... cutting and pasting code between projects not always works well! [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Tongue
  • General cleanup, removing files which where no longer needed...
  • Oh my... i totally forgot to add PhilZ Touch' new package to the installation routine... DOH! [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Eek
  • Now also simplified the Linux installer, one install.sh, menu to choose app.

Version 2.7.21:

  • FINALLY fixed the exfat sdcard mount problems in TWRP, it will now mount any sdcard correctly [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Smile(Thanks to @delewer : it was his work helping to debug XZDualRecovery for the Z1 which gave me the hint how to crack this!)

Version 2.7.16 2.7.20:

  • Updated to the latest PhilZ Touch Recovery (v5.18.2 - cwm
  • New feature: 'Vanilla' CWM! ( If you run into problems with PhilZ Touch and want to make sure it was not the cause or you just don't like to use PhilZ Touch, you can now put a file called 'cwm' (without extension!) inside the XZDualRecovery folder in either /cache or on your external sdcard to make it boot to 'Vanilla' CWM. The default remains to boot to PhilZ Touch Recovery with a press of the Vol-UP button.
  • Now includes 3 recovery files. PhilZ touch moved to it's own.
  • New build kitchen to make it easier to support other devices, please do test and report if anything is wrong: It was a lot of work, so I might have goofed up somewhere... [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Fingers-crossed
  • Switched to the CM 10.2 tree's for building my own recoveries (which gave me issues on TWRP).

Version 2.7.14:

Version 2.7.13:

  • PhilZ Touch Recovery has been largely debugged for public release, so this is the first release with a fully functional touch interface, please provide feedback either here or on PhilZ own thread .

Version 2.7.9:

  • After quite some debugging, I've finally found the way to eliminate the need for a specialized driver. Now the ADB Sideload and general ADB functionality will work with the latest flashtool drivers (thread , release post ) maintained by @DooMLoRD ! The link here is a mirror I've set up for DooMLoRD with his permission.
  • As an added bonus, it is now possible to mount the SD card as mass storage device (in CWM Advanced only) on your PC (Thanks go to @Tamirwig for the discovery that it works, my focus was on the above, i totally missed it!)

Version 2.7.3:

  • Updated TWRP to

Version 2.7.1:

  • Updated TWRP to
  • Updated CWM to (Advanced 5, by @Phil3759 ).
  • Attemtped to fix the ADB sideload functionality for the XZ. It now works ok on Linux systems, Windows needs a little more work.

Changelog from Team Win:

What's new in

  • Proper backup and restore of SELinux contexts (thanks to Tassadar)
  • Pull in some ROM information for backup name generation
  • Merge all recent patches from AOSP bringing TWRP up to date with Android 4.3
  • Add 1200x1920 theme (thanks to Tassadar)
  • A few other fixes and tweaks

What's new in

  • Initial SELinux support (only a few devices, need testers so come by IRC if your device doesn't have it and needs it)
  • Initial support for f2fs file system formatting (Moto X)
  • Update SuperSU install for 4.3 ROMs
  • Fixed a permissions bug on files created during backup
  • Fixed a bug that caused TWRP to not wait for compressed backups to finish causing 0 byte files and md5sums to not match
  • Fixed decryption of encrypted data so that both TouchWiz and AOSP decryption are possible
  • Ignore lost+found folder during backup and size calculations
  • Various other minor bug fixes and tweaks

What's new in

Special Note: If you are running a custom theme, some of the changes in will likely not be visible with your custom theme.

  • Can encrypt a backup to prevent theft of private data from your backup files
  • Updated graphics / icon courtesy of shift
  • Updated exFAT to latest commits
  • Fixed a problem with Samsung TouchWiz decryption
  • Update SuperSU binary
  • Fixed saving of backup partitions list
  • Fixed saving of last used zip install folder
  • Fixed backup of datadata on devices that use a separate partition for datadata
  • Fixed some issues with the advanced wipe list (android_secure, can now wipe internal storage on data/media deivces and wipe data on the advanced list no longer formats the entire data partition)
  • Fixed some problems with partitioning a SD card
  • Various other bug fixes and tweaks

Notes about encrypted backups:
Why encrypt your backups? -- Most people store their backups on the device. Any app that has permission to access storage could potentially read your backup files and try to harvest your data. Encrypted backups also provide an added layer of security if you move your backups to other storage devices or to the cloud. The encryption that we're using is probably not strong enough for enterprise level security, but should be strong enough to make it significantly difficult to get to your data.

Encryption is using OpenAES which uses AES 128-bit cbc encryption. If you happen to use a longer password (over 16 characters) then the encryption strength improves to 192 or 256 bits. Do not forget your password. If you forget your password you will be unable to restore your backup. We don't encrypt the entire backup. Encryption is very CPU intensive and can be fairly slow even when we spread the workload over multiple cores even on the latest high-end devices. To ensure that encrypted backups don't take forever, we don't encrypt any other partitions besides /data and in /data we don't encrypt /data/app (or other app related directories where apks are stored) and we don't encrypt dalvik cache.

What's new in

Special Note: If you are running a custom theme, the changes in will likely not be compatible with your theme.

  • Added scrollable partition lists for mount, backup, restore, wipe, and storage selection
  • Add new SliderValue GUI element for selecting brightness and screen timeout (thanks to Tassadar)
  • Re-work AOSP and TWRP code to improve license compatibility between GPL and Apache
  • Added official theme for 1080x1920 portrait devices (HTC DNA, HTC Butterfly, Oppo Find 5, Sony Xperia Z, etc)
  • Fixed a problem with directory permissions on split archive backups
  • Fixed a problem with md5 verification of backups
  • Added a search function to libtar (thanks to kokotas)
  • Improve handling of XML errors (fix permissions)
  • Fixed handling of subpartitions
  • Improvements to recovery.fstab flags
  • Fixed a problem with decryption not being able to locate the decryption key in some situations

What's new in

  • Added another libtar hardlink workaround to fix restore of some backups (usually related to Ubuntu Touch)
  • More fixes for the file selector
  • Switched from using busybox md5sum to a direct C function call
  • Fixed capturing the exit status of tar based backups/restore - TWRP will display that there was an error if there was one again
  • Update exFAT to latest commits
  • Added a build flag to disable using the ioctl for screen blanking


description[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] EmptyRe: [RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014]



[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
[RECVOERY] XZDualRecovery - TWRP/PhilZ Touch/CWM - UB/LB | Smartphones XPERIA [12.02.2014] Attachment
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